How to wash lipstick on clothes at home?

How to wash lipstick on clothes at home?

Probably, every girl once came across such a problem as arising on the collar of his beloved blouse or a cuffs of an expensive dresses ugly spot from lipstick. The first reaction to a similar find – anger and despair from the fact that with a cute heart of a thing now will have to part, because it is known that it is almost impossible to wash lipstick in an ordinary typewriter, and dry-cleaners are not always neat in working with clothes, so there is a risk even more To ruin the thing. But do not rush to despair – in fact there is a huge number of ways quickly and without harm to things to remove the ugly spot from lipstick.

What to do first?

To begin with, it is necessary to calm down and not to take hasty decisions, because most things in such a situation were hopelessly ruined not so much lipstick, how many rapid actions of its owner. Advise first of all to remove the maximum amount of lipstick using a dry paper napkin, but in no case do not do it with rubbing movements, better gently and easily touch the napkin to the fabric, every time I turn over the paper with a clean edge, until the surface of the napkin after touching clothes does not turn out to be white.

But in no case don’t do it with rubbing movements, It is better to gently and easily touch the cloth to the fabric, each time turning the paper with a clean edge, until the surface of the napkin after touching clothes is not white.However, remember that any cloth manipulations need to be carried out immediately, otherwise cosmetics deeply absorbed into the material.

After the lipstick is assessed as much as possible, you can proceed to further actions, and here much depends on what kind of thing you were spoiled by nonsense.

How to clean the stain with a white thing?

The most terrible nightmare of any fashionista is an ugly bright red spot from lipstick on a snow-white shirt. And despite the fact that dirt on white things Our psyche perceives much more exacerbably than on a motley blouse or a dress in small polka dots, in fact, white things are much easier to “resuscitation”, if only because in this case we can safely pour the affected clothing bleach.

But if you are against such a radical way to solve the problem, Try one of the options suggested below:

  • Salt and lemon juice Should be found in the kitchen at any housewife. All that needs to be done is to mix these two components in a 1: 1 ratio, smeared by massaging movements. If this method did not work, try to handle a stain with table vinegar. In combination with the previous impact of salt and lemon, vinegar must finally remove the stain with white cloth.

By the way, salt can be replaced by food soda, retaining the proportion.

  • Ammonia perfectly suitable in that situation if you found a stain after some time, and it has already managed to “enthusiastically” into the cloth. In order to remove the stain in this way, you need to take two small (by size) a piece of white fabric, one of which you put under contamination, and the second stain covers. Further actions are extremely simple – stain staining with the top rag until it disappears.

Of course, both pieces of fabric must be predetermined as it should be moistened in the ammonia alcohol.

  • Petrol, As you know, it will be great to cope with any pollution. You only need to dial it with a small amount on the vaccine and wipe the stain. In case the fabric will save gasoline divorces – get rid of them with vinegar.

  • Hydrogen peroxide – also a good option. True, here you need to be patient here, the stain must be processed repeatedly, before it disappears.

  • The last way is perhaps the easiest to implement it at home – use the most common dishwashing liquid. As is known, the composition of such funds includes components, which are actively struggling with materials on an oil basis, so that we boldly apply a means to a spot, we leave there for a couple of minutes, carefully rub the place of contamination with a brush and thoroughly rinse a thing under running water thoroughly.

By the way, it is possible to take a household soap instead of the dishwashing agent.

The main condition when working with any of the methods listed above is a thorough rinsing of the tissue, otherwise the means firmly absorbed into the cloth and the result may be the most unpredictable.

How to save color things?

Employed red lipstick with a color shirt or colorful dress is also not so difficult:

  1. You can use the most common remedy for removing makeup from the eyes, especially well, if one will be on an oily basis – this type of leaving cosmetics is designed for cleansing the face including from waterproof makeup, so that with ordinary lipstick will cope quickly.
  2. It is often recommended to use turpentine in this situation, but the effect will be much more tangible if it is noted to it in an equal proportion of ether. Having processed pollution, you need to strike the thing in the usual way, and then how to rinse it in cold water. Sometimes after such manipulations, the thing retains a sharp smell of turpentor – in this case, use the next to wash any air conditioner for linen.
  3. A small amount of pre-heated glycerin can also help – the stain must be processed with it, and after an hour to remove the lipsticks with the help of the brush and wash the clothes as usual.
  4. Ammonia (he is ammonious alcohol) will save not only your snow-white thing, but also any color object of clothing. True, remember the safety technique and use it only in a well-ventilated room.
  5. If you have no one of these substances at the moment at the moment, try to take advantage of the toothpaste. To do this, take a new one, not yet used (but soft) toothbrush, apply to the spot toothpaste, how to grasp the spot, wait fifteen minutes and proceed to washing. You can still do the same, but with shaving cream. They say it also gives the result without the risk of harmful fabric.

By the way, if none of these methods helped, there is still the last option – take a bit of the talc and wet, pour a talc on the spot, and put the paper on the spot and under it, after which it goes on the stuff with an iron (though not hot, and just a little heated).

How to save a denim thing?

Despite the fact that when they say about the trail of lipstick on clothes, the imagination immediately draws a snow-white men’s shirt with a characteristic mark in the form of a kiss, statistics argues that in two cases out of five turns out to be jeans. It would seem that a little rough denim fabric is not subject to salvation – the larger the stain, the more it absorbs. But specialists have a couple of recommendations for this case:

  • Take medical alcohol (or vodka if it is not) and cotton swab, process the spot until it disappears, and then post the thing as you do it usually+
  • Hydrogen peroxide is also suitable, however, it is better to use it if the jeans are light, because the processing of peroxide will give a small whitening effect.

What to do if the outerwear is fan?

Of course, rain the stain from lipstick from a leather jacket or, say, a cloak, will not be difficult, for this not need special recommendations. But if your favorite velor or woolen coat is woolen, you will have to try. But it is not worth falling into a state of panic – this problem is solved, if the stain is relatively fresh. You need to take any stain remover, which does not include chlorine, and process the spot.

An ordinary medical alcohol is suitable for the extreme case. But if the stain managed to dry, only dry cleaning will help here.

The down jackets in this regard are not so whims – you can safely handle a turpidar spot, and then carefully wash this place with a wet sponge. Another technique, even a very non-standard at first glance, is an ordinary hair lacquer. It needs to be sprayed on a stain, and then brushed to remove lipstick from the fabric, however, it will work it only if you do not give a lacope.

By the way, it is no secret that there are special means, special cleaning pencils, which are specifically invented to remove stains from cosmetics from clothing.

In more detail how to withdraw traces from lipstick from the outerwear, tell the following video.

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