How to wash the stains of iodine from clothes and furniture?

How to wash the stains of iodine from clothes and furniture?

Iodine is present in each apartment. He is an indispensable assistant when processing open wounds and abrasion. Since this agent is popular, after its use, many people are looking for information on how to wash the stains of iodine from clothes and furniture. Answers to these questions are present in this article.

Features of cleaning

Iodine refers to the category of chemical elements that can enter into reactions with different substances. If you accidentally stain some surface, Check out the peculiarities of this solution:

  • At high temperatures, iodine begins to evaporate, so its removal is possible when exposed to sunlight+
  • When pollution clothing should be quickly started to the cleaning process, since the old spots are removed much more difficult+
  • When contacting the starch solution is painted in blue. This cleaning method is considered the most popular and simple+
  • Many know that in our home first-aid kits, iodine is not in pure form, but in 5% alcohol solution. Therefore, it can be removed from the clothes with the help of the household soap, the ammonia, vinegar and other solutions.

For each surface there is a method of cleaning, which is characterized by effectiveness. More information about each method is described below.

Necessary accessories and means

To clear the surface of different things and items from iodine, you should remember the rule: the initial substance concentration must be minimal. You can only increase the dose if you do not succeed in achieving the result after two impacts on the surface.

To wash the iodine solution from various fabrics, using the following means:

  • Preparations, which contains acetone. You will need to moisten a tampon in the solution and attach it to a contaminated area. Clean a little spot with a swamp to pale. When working with clothing, post it after this procedure in the usual way+
  • ammonia. Apply for these purposes the proportion in which there is one teaspoon of alcohol and liter of water. Using this means, soak the dirty section of clothes and wait a couple of hours. Then clothes are erased using an air conditioner that will help eliminate the unpleasant odor with fabric+

  • The use of bleach and stains can also help. Not bad results showed a stain remover, actively advertised by television Vanish Oxi Action. In it, clothes are soaked and left for a certain period of time. The required amount of time is specified in the instructions. After removal of the stain, you need to rinse the product+
  • Chemicals based on ammonia. When using a product of this kind, eliminate contact with the synthetics+
  • Hydrogen peroxide will also help remove pollution from fabric. In solution, soak material. The concentration of the substance coincides with the method of using the solution of the ammonic alcohol+

  • Sodium hyposulphite can remove even old spots from the surface of the fabric. With a richly moistened cotton swab, which is applied to a polluted area for half an hour, you can achieve fabric purity. After this manipulation will need to flush the area in ice water and thorough wash+
  • The usual dishwashing agent is also able to assist in solving this issue. The detergent drug should be applied for 2-4 hours to the surface of the fabric, turn and wait another half hour. After all manipulations need to wash the cloth+
  • For unpainted natural materials, you can use a special pipe cleaning agent. With the help of a small amount of drug, you should process the fan. After that you need to rinse the product under running water and download for washing to washing machine.

Many funds will help eliminate pollution. When choosing a suitable method, you should navigate the properties of the material and the cleaning drug used.

Materials and surfaces

You can dough not only clothes, but also the surface of furniture, gender, walls and other items. With each situation, you can cope at home, if you know what to use.

If the iodine solution was stained with clothes, you need to quickly begin the process of eliminating stains. For any fabrics, even if it is jeans, suitable potato starch. To do this, you will need to soak clothes in warm water for 20 minutes, after which it is squeezed. The stain is sprinkled with a large number of starch, after which the substance rubs into the cloth. After this manipulation, you will need to wait 15 minutes. Flush starch needed with clean water.

If you are dealing with a resistant spot, you can remove it with repetition of manipulation several times. After the fabric clears, load clothes in a washing machine.

If it took you to remove a stain from furniture, which is upholstered with a cloth, pay attention to the ways that are intended for cleaning clothes. If you need to remove pollution from the table or other furniture items with a wooden surface, you should not worry: from such material iodine is able to evaporate yourself.

Plastic, glass, skin and leatherette, along with lacquered tree, chipboard and MDF, Can be cleaned using the following components:

  • potato. It will be necessary to cut a vegetable into two parts and wipe with it with a polluted area. If necessary, you can leave potatoes on a stain for 2-4 hours. During this time, the vegetable is able to absorb the remains of iodine+
  • sodium thiosulfate. This tool is not only suitable for working with photos. The substance well removes stains from clothing, as well as from other surfaces. Treat stain with thiosulfate, after which you can wipe the evained product with a wet cloth or cloth+
  • ascorbic acid. These tablets not only benefit our body, but also well remove iodine from surfaces. You will need to mix two ascorbine balls with 0.5 glasses of water. Stain processing is performed using a woven disk or swab in the resulting solution.

If the solution was stained with linoleum or you need to remove the spot from the parquet, the following ways will help:

  • with detergent. Take advantage of a sponge, brush and soda stain. Soap foam contributes to the floor to become cleaner+
  • White is also able to return the former type of floor. You will need 2-3 large spoons per liter of water. Moisten a rag in the resulting liquid and put it on a contaminated area. You can leave a rag for a few hours, after which you need to wash the floors with clean cloth+
  • baking soda. Previously, you need to moisten the contaminated zone with warm water, and then sprinkle with salt. Cover the treated surface with a damp cloth and leave for 10-12 hours.

To remove iodine from the carpet, two tools will help:

  • For a short vassing carpet, use potatoes. You will need raw vegetable, pre-cleaned from the peel and grated on fine grater. The resulting mass should be applied to a stain with a thick layer. You can remove potatoes in 15 minutes with cold water. Manipulation should be repeated until the carpet becomes clean+
  • For long-pile products, you will need to use a liquid for removing a varnish with acetone. You can use soda and vinegar. Such a mixture is left for 12 hours, after which it is washed off with water.

How to wash?

If you stain your clothes with a solution of iodine, do not panic. This substance is completely removed from the surface of the fabric. To return the material of the original appearance, you should familiarize yourself with the subtleties of material processing of different color.


To eliminate pollution from your favorite jeans, use the already mentioned substance – starch. The substance should be generously applied to a pre-moistened section. Leave clothes for 10-12 hours. Staining a contaminated area into a blue pigment and merging the spot itself with jeans says that you can start rinse. After rinse, it takes a washing machine. It is important to observe the temperature regime of 40 degrees.

Clear colored fabrics maybe with the help of a universal means – sodium thiosulfate. The substance is in demand in the medical sphere, so sold in any pharmacy point. Sodium thiosulfate is a chemical compound that in contact with iodine contributes to discoloration. You can use a similar option in working with a cloth of any kind and colors. Clear contamination will be as follows: Wipe the necessary portion with thiosulfate and wash it with cool water. Then you can download the product to the machine or wash manually.


If you want to tip iodine from bed linen or you have stapped your favorite white blouse, hydrogen peroxide or ammonia will help in this situation. You will need a cotton disk, moistened in the selected fluid. Stain to wipe, after which rinse the thing in cool water.

Removing the stains of iodine with things, remember that the elimination of pollution should be carried out from the wrong side.


In order to remove iodine stains as painlessly for the surface, read the useful tips. These recommendations will help you not exacerbate the situation and Return the initial appearance treated surface:

  • Before using even the safest remedy, test the material reaction to the selected component. This procedure is produced on a small piece of fabric+
  • If iodine got on synthetic, painted or delicate material, refuse to use chemicals and factory bleaching. These tools are able to damage the structure of the material, which will result in fading or changing the tint of the fabric+
  • Removal of spots with denim clothing will also require refusal of chemical solutions. This is especially true of that clothes that does not differ in high quality. To remove iodine from such products, pay attention to the folk methods, pre-tested them on a small piece of fabric+
  • When working with a chemical solution and a strong aroma tool, do not forget about precautions. Work in gloves, try not to inhale the caustic flavor and output stains only in a well ventilated and spacious room. After the excretion of iodine, put the clothes with the use of air conditioner+

  • Old stains to output harder than fresh pollution. For this reason, it is not recommended to wait for the moment when iodine dries, and immediately proceed to processing. To reduce the negative impact of the solution, blown up the napkin stain to the substance not so much absorbed into the fibers of the fabric+
  • To the spot removed from any surface of the fabric quickly, pull the contaminated area by putting any firm thing under it. In the fight against pollution will help the toothbrush soft type, cotton disks and a simple sponge for washing dishes+
  • Delete iodine is recommended from the wrong side. On the outer part of the product should be put absorbing napkins+
  • So iodine does not apply across all clothes, it should be poisoned by a plot near the spot with a cleaning agent. Pollution itself is displayed with soft, circular motions. It is forbidden to rub the spot so that the contaminated area does not increase.

These recommendations will help the frequent errors that can be allowed in the process of removing iodine stains from clothing.

About how you can get rid of iodine stains, see the following video.

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