Than tip the smelter from things?

Than tip the smelter from things?

Stains on things from stationery putty – the situation is quite common. Especially often it concerns schoolchildren, students and office employees – those categories that are very often written, or fill out all sorts of documentation. No matter how convenient this agent, it happens that it leaves footprints on clothes, which then it is quite difficult to rain.

In this article we will deal in detail how to properly remove traces from the corrector on various things.

Types of smelting

If such a trouble happened to you, the first thing will be necessary to determine the type of smelting, and already depending on this to take further steps. Therefore, in the first place it is necessary to take a bottle of smelting and get acquainted with the composition of the substance. Pay attention to the basis of the means, it can be:

  • one+
  • alcoholic+
  • Emulsion.

The mask may also have a dry consistency.

How to cleaned?

After determining the base of the stroke, if possible, immediately proceed to the removal of the spot, because, the less time the agent affects the cloth, the greater the chance to remove it without a trace.

Water based

If you put a stain with a waterproof on a water basis, you can assume that you are very lucky. Launde traces of putty of this type is the easiest:. Understanding with such pollution will help the usual wash in the washing machine.However, before this, it is necessary to pour cold water into the basic, add soap there, and dip the evaporated clothing. Soak the thing in the soap solution should be about half an hour.

Next, it is necessary to wash the thing in the machine machine. Washing Mode Choose one that will fit the material. This simple method is very effective, but most importantly – to start saving things as soon as possible.

On emulsion or alcohol basis

Cope with stains from the proofreaders of such types will be much more difficult. However, if you make a lot of effort, you can cope with such labor-free pollution.

In contrast to the first method with water-based maw, in this situation do not need to hurry. The stain from the emulsion or alcohol corrector should dry. After drying, the smelting can be lined with a mechanical method. But fully cope with the stain in this way will not work.

Alcohol-based pollution residues should be rubbed with a cotton sponge, which is wetted with alcohol, vodka or cologne.

If the stain is designed by a magazine on an emulsion basis, the ammonia alcohol will help to cope with it better. It is necessary to mix the ammonia alcohol and water in the ratio of 1: 2. Next you need to wipe the stain and after 20 minutes, it’s good to climb it with water.

And only after that, the thing can be wrapped in a washing machine, the washing mode choose the appropriate material.

In the most extremely launched cases, you can resort to the use of chemicals such as acetone, solvent, kerosene, and so on. However, be very careful when using them, since these funds can finally spoil the thing. Before starting to output with their help, apply a means to a small plot of things that is immeasured when sock. And if under the influence of chemical means with the material everything is fine, you can proceed to removal of the spot from the corrector.

Do not forget also that These funds are passenger cars, Therefore, when using them, you need to comply with fire safety techniques. After removing pollution by chemicals, the thing also needs to be wrapped in machine.

Based on solvent

This variation of the corrector is faded the most difficult. Solvent-based corrector should be removed using the same strong chemicals – acetone, kerosene, gasoline, and so on.

This method Apply far from all materials. It can not be used for woolen, silk and velvet products. Such things best to give in dry cleaning. For other materials it is necessary to pre-conduct testing means of non-invisible product area.

To display a stain, you need to moisten a cotton disk in the selected solvent and put it on a contaminated area of ​​things. After half an hour, a clean cotton disk needs to remove the substance. It is important not to pressed a cotton disc on a stain: so you will only be deeper to rub smear into the cloth. If the first time is not deleted from the first time, the procedure can be repeated.

After you got rid of stains, the thing must be wrapped in a washing machine, adding air conditioning and rolling around the product several times – thus it turns out to eliminate the unpleasant odor from the solvent.

From a solid corrector

In cases where the thing is stained by a solid proofreader in the form of a ribbon, to cope with pollution will work out without much effort.

The stain from the tape will completely dissolve and disappear, if you dunk the thing in the soap solution and leave it half an hour in it. After that, the product can be wrapped in a washing machine or manually.

How to remove from furniture?

Sometimes there are situations when the putty falls on the furniture:

  1. To drop the traces of the editor with upholstered furniture – from the sofa or seats – use the same methods as to eliminate stains from putty from clothes.
  2. If the trace of the smelting is left on polished furniture, the optimal option will remove the spot with a sponge and dishwashing agents, which dissolves fat.
  3. Remove traces of the Corrector from the table can be tried using the ammonia diluted in water.
  4. Remember that solvents can not be used for lacquered furniture. Allowed to use alcohol-containing funds, but only after pre-testing.
  5. If you need to drop the corrector from the surfaces of another type – from the tiles, tiles, from the surfaces of plastic – use the same principles.
  6. Corrector on water based is removed with a damp sponge and soap solution. For the proofreaders of other types you need to use solvents. Try first eliminate pollution with less aggressive substances – alcohol, gasoline, White spirit.

If they do not cope with the stain from the smellar, try more powerful solvents – acetone, kerosene and so on.

Useful Tips and Recommendations

And finally, several useful tips are common to pollution from all types of smelting:

  • As soon as the stain is put on the thing from the corrector, put on top of the usual napkin – it will absorb some of the substance and output the spot then it will be easier+
  • Removal of stains from clothes with solvents is better from the wrong side+
  • So that the solvent does not grow out on the clothes outside the spots – to put any clean rag under it, and wet the zone around the spots with ordinary water.

Additional ways to remove crawl from clothes See in the following video.

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