Dry Dry Cleaning Car Salon

Dry Dry Cleaning Car Salon

In order for the interior of the car is clean and tidy, it is necessary to clean it from time to time. Due to dry cleaning, you can get rid of dust, microbes, spots and dirt, which makes inside the car more comfortable and safe.


Dry cleaning of the car’s salon is a complex thorough cleaning of the internal space of cars using professional chemicals designed specifically for this purpose. The use of auto chemicals allows you to make rid of pollution as much as possible not only on the surface of the items, but also to clean the covered seats and the space between the panels.

Distinguish several types of salon cleaning:

  • With a complete analysis (out of the salon, all possible elements take out, as a result of which the dry cleaning is carried out as carefully as possible)+
  • With partial analysis (only seats are removed from the cabin)+
  • Without parsing (cleaning is carried out in a fully assembled form).

Cleaning the cabin can be carried out in two ways – it is wet and dry dry cleaning. Both methods allow you to get rid of the accumulated dirt, only this is done in different ways. And in some cases, steam cleaning is used (using a steam generator) or a regular washing. Wet interior cleaning method provides for the use of a pistol with an air compressor. The disadvantage of this type of dry cleaning is that after performing the processing by foaming, all surfaces inside the cabin remain wet. Therefore, it takes time to complete drying, and immediately after cleaning the car will not work.

And also recommended for a while leave the car with open doors so that the interior is well ventilated. This type of dry-cleaner is suitable for materials that practically do not absorb water, otherwise drying will take too much time. Dry dry cleaning of the car interior involves the use of special means that condensate will not evaporate.

Thanks to their use, all processed surfaces remain dry, and therefore there is no need to dry and ventilate the salon. After collecting foam, the car can immediately be used.

Tools and means

To perform dry dry cleaning of the car interior, you need to bother in advance about the necessary tools and means for dry cleaning. Cleaning the cabin should be performed using special means. The use of household detergents is not recommended, after them can be divorced. When choosing a cleaning agent, it is necessary to take into account the maintenance material of the cabin, as for velor, genuine leather, leatherette, alcantars should be applied different compositions. If the tool is chosen incorrectly, it will not only do not get rid of stains and dirt, but you can and, in general, spoil the car interior.

The most often compositions intended for dry cleaning are sold in cylinders filled with foam. In some cases, such a car chemistry is implemented in the form of a concentrate; it is required to be dissolved in the proportion, which is indicated on the packaging of goods. In order to clean the elements from plastic, it is necessary to acquire a special.

To clear complex stains (berries, wine, markers) You need to buy the best tool – this is a group of goods premium. Among motorists are the following compounds for performing dry dry cleaning: Koch Chemie Mehrzweckreiniger, Runway Dry Interior Cleaner, Turtle Wax Essential, AutoProfi, Fenom.

Currently, motorists are offered a large selection of brushes intended for cleaning the automotive salon. They differ in each other by the level of stiffness of the bristles, its size, manufacturing materials. Each motorist can choose the most convenient and appropriate for a particular machine. And it is also necessary to purchase napkins made of microfiber.

It is important that they were exclusively white. Because otherwise, when using cleaning composition, color spots are possible on the upholstery of automotive seats.


Before you start cleaning the cabin, you need to wash the external surface of the car. Make it need so that the dirt from the external parts does not get inside the cabin. Perform all cleaning work is required in closed clothes that protects against the skin makeup on the skin. Rubber gloves will help protect hands. Since cleaning products are very alkaline, they are harmful to humans. In order not to imagine harmful couples from auto chemicals, it is advisable to spend all stages of work in the respirator.

To avoid short circuit, you need to drown out the car and get the key from the ignition lock. And only after that get directly to dry cleaning. It also needs to unload the car and his trunk, remove the whole garbage. Vacuum cleaner processing will make dry cleaning more simple, fast and high-quality.

Step-by-step instruction

When performing dry cleaning of the cabin, it costs all the work in series in such a manner:

  • ceiling+
  • Doors+
  • Plastic panels+
  • Seat+
  • floor.

Start cleaning the cabin auto best from the ceiling. It must be processed completely, carefully following the missing places. After waiting 5-10 minutes (depending on the instructions for the means), you need to collect all the foam using the microfiber cloth. Door cleaning begins with fabric inserts. It is necessary to very carefully clean the seats located near the windows, it is required to carefully watch the cleaning agent not touched the wiring.

To clear the front auto-stick of plastic, you need to apply a foam on a small sponge, carefully and thoroughly wipe surface. Cleaning Chairs can be performed directly in the cabin, however, it is advisable to disassemble the seats for better cleaning. Dry cleaning chairs should be made as closely as possible, because it is here that stains are most often appearing, including difficult-known. Foam required to apply to the entire surface of the seats, waited for several minutes, start cleaning with a brush. It is chosen depending on the upholstery material. After that, the foam is removed using a vacuum cleaner or microfiber wipes.

To clean the floor, highly strong automotive chemicals will need, since there are always a lot of pollution on the floor. After applying foam, the floor is cleaned by a special rigid brush. And foam residues are cleaned with a cloth. Having spent several hours, consistently performing all the steps of necessary work, you can achieve the purity of the automotive salon. For professional dry cleaning of the cabin auto, some car enthusiasts are addressed to specialized centers. The duration of the procedure depends on the model (the cleaning of the SUV will take longer than the cleaning of small polysters) and the degree of contamination.

Periodic dry cleaning of the cabin – this is a prerequisite for the proper operation of any vehicle. It can be done with your own hands or contact the salon.

About how to make a dry cleaning of the salon yourself, see the following video.

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