All about Philips steam generators

All about Philips steam generators

Many types of linen and clothing require a special ironing, as the surface of the usual iron can spoil or poorly smooth them. For such things, a special steam generator is required, which provides high-quality and secure processing due to directional steam jets. One of the best is the steam generators from Philips. But before buying them, you should explore the recommendations for the choice and instructions for the application of the station, because the characteristics of different models are different.


The steam iron is needed not only for delicate fabrics, dresses or men’s suits, the devices of this type are excellent helpers when ironing bed linen, kitchen tablecloths, children’s clothing. Using a steam iron allows you to significantly reduce the time for ironing everyday things.

PHILIPS steam generators are a reliable technique that allows you to handle large linen volumes. Due to water cooling, the device is designed for continuous operation up to 5-6 hours without the need for periodic shutdown.

The main feature of such a sweeping – a steam station or a boiler, which consists of a heating element and a separate water tank. Both parts are interconnected by a special hose – on it, water under pressure enters the heater, and then converted into a jet of steam.

Differences of the PHILIPS steam generator from the usual iron:

  1. allows you to disappear clothes in a vertical position+
  2. Cleans any types of materials+
  3. Displays stains from furniture and tiles+
  4. Removes microbes and dirt from plumbing devices.

Purification of materials and surfaces provide powerful jets of dry steam heated to a temperature from 140 to 160 degrees depending on the device model. Steaming aligns any irregularities and festers on the material, without spoiling the fabric: at the time of contacting the steam with the surface, its temperature is not more than 100 degrees.

Due to the processing of ferry fiber fabric, it is not stretched, but, on the contrary, they acquire elasticity and volume. This allows you to work with any delicate materials.

The steam generator has both pros and cons. Advantages of Philips steam generators.

  • The ability to quickly process a large amount of linen Due to the supply of the optimal temperature under high pressure. The power of the “steam strike” function in the usual iron for the steam generator is an average.
  • No need to truck water often When ironing volumetric things and materials. The volume of water tank or boiler in the steam generator is from 0.7 to 2 liters, whereas in conventional irons, this indicator is 0.2-0.5 liters.
  • Thanks to the high-temperature steam modeThe device qualitatively drives thick tissue materials and things folded several times, such as bed linen.
  • Steam processing of high temperature produces simultaneously disinfection – kills saprophite in the tissues (dust ticks), removes the pile of pets from the surface of the pile and wool.
  • PHILIPS steam generators have good maneuverability and in operation is much more convenient than standard iron. This advantage provides the absence of a built-in water container and the small weight of the very ironing device.

Disadvantages of PHILIPS steam generators.

  • Binding to water station. For the steam generator, you need more space both during ironing and when stored. Therefore, it is recommended to use a special ironing board with a large stand, calculated by the manufacturer under the design of the steam generator.
  • Noity. Unlike the usual iron, the steam generator during operation produces more noise when the device boils water, and steam is supplied to high-pressure hose using a turbine.
  • High price. PHILIPS steam generators are significantly more expensive than standard irons, but at the same time price range on the household appliances market allows you to make a profitable choice. The price of a budget steam generator will be the same or even lower than on an expensive multifunctional iron.
  • Need to pick. For convenient and uninterrupted operation of the PHILIPS steam generator to it, it will be necessary to purchase an ironing board with a special stand, as well as periodically buy and change the water filter cartridge.

PHILIPS steam generators are multifunctional modern devices with fitted boards, indicators, electronic control mechanisms. Despite the convenience of use and ease of operation, they have a complex design of several components of the elements. Therefore, the technique requires a special relationship – the water capacity should stand only on a flat surface, it is impossible to install a ironing iron “on the heel”, it is important to keep track of not twisted and connective hoses and wires.

The manufacturer of Philips produces a wide range of different steam generators and components. In addition to the general indicators and principle of operation, models can have different specifications and capabilities – power, tank volume, dimensions, configuration, functionality.

For each type of ironing, its own model of the steam generator will be convenient, so when choosing, you should consider the main types of steam irons for home use.

Despite the general principle of work, different steam generators have their own design features, from which the quality of ironing will depend on the possibility of processing certain types of tissues and materials. The convenience and safety of the operation of the device largely depend on the functionality. For example, if there is probability to forget to turn off the device, it is better to purchase a steam generator with auto-power.

Save electricity will help the Philips technique with the ECO function – so consumption decreases by 30%. There are a lot of other features, but the most popular in the household uses the following types of Philips steam generators, each of which has its own model range.

Azur Elite

The main feature of the new line of “smart” steam irons Philips Azur Elite – Dynamiq mode, after turning on which the device begins to produce and feed the increased pair volume at more intensive operation. Due to the enhanced steam supply, difficult rates are smoothed, and the IONIC mode provides hygienic ironing due to the ionization of steam jets. The sole of the irons is made of stainless steel, it is resistant to scratches and easily slides according to the material.

All line models are equipped with an automatic reminder device for cleaning.

Elite Plus

ELITE PLUS steam irons are considered one of the most optimal options for the house. The steam generators of this series have a stylish design and small dimensions, quickly heated and produce self-sprawling, equipped with protection from children and the function of automatic steam feed adjustment.

Models have capacious water tanks up to 1.8 liters, and the power of steam jet reaches 110 g / min.

Perfectcare Elite

Devices from the Perfectcare Elite series are equipped with high-quality durable stainless steel soles. Thanks to the T-Ionic Glide technology, the ironing unit is fluent in the fabric and ensures its fast processing. Couple feed pressure is 7.5 bar, maximum steam impact power – up to 500 g / min.

Despite the low power, the device is relatively dimensional, a special ironing board is desirable for working with it.

Perfectcare Elite Plus

PHILIPS PERFECTCARE ELITE PLUS steam generators – the most powerful steam ironing devices in their own way, but at the same time they are equipped with ultra-light ironing iron. An ideal tissue slip provides an innovative coating of the T-IonicGlide sole coating, a powerful steam supply to 165 g / min splits the reference and disinfection produces. To align the strong chances, a steam punch of 600 g / min is provided, and the special holes in the spout Iron will help to align and process the smallest details.


Each model of the steam generator includes two replaceable filters whose service life will depend on water rigidity. But to perform high-quality ironing, especially with large volumes of linen, when buying an instrument should pay attention to other components. Convenience and safety of operation will provide a special ironing board with a wide stand and resistant legs.

With long ironing hand, it will take protection against overheating and burns with hot steam – for this Philips manufacturers offer special protective gloves.

How to choose?

The first thing to be taken into account when choosing a steam generator is its power, the speed of vaporization will depend on it and the steam feed pressure will depend. Models with a capacity of less than 2 kW are suitable for rare application and processing only loose materials, for example, to clean the coat, ironing of dresses, costumes. For frequent home use, it is recommended to consider appliances with a capacity of 2.2 to 2.6 kW. Such devices are perfectly coping with ironing bedding and clothing, cleaning furniture, perform high-quality disinfection of various surfaces.

There are also high-power steam generators – from 3 kW, designed for long-term uninterrupted operation and intended for processing large volumes of linen. They relate more to industrial equipment and are used mainly in enterprises – in laundry, dry cleaning, factories and in the studio on tailoring.

You can use high power steam generators at home, as their dimensions are practically different from other models, the only thing to do is to withdraw a separate outlet with enhanced wiring for the device.

You should pay attention to the smoothness of the adjustment of the development and supply of steam. For home use it is recommended to purchase devices with the level of power of steam jets from 80-90 g / min and steam shock force not less than 200 g / min. It is desirable that the average steam feed pressure in the ironing iron was from 3.5 bar, the optimal level is 5-5.5 bar. When choosing professional equipment for rapid processing of all types of tissues and materials, devices with a pressure level of 6.5-7.5 bar.

In everyday life, appliances with water tank from 1 liter are used. For a daily ironing in a family of 3-4 people, the optimal choice will be a steam generator with a capacity of 1.3-1.5 liters.

It is better to consider models with removable tanks, It will be more convenient to top up the water in the ironing process. So that the hand tired less tired during ironing, you should choose a design where the steam feed button is fixed in the installed mode and it is not necessary to keep your finger.

If you plan to transport or carry the device from the room to the room, it must be a steam generator model, fixed on a special base.

Aluminum sole is less durable and durable than stainless steel surface. On the aluminum, scratches appear over time, the sole may be progress, the excavations are formed in it if you have an iron.

The most reliable and durable are models with a ceramic sole. Ceramics is a composite material, it has high strength, resistance to shocks, scratches, has a smoother surface and is not susceptible to burning.

Instructions for use

Install and use the PHILIPS steam generator will be able to any housewife, no special skills are required to configure and operating the device. When ironing it is more important to know the characteristics of the material being processed to set the desired temperature for it and the steam supply.

Working with the steam iron itself is simple and convenient if you follow the instructions for use:

  • Install the steam generator on a flat surface+
  • Remove and fill water tank+
  • Install the tank in place, closing the cover tightly+
  • Turn on the plug into the socket and press the power button+
  • Flashing indicator means heating device+
  • The indicator lights continuously – the steam generator is ready for operation+
  • For the release of steam jets, you must click on the Iron knob.

In some models, to remove the ironing iron from the station, you will need to press the lock lock button. During ironing, the water tank should be filled. It is important to recruit liquid strictly by the marketer specified on the case.

It is impossible to add foreign substances to the water – perfumes, dyes, flavors or money from scale.

How to clean?

The frequency and need for cleaning will depend on the quality of the water used and the efficiency of the device. The design of the models may differ, but the basic principle of cleaning from scale at home in all PHILIPS steam generators is the same.

The scale removal is performed using the Easy De-Calc valve placed on the instrument housing:

  • Turn off the device from the network and wait until it cools – at least 2 hours+
  • Put the station to the edge of the table, washbasin, bath or shells+
  • Place under Valve Easy De-Calc any capacity for water from 0.5 l+
  • Open the valve and, tilting the station, merge water and garbage particles+
  • Insert the valve cover in place and tighten clockwise.

To clean the sole, iron must heat the device, and then, periodically pressing the maximum steaming button, rigidly led to them by dense fabric 3-5 minutes. Periodic replacement requires a special cartridge, This will report an automatic signal – the Anti-Calc indicator will flash. Replacing the part is very simple – open the Anti Calc Filter cover on the case, remove the old and install a new cartridge by clicking on it until it clicks.

How to prevent the appearance of scale?

      Eliminate the formation of scale inside the device will not work, since any water contains solid particles, but it is possible to significantly reduce the process of its accumulation. Manufacturers recommend using in steam generators Special demineralized water – It contains the minimum number of extraneous particles.

      This optional rule is the usual tap water also suitable, but if its quality is low, you can dilute the liquid with distilled water in proportion 1: 1.

      The following is a review of the PHILIPS steam generator.

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