Built-in ironing boards: features and varieties

Built-in ironing boards: features and varieties

Responsibilities of each housewife present several mandatory items that must be performed daily. One of them is ironing. On the one hand, it is very pleasant to sleep on the strokes, and in the morning put on the clothes. And on the other – every day you have to disassemble the ironing board, put it in the right place, and after collecting the design and remove to the far corner. These actions, every day, exhaust not only the physical, but also the emotional state of a woman.

Understanding the severity of this work, manufacturers managed to find a way out. Ironing boards passed several levels of modernization and now have compact sizes, due to which they can hide in the furniture design.


To date, the minimalism of home interior plays a huge role in the apartment and house. The smaller the furniture is present in space, the better. But despite this, each element of the interior should be multifunctional. For example, a tea table must be laid out to the size of the overall table, and the sofa turn into a comfortable double bed.

Sliding separately standing ironing board lost its relevance. It is much easier to open the closet and lower the ironing surface. This process does not take much time. If necessary, the ironing procedure can be quickly stopped, and the workplace is collected for half a minute. Built-in ironing board is presented in the global market in several models. Each of them has a number of features, advantages and disadvantages. And yet there are several equivalent qualities between them.

Built-in assembly system is distinguished by high levels of strength. It is safe, even a small child can cope with her. The mechanism of folding inside the cabinet or any other object of the interior where the ironing surface is hidden, developed by a unique scheme that tightly holds the design in the selected person. Speaking with simple words, internal attachments are able to keep the ironing board in the required plane.

The aesthetic side of the issue is important. The bulky ironing board, standing in the assembled form in the corner of the room, always rushed into the eyes of the guests. But now everything is neat and compactly decomposed and hidden behind the design doors. The folding system is easy to handle and invisible in everyday life.


The main trend of modern ironing boards is the aesthetics of the appearance, compact sizes and multifunctionality. This item of life will be able to stay in any place, for example, in the bedroom, living room and even in the kitchen.

As the built-in ironing boards, several important advantages were identified.

  • Dimensions. These boards, in contrast to their predecessors, do not require additional supports in the form of crossed legs. They freely descend from the cabinet or put forward from the bedside table. Modern manufacturers offer their customers ready-made furniture with ironing device. In the case of non-standard dimensions of the room, the ironing cabinet will have to be ordered separately.
  • Easy use. Ironing surface is freely extracted from the closed door of the cabinet or smoothly leaves from the couch. The board is fixed under a convenient slope and also removes back. It is worth noting that the entire assembly process is quiet, the Sunday ironing will not prevent the sweet sleep of households.

  • Safety. In order to eliminate the possibility of injury, manufacturers have developed a special fastening system. Just overturn the board or drop it sharply. Special attention is paid to this issue with young mothers.
  • Designer approach. When developing models of embedded ironing boards, a lot of aspects, requirements and wishes are taken into account. It is very important that the product is economical, but at the same time very luxurious. Many housewives prefer to use the ironing surface of large sizes, but some sufficient and minimal boards. Given the interests of each, designers developed models of different types.
  • Decorative part. With the interior arrangement, many hostesses are watching even the smallest details that should be harmonized with a common style. The coating of the ironing board should also be combined with the design.


Like any subject of life, Embedded ironing board has several flaws.

  • Purchase a separate furniture and interior furniture with an integrated ironing surface is almost impossible. And to change fully headset because of the like good it is inappropriate. Therefore, you will have to refer to experienced professionals that can perform the necessary furniture element according to the required parameters. That’s just furniture to order is much more expensive than the acquisition of a complete set of headset.
  • Often the long-term process of ironing tires housewives. Especially if the linen is a lot. I want to sit back on the back of the seat and distract the TV screen. Unfortunately, if you do not think about this issue in advance, you will have to look for additional entertainment options, because the built-in ironing board does not seem to be possible.


Modern models of embedded ironing boards are manufactured by manufacturers in several types, thereby expanding the buyer’s horizon and giving it the opportunity to choose the most appropriate design for ironing.


This type of built-in ironing board refers to classical mind. In general, it does not have differences from its portable fellow, except that its design has a special cover with a fastening mechanism installed on the wall. An important advantage of the folding model is simplicity and reliability. In the folded state, the ironing surface is located in a vertical state along the wall. The restriction for the required dimensions is only a hiding surface.

Folding ironing board is equipped with a special fastening mechanism that is easy to hide in the closet. In the case of wall mounting, hide metal inserts will not be possible, respectively, the style of the room will be slightly spoiled.

Folding ironing board built into the mirror

Quite an interesting solution for any interior. Manufacturers are ready to offer a variety of dimensions mirrors, any forms, the main thing that the ironing surface is hidden from the universal gaze.

The mirror can be equipped with a mechanism of door swallowing, but the main demand goes on the model with a revealing mirror surface.


Models of ironing boards with a retractable mechanism are placed in small drawers and chest. The only disadvantage is the size of the couch in which the hidden surface is located for ironing. The mechanism of movement of this model is quite complex, rough operation can lead to a quick breakage.

Built in cabinet

The most popular embedded ironing boards for a large family. The base for fastening can be a linen cabinet, where one shelf will have to highlight the iron and the necessary means for ironing. In large cabinets, you can make a rotary ironing surface.

It is worth noting that for the hidden doors of the cabinet the most suitable will be a folding ironing surface. The wardrobe will be able to place a folding board for ironing.

Kitchen with ironing board

Quite interesting option designed for embedded kitchens with large quadrature. The washing machine is placed here, there is a slit ironing board nearby. And in the bedside table on the shelf there is everything you need for ironing.

Few people know that the models built into the closet also have some classification.

  • Folding ironing board. Special fixture for ironing with a simple mechanism. According to technical specifications more reminiscent of the classic version of the ironing board.
  • Retractable surface for ironing. Unlike folding models, it takes much less place. The design itself hides in the cabinet box. The sliding mechanism is quite complex and fragile, due to which it can often break.
  • Hidden model. Hidden ironing boards are mainly located behind the mirror in niche. But instead of the mirror you can install any surface, for example, open shelves.

Ironing boards are not just an element from the list of household items. This is a very important thing, without which it is impossible to do under any circumstances. External characteristics allow you not to easily facilitate the work of a housewife, but also bring additional comfort in the process of ironing. To date, in search of a high-quality ironing board, you can spend more than one hour of time, while not finding a suitable model.

To date, Russian production models have acquired great popularity. They are appreciated by unsurpassed quality and increased strength. Ease of operation and basic technical specifications bring them to the first places. SHELF ON IRON SLIM ECO.

Along with the Russian manufacturer, the brand FOPPAPEDRETTI (Italy) uses great popularity among ironing boards. His line of goods is filled with a variety of models with unimaginable design solutions. Multifunctionality of products allows you to restore even the most complex jams in hard-to-reach places.

Recommendations for choosing

Before you start choosing the desired model of an embedded ironing board, you should decide on its stationary location. Someone is convenient that the place for ironing is located in the dressing room. By the way, it is very convenient to immediately lay out and hang on the hangers of strokes.

For others, the most comfortable will be the use of ironing boards built into the kitchen set. Such a location is also convenient, given that the washing machines often began to install in the kitchen.

After selecting the place you want to decide on the size of the ironing surface. Little construction is best for the kitchen. It can be hidden in the drawer with a retractable mechanism.

For the living room, it is best to make a choice in favor of a large ironing surface. It can be placed in the closet or in the furniture of the oblong form. The surrounding environment will help brighten up the grueling process of ironing, television programs will bring voice diversity, and interesting programs will reduce working hours.

By choosing in favor of a specific model, you should consider several important factors.

  • Reliability of the mechanism of parsing and folding. According to his principle, embedded ironing boards from the technical side is much more difficult than their folding predecessors. It is very important to carefully inspect the mechanism of the embedded surface. It must be made of durable metal. During a preliminary inspection, it takes several times to drive the work of the mechanism and listen to extraneous noise. The process of lowering should be smooth and soft, sharp shocks talk about poor-quality mount.

  • Quality of support. Special support fulfills the function of supporting ironing board in a horizontal state. For the retractable model, the support is installed in the wall or in the box. It is important to check the strength of the support of the support, otherwise the ironing surface can fall out of the cabinet.
  • Weight. The mass of the design of the ironing surface should not exceed the required norm. Speaking with simple words, the weight of the ironing board must match the mounting wall.
  • Stability design. Ironing board should be firmly standing in a horizontally position, do not hang out, do not stick and do not move. These factors affect the comfort of the ironing process.


Quite often before purchasing one or another thing, every person is trying to learn about the product you are interested in more information. At the same time, they turn to relatives, familiar, friends, colleagues, are looking for comments from satisfied owners on the Internet and any representatives of the media.

But even standard knowledge make it clear that the built-in ironing board is a real breakthrough in the household sphere. Many owners emphasize the convenience of its operation, especially if small children live in the house.

Each head of the family expresses a huge thanks to the manufacturers of these designs. Now you do not have to constantly drag the massive ironing board in a comfortable place, and then clean it.

Of course, only positive feedbacks can cause doubts, but in the case of negative statements should be attentive. Perhaps dissatisfied owners before purchasing goods, did not take into account the size of the ironing surface, the mechanism of attachment, or chosen an uncomfortable place for stationary ironing.

About how to make an ironing transformer board with your own hands, see the following video.

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