Iron: varieties, choice and repair

Iron: varieties, choice and repair

It turns out that choose a good iron for home – the occupation is not very simple. To make the device to become a universal assistant, you need to consider a large number of nuances. Work intensity depends on the technical characteristics of the device. In stores you can find various models that are characterized by a large set of functions. To become the owner of a durable device, it is necessary to know the positive and negative sides of such devices.

Device and principle of operation

Nichrome spiral, located inside the case, heated by electric shock. The heat is transferred to the sole. The iron design includes a large number of parts. Among them, playing a major role in the work of the device are:

  • spiral+
  • Temoregulator+
  • Temperature regulator+
  • Indicators.


The front panel of most irons is equipped with two buttons: one steam feed strength, the second moisturizes the fabric, splashing water through a small hole existing on the iron’s nose. Water turns into pairs after entering a special chamber, in which the heating elements of high power are located. Under pressure steam enters the heating chamber. From it, it will hit the fabric through the holes on the sole.


This item is considered to be the main part of the device. The quality of work depends on its state. Iron with a good sole can iron even wet things for quick drying. Manufacturers produce modern appliances with soles from different material:

  • Teflon+
  • ceramics+
  • Sapphire coating.

Thanks to this technological solution, it has become much easier to use the iron. The coefficient of friction occurs between the cloth and the sole. Since this element is too jealous, scratches often arise on its surface.

Special nichrome spiral, equipped with additional ceramic rings, heats the sole. To adjust the heating temperature, a special thermostat is installed. It turns off the power supply, performing the specified mode.

Mechanism of turning off heating

Turning the iron wheel is set to ironing parameters. After the temperature becomes the maximum, the contacts of the thermostat will open, the voltage will disappear. In the electrical circuit, the device includes bimetallic plates. During the unequal expansion coefficient during heating, the deformation of the metal begins. As a result, the plate rises, the electrical contact is interrupted, the antipple system ceases to function. For the same principle all heating devices (kettles, boilers, relays).

Types and functions

Classification of modern irons is quite extensive. The main types of great popularity are considered to be several designs:

  • Classic+
  • with thermostat+
  • With a flap+
  • With a binding system+
  • steam+
  • Road+
  • With auto power.

Ordinary (classic devices) are distinguished by low functionality. There is no linen humidification system. Electric thermostat is installed, responsible for the heating temperature of the sole. Such an iron is impossible to stroke tight underwear, so manufacturers produce such a device in small batches. It is practically not bought. Smart devices with automatic shutdown, with humidification system, as well as other functions are considered the most popular. Irons with auto-disconnection are very like mistresses.

Compact road models will always be useful on a business trip. Thanks to miniature sizes, they are free to fit in the bag. The disadvantage of them is considered low technical characteristics.

How to choose?

Before buying a good iron for home use and for ironing a different lingerie, it is necessary to explore its most important technical parameters. After all, we often choose the iron only on the basis of the brand name and its appearance. Study of technical specifications will help make the right choice of a modern model. Each hostess decides herself, what sole is suitable for her most. The cost of the device depends on its material. Ceramic sole is installed on the most expensive models. They are distinguished by light slide, never scratch. Such a sole easy to clean. Ceramic surface for a long time remains warm.

Stainless steel sole is distinguished by high strength, does not scratch. Heats up not very fast. To increase the quality characteristics of the sole, has a special spraying.

An excellent conductor of heat is considered aluminum. Such a sole is quickly heated and also quickly cools. The cost of such an appliance is low, but it breaks quickly. Scratches are formed on the surface of the sole. They spoil delicate matter, forming tightening, sometimes cuts. An excellent is the Teflon coating. It is distinguished by excellent sliding, does not stick, there is no possibility of burning. One of the shortcomings of Teflon is its low strength. It can scratch any metal button.

To facilitate the hostess process of ironing, manufacturers produce special coasters for hot iron. For some models, special wall holders are manufactured. Modern models are equipped with an additional nozzle on the sole. It allows you to iron thin silk, as well as other products that require special circulation. The nozzle holds on the sole thanks to the special clamps.

Steam is fed through perforation on the sole. Due to the large number of holes, excellent wetting of the fabric occurs. The location of the holes affects the efficiency of smoothing. The standard option is considered to be a large number of microcertures on the nose, as well as the heel of the sole. Large diameter holes are located on board. The splashing function is used to moisturize the material by a special spray. Usually splashing is used for ironing fine tissue when the steam feed is required.

Professional models are equipped with a sweep function.

The steam generator is a separate block having a heater, Mounted in a boiler where steam is formed. Such a system is equipped only expensive professional models. The main advantage is the rate of ironing. She is several times faster than an ordinary electric iron. The only disadvantage is large dimensions. The power of the device is in the range of 200-3200 W. With the maximum value of the sole, heats up much faster. It takes less time on the vaporization and the process of ironing. In a large family, it is better to use powerful devices (2500 W), you can use the middle power Iron (1000-2000 W). A low-power products have been proven well on the road (1500 W).

Power value directly affects power consumption. The most economical devices remain low power. To reduce electricity consumption, manufacturers in the design of the device include special energy-saving modes. They allow to save up to 20% of electricity. Standard Wire Size – 0.8-4 meters. The most comfortable is considered to be 1.9-2.5 meters. There are models having a wireless connection. They are installed on the stand equipped with an electrical cable. Heating occurs through the stand.

The latest models are available weighing 0.4-11.2 kg. It used to be believed that the iron should have a lot of weight, so it will be better to iron. In modern devices, weight does not matter much, it does not affect the ironing process. The low weight makes it easy to maneuver when ironing things, the hand gets tired much less. From the weight of the soles for the most part depending the mass of the iron. Steel systems are considered the most severe. Much less ceramics weigh, and aluminum devices remain the easiest.

Ease of use of the handle depends on the handle form. Steam irons are equipped with a handle fixed on the housing. Road devices have a folding handle.

Imported products are mainly found on the Russian market. European firms produce beautiful and multifunctional devices. The most popular are irons:

  • Philips+
  • Tefal+
  • Bosch+
  • Braun+
  • Rowenta.

This list includes pretty expensive manufacturers. In stores are offered for sale and other devices with similar quality, but lower costs:

  • Vitek+
  • Polaris+
  • Scarlett.

Of the all-above-mentioned list of brands, several options remaining the large number of positive characteristics remain. A small review includes several most popular models.

Bosch TDA 2325

The product is equipped with a vaporization function. Management does not cause any difficulty in work. Such an iron can easily use any hostess. It includes:

  • Translucent case+
  • Water container (equipped with levels of level)+
  • Temperature regulator+
  • Buttons responsible for steam feed (installed on the handle)+
  • Electric wire.


  • Durable design+
  • Light ironing+
  • low cost.


  • Low power+
  • There is no system of “anti-kapl”.

Polaris PIR 2488K

Budget version, not inferior to its technological characteristics with the best prestigious models. Differs on a beautiful appearance. Has a high capacity of 2400 W. Allows you to iron any fabrics. Thanks to the “Smart Heat” technology, the heat is evenly distributed over the surface of the sole. Advantages:

  • Full self-cleaning+
  • Prevents the appearance of scale+
  • Installed the “Antikapl” system+
  • Wire can rotate 360 ​​degrees+
  • Perhaps vertical sweeping+
  • There is a heating indicator.

Disadvantage – sometimes water is thrown through the sole.

Scarlett SC-S130K15

Inexpensive device equipped with all functions available on similar expensive systems. Buyers respond about this model only from the positive side. Advantages:

  • High Power – 2400 W+
  • Paramett setting+
  • Water spraying mechanism+
  • self-cleaning sole+
  • Preventing the appearance of scale+
  • AutoCillion+
  • Ceramic sole+
  • low cost.

Judging by numerous reviews, negative qualities at the device did not detected.

Possible breakdowns and their elimination

The failure of the Soviet or imported apparatus is mainly associated with illiterate operation of the device. Sometimes the iron breaks due to voltage jumps. Perform at home repairing the iron is quite difficult, since it is not always possible to determine the malfunction immediately. However, there are several characteristic features that allow faster to find a malfunction.

  • After the electricity is supplied, the light indicator light lights up, the sole does not heat up. First you need to inspect the outlet. She just may not give a current. The second source of malfunction can be a rupture of the network wire. Sometimes just burns out the fuse due to a large temperature.
  • Light light light lighting up, but there is no heating. The cause of the malfunction is associated with the heating element. Perhaps the fuse. The work of these parts provides power supply to the sole.

  • After filing, the pair become visible fragments of scale on the surface of the sole. Well visible rusty water. Such a problem arises due to water to the electric part. When the elements of the inclusive device are in contact with moisture, an electrochemical reaction occurs, gradually destructive metal. This process becomes stronger if there are many salts and all sorts of impurities.
  • A fairly common breakdown is the failure of the evaporation system. It happens that the power button and turn off this function is greatly puzzled, but the steam feed does not occur.

To disassemble the iron, you must first turn it off from the network. Then you need to remove the back cover, after which it is very good to remove both buttons from which the steam feed adjustment depends. Buttons are held on the sleeves due to the power of friction. Then unscrewed screw fastening of plastic handle. Under it installed a pump feed pump, as well as a pump that feeds water to the surface of the sole, to make the formation of steam.

At the bottom of the steam pump, a ball sticking to the bottom is installed if it was formed too much scale. To return the workability to the device, the ball need to push the inside, and then collect the device. If the visual inspection will be detected chips or cracks, it is necessary to replace the part. Spare parts for the Iron can be purchased in a specialized store.

In order not to repair the iron, you need to follow a few mandatory rules for its use. Iron turns on the network only before starting work. Repair should be carried out only with dry hands. The instrument’s analysis should occur on a solid, non-current heat-resistant coating.

On how to repair the iron with your own hands, look in the following video.

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