Steam irons: features, subtleties of choice and repair

Steam irons: features, subtleties of choice and repair

Steam iron – not luxury, but a means of operational struggle with the mountain of the tail. In its capacity, it is much more effective than the traditional “fellow”, as well as optimal for delicate tissues.

Main characteristics

Smoothing the chances and folds on the fabric when using a steam iron is carried out not due to the contact of the sole device with matter, but through a hot pair. Such an iron-saparler necessarily has heating lamps and assumes the presence of water reservoir. Water in the latter heats up from the Tan (and those due to electricity) and turns into steam. It is released from the hole on the sole and acts on textile fibers, straightening them.

Thanks to this feature, the device with an excrement does not require a horizontal surface for operation and great physical activity. Evaping can be carried out on weight, and the result of the process does not depend on the weight of the iron. The lack of contact between the sole of the iron and the surface of the fabric allows the use of a device for the most delicate products – minimized the risk of spots, new chances, burns. In addition, the steam iron is optimally used to smooth products with a complex decor, a large number of buttons. It is convenient to use such a device for steaming curtains and tulle.

The pair temperature is so high that it copes even with a strong cloth, and also demonstrates a disinfecting effect, destroying bacteria and viruses. Such an aggregate is used not only to eliminate the chances, but also for cleaning and disinfection of upholstered furniture.


Based on the features of the design and the functions performed, the following types of steam irons can be distinguished.

  • Iron for horizontal ironing with a vertical sweep function. Today, most of the irons have a similar function, but their main purpose is the traditional ironing, implying contact of the sole device with a thing. In principle, vertically with the help of a couple can be smoothed by a slightly crumpled cloth.

  • Iron with steam generator. The device has another name – a steam station, and consists of three parts. This is a boiler in which there is a heating tan and in which water poured, in other words, steam is formed in this tank. The next part is the iron, in appearance, not different from the usual. These elements are connected by means of a hose by which steam is supplied from the boiler. Such a device is suitable for both vertical and horizontal ironing.

  • Steam generator. Has the same components as a steam station. However, the boiler is usually characterized by a large volume and can remain inclusive for a long time. Instead of the usual Iron – Various nozzles, brushes. The hose is usually longer because the device uses a floor boiler.

Due to the high power and diversity of the nozzle, the device is convenient to use for smoothing curtains, textiles, large number of things, as well as cleaning furniture and carpets. The disadvantages of the steam generator are their higher cost and the inability to use on a horizontal surface. It is worth noting that today there are manual steam generators, which are primarily characterized by compactness. Special variety of their – road wireless steam generator operating from batteries. However, there is an electrical analogue with steam modes.

If the body of the device is always plastic, then the sole may be ceramic or teflon. It affects the weight of the device and its functionality.

Rating the best models

According to customer reviews and demand in household appliances stores, the best can be called steam irons of such brands such as Philips, Vitek and Tefal. Consider the most popular steam models of each of the firms.

For domestic use, you can choose a model Philips GC 1029. Stylish design, ceramic sole and long cord – Here are the obvious advantages of the device. The iron is equipped with an automatic shutdown and self-cleaning system, as well as the steam function hitting. Power – 2000 W, large enough, which will not be too economical, if ironing clothes you rarely and in small quantities. The average cost – from 2500 to 3,500 rubles.

A more powerful model (2400 W) is the model of the same brand Philips GC 3569. Not only power, but also a more volumetric water tank (400 ml) will allow the use of an iron longer, but to produce ironing – faster. The speed and volume of steam supply and steam impact in this model exceeds the same parameters compared to the previous one. Ceramic Sole, Long Cord. The cost of such a model reaches 5000-6000 rubles.

Model Philips GC 4521 It has more weight, but it copes better with strong chances, thick cloth. This is due to titanium coating of an iron soles and a more powerful steam blow. The power of the device is 2600 W, while it has a sufficiently thin nozzle, due to which it easily smoothes children’s things, clothes with lots of decoration, buttons. Automatic shutdown and self-cleaning systems make the unit even more convenient. The average cost is 5500-9500 rubles.

The product line of the Vitek brand is quite diverse, but the model deserves attention VT-1234. For a very modest amount (the cost of the device is about 2,000 rubles), the user receives a functional unit with a ceramic sole, a powerful ferry and a steam impact function, as well as equipped with auto-power and self-cleaning systems from scale. The TEFAL GV5246 device has a greater opportunity, which is not surprising, as it is a steam station. Construction capacity – 2135 W, there is a steam power regulator. Sole from metal ceramics is optimally suitable for dense tissues. The cost is quite democratic for these devices – 8,000 rubles.

How to choose an instrument?

When choosing, you should evaluate the desired model for several criteria.


The rate of heating of the Tan, the amount and volume of the pair formed, as well as the consumption of electricity depends on the power. The stronger the TEN heats the water, the more powerful steam will be. For home use, the optimal is the device with a capacity of 1800-2000 W. More powerful will form an excessively strong steam stream, which is irrational. Less powerful – will not cope with the smoothing of thick or coarse.

Volume of tank

This indicator determines the duration of steam generation. Than it is less, the smaller time interval can function. As a rule, devices with an excipation function are equipped with a 200-250 ml reservoir, so they can continuously disappear things for 10-15 minutes. Steam generators have a more voluminous reservoir with a capacity of 1.5-2 liters. This allows them to work without interruption for 1-2 hours.

Pressure Pressure Pressure

In simpler models, steam is produced with the same force, while in more expensive devices you can adjust the power of steam. This is a very useful feature, because it allows you to smooth out the chances of various intensity. For dense and strongly crumpled mats, it is properly used the function of a heat strike. It implies the output of a powerful steam stream in large quantities in a short time interval. For comparison – if on average, 70-80 g of steam leaves per minute, then with a heat strike, it is generated during the same time and is produced up to 130-150 g.

These parameters are basic, however, you should pay attention to other steam iron possibilities. Useful can be called a binding system. If the device is equipped with such, then things will be protected from risk to be wetted by condensate. If there is an indicator of the amount of liquid in the boiler, as well as the functions of the auto-disconnection of the device during inaction for 20-60 seconds, it is possible to reduce the risk of overheating of the Tan and the output of them.

Some devices allow to top up the water to the tank only when they are disconnected from the power supply. It may be uncomfortable if you need to quickly try a large number of things.

In some devices allowed to fill only a special fluid, while in others – and ordinary water. However, it should be remembered that the latter can provoke the formation of scale in the device. Partly prevent this allowed a special function – a system of cleaning from scale.

If contacting the sole of the iron with a cloth is supposed to contact, attention should be paid to the features of the first. Ceramic and Teflon soles are common among household aggregates. The advantage is the ease of sliding, the absence of traces on the fabric. For personal use of irons with ceramic or teflon coating, they are quite effective – they cope with the chances. If the device is installed in the device, you should avoid falling the device – a piece of ceramics can break down.

If more intensive exploitation of the iron or steam station is assumed (for example, in a sewing studio), then preference should be given to iron with a chrome-plated sole. It will also cope with severe dense tissue and strong chances, but it should be understood that such a device will be heavier than the analogues described above. Be sure to flip the iron and appreciate the features of the location of the holes for the failure. The maximum concentration of their concentration should have to the area of ​​the sole, so that it can be easily smoothed out the chairs in hard-to-reach places.

Before buying, you should decide on the set of steam iron. There are models to which in the future you can separately buy certain details. The greatest number of components are characterized by floor devices.

They have many nozzles. At least 2 will be required – wider for smoothing big things and narrow. It is convenient to work on small areas, disappearing difficult things on Crow things with an abundance of decor. For darous fabrics, for example, a coat, it is useful to get a brush with a scaffold. It will help to eliminate pollution, straighten and give the desired pumse direction, remove threads.

Various clamps allow you to quickly make perfect arrows. There are also special types of their varieties – brush clips. Another recommended accessory to the steam generator – Stand for clothes. She resembles her shoulders. For more hard things, it is desirable to use double racks, they are more durable. Well, if the device has a protective verge. Steam output rate, like its temperature, is high, so high risk getting a burn. If you are sipping, there may be a need for horizontal work surfaces (for example, when the collars, cuffs), so it is desirable to purchase a special plank.

How to use it?

Before using the device, you need to pour a special liquid or water into the iron tank, only after that it should be included in the outlet. You should not immediately direct a jet of steam on the underwear, it is better to first release steam (first portion) and only then start ironing. After the process is over, you should drain the residues of the liquid from the tank, switch the position to the “without steam” mode and store the device vertically. This will prevent fluid residual residues on the ion sole.

Use the steam iron is easy, the main thing is to first read the instruction manual and follow it. It is important to take into account the features of the tissue, selecting the individual Ironing mode for each type. Before each application, it is useful to inspect the device for breakdowns, and before first inclusion – make sure that the network voltage corresponds to the device power.

Possible breakdowns and their elimination

Like any device, steam iron is prone to breakdowns. Among the most commonly found, it is possible to distinguish the following problems.

Elemental electroplating

As a rule, it cracks or breaks into places of twists – near the fork or at the entrance to the device connector. Usually, such a malfunction is manifested by a periodic flashing of the bulb and may not always appear. Similar “winking” means that there is oxidation of the terminals due to the lack of regular contact.

A more serious problem with feeding wires is a short circuit. It provokes the wear of the insulating layer due to the friction of the wires. You can guess about a short closure on a sudden short cotton and the appearance of a specific smell of burner wiring. Due to overvoltage in the network during short circuit, as a rule, the other electrical appliances included in the network are disconnected. In most cases, the repair involves an opening of the back cover of the iron. After that, you will find that the network cord is divided into 3 wires. When wearing isolation, it is restored. If the problem is caused by the oxidation of the terminals, they must be cleared.

    Breakdown by Tan

    In modern devices, such a nuisance rarely happens, since TEN is a fairly reliable and durable element. If it breaks, it is rational to change the iron than the TEN. Check if the breakdown is connected with a malfunction of the heating element as follows – turn on the iron and look at the “behavior” of the light bulb. If it burns, but the sole of the device remains cold, and really broke the TEN. Such diagnostics becomes possible due to the fact that the indicator light is connected to the heating element.

    Fault thermostat

    The thermostat in most cases is a small wheel, the rotation of which allows you to raise or decrease the heating of the iron until the shaft is completely turned off. To them, the device is fastened with a sleeve or steel corner, to the case – with the help of latches. Wheel is performed from two soldered metal plates having different linear extension coefficients. When heated, the overall plate is twisted than provokeing the opening of the network and turn off the Tan. If the thermostat is suspected of a malfunction, the device will have to disassemble completely. Open the case, examine the state of the wires. In the off state in the cold position, they are closed. After evaluating the state of the wire, you can try to clean, and then check the iron again.

    Course of thermal stitch

    According to statistics, there are 40-50% of all iron malfunctions. Thermal stuffs can be 2 types – disposable (poorly withstands a single heating up to 240 degrees, with exceeding this indicator, they burn out and iron requires repair) and reusable (more modern and safe devices with bimetallic parts, so that the iron is automatically turned off with extreme heating).

    If “flew” a reusable thermal stitch, experts advise to remove the node and navigate the chain. The latter can be achieved by reconnecting the feeding electrical conductors, by comprising a metal rod or divide the gap.

    Malfunction in the sipping system

    This concept is a whole group of faults. Often with a weak supply of steam users mistakenly believe that the problem with the steam generator, but in fact the cause of this state is the pollution of the sole of the iron or nozzle. As a rule, this happens when using tap water. If the iron flows, stopped disappearing and even began to get a rust, it’s time to clean it from scale.

    If the steam feed is not possible due to the left down (inside the iron) of the button, you will have to open the rear cover of the device. Pair of pumps will be detected under the lid. The first of them gives water to the sprayer, in this case he is not interested in the master. The second is responsible for shipping steam to the sole of the iron. It is necessary to extract it, at the bottom of the pump you will see the ball sticking to the bottom of the pump camera. He turns out under the influence of scale. This ball should be poured inside, after which you collect the iron.


    Good reviews Get a Philips GC 1029. Users note ease of use, good couple quality. Thanks to this, the iron is optimally suitable for dense tissues or risen clothing. There are reviews on the Internet, where buyers talk about the presence of burrs on the sole. However, such an iron can be replaced in the manufacturer’s service center. Good reviews Gets and model Philips GC 3569. It is called more powerful compared to the previous one, however, the device does not have an auto-power supply system that most users are seen as a significant minus.

    A lot of positive feedback collected a Philips GC 4521 model. It should be borne in mind that the cost of the device is quite high. However, most buyers say that iron is worth this money. Titanium coating is quickly heated, it slips well and copes with strong chances, overwhelmed things. Those who are looking for inexpensive but functional iron should pay attention to VITEK VT-1234. According to user reviews, it includes all the necessary functions, and also has a long wire and stylish design.

    How to choose a steam iron, look in the following video.

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