Tips for choosing a compact sweeping for clothes

Tips for choosing a compact sweeping for clothes

Sometimes there is absolutely no desire and time to get an ironing board, and the shirt should be brought to a decent view. But there is a solution – home saparler for clothes. Today there is such a huge number of different models that the eyes are running out. How to decide on the choice?

Compact sapper for home

In professional dry-cleaners, huge and fairly powerful steamers are used. But at home such devices are inconvenient. Therefore, manufacturers have created special compact devices that have already won the love of customers. Such instruments can easily fit into your suitcase or even a bedside table.

The mechanism is simple enough and something like a kettle. Water poured into the tank, there, with the help of the built-in heater, it is brought to a temperature of 98-99 degrees. Then the formed pairs passes through the hose and comes out through special holes.

The singamer feature is that it works only in a vertical position. Steam penetrates the fibers, aligns them without deforming. Because of such a gentle care, you will not be able to burn or somehow spoil your favorite blouse.

The steamer can be applied by other, unusual ways. With it, you can remove unpleasant odors on clothes or disinfection toys that have long dust on the shelf. And if you have a special nozzle, then wash the windows or remove the tax in the bathroom is no longer a problem.

Great vaporumer or all have flaws

Mini-swaps began to conquer the hearts of modern owners. Ironing board is already dust somewhere behind the cabinet. Now ironing delicate and thin fabrics can be spoiled without fear. And ruffles and ruffles on dresses and shirts, with which ordinary irons have been cope with such a long time and look neglected,. Just a couple of times spent a steamer so that your clothes were like just from the store.

It used to seem impossible to breathe life in a jacket, a coat or even a fur coat at home. Thanks to technologies about hikes in dry cleaning you can forget. And even crumpled curtains are no longer a problem, it is enough to spend a steamer a couple of times and your thing looks like a new.

But rejoicing the acquisition, you should not throw your iron. If you like to wear trousers, then only he will be able to create arrows on them. And I can cope with linen or strongly confused cotton fabric, no one can. Sellers and advertisers assure that the steamer removes stains from clothes. But this is myth. Eliminate contaminants may steam cleaner, and this is a completely different device.

The singamer feature is that they can only be used vertically. So if you love freshly tailored bed linen, then ironing board should not be removed far. A mini-steerler will not be able to replace the iron at home, but it will definitely become your faithful assistant.

Features of mini-battles

The more diverse the range, the harder it is to make a choice. But having understood in the main characteristics, you will decide with ease, what kind of sapper will suit you.

For use on trips or to quickly bring things to the order of things, a manual sapar driver is perfect. It is small, compact, it is easy to fit on the shelf. Perfectly fit in a small apartment, where there is not so much free space. But there are disadvantages: a small duration of work, low power. So dense tissue they will not work out.

Outdoor steamer has several advantages. It is more powerful manual, it is possible to use it longer, there are often additional nozzles in the set. But because of its large sizes, there is no corner because of each house. Feature of the outdoor sweeping in stock hangers. You free your hands hanging a shirt on a special play. But on the journey such an aggregate will not take.

Progress does not stand still, so new modifications of excipators are created with a variety of additional functions. The hybrid of the excavator and steam cleaner is particularly popular. Such a device will not only make your clothes smooth, but will help withdraw the stains and destroy bacteria on clothes. However cost it will be more expensive than a simple device.

The choice of the excavator depends on some factors.

  • Power – the more powerful steamer, the more dense tissues he can cope. For a strong sweeping, even a very rumped cotton shirt is not a problem.
  • Volume of the tank. The duration of the device depends on the water tank. If the tank is small, then you will have to pull water often.
  • As already mentioned, the line sizes line are wide: from such that can be put in the bag, to so large that they will have to allocate a special place in the room.
  • Pay attention to the material from which the iron is made. It can be metallic or plastic. The first is more practical, especially if there is a heating function. In this case, there is a decrease in the formation of drops, the intensity of steam increases.
  • Requirements for water in some models are quite rigid. Before buying, check what water can be poured into the tank. Some steamers work only on distilled water, which can cause some inconveniences.

Once you have decided what functions should have your perfect mini-saparir, you can go directly to the choice of the manufacturer and model.

Rating of the best small devices

Although the swaps began to gain popularity recently, but there are already dozens of different models from various manufacturers. The Internet facilitated the life of a modern person, so now you can enter the store website and on the characteristics you need to select the device. Brands that have already managed to win love hostesses.

  • Philips. One of the largest electronic technology companies. Engaged in the release of various goods: from televisions to equipment for cardiology. Price of the steamer: 2.5-7 thousand rubles.
  • Polaris. Brand is popular due to low cost and good quality equipment. Average price: 2-2.5 thousand rubles.
  • MIE. The name of the company is the abbreviation of Modern Ironing Equipment, that translated from English means “modern and high-quality ironing equipment”. Specializes in premium goods, but there are products with a low price tag.
  • Endever. Swedish trading brand producing a wide range. Fame acquired due to its decent quality and low price.


This device is an excellent addition to the iron. Light, unpretentious, can be used tap water. Made of durable plastic and has a rather long cord for 2 meters. But water tank is only 60 ml. Therefore, it will have to truly top up. With the help of a brush, you can clean even coat.


  • Strong assembly+
  • Comfortable and easy+
  • Power – 1200 W+
  • Price – from 4.5 thousand rubles.

Polaris PGS 1412C

Dealted power device – 1200 W. Heats up and ready to work in 25 seconds after switching on. The kit includes nozzle-brush for steaming and cleaning from the pile. Easy device, weighs only 700 grams. Convenient to take with you on travel.


  • ergonomic+
  • Tank volume – 0.09 L+
  • Short cord+
  • Price – 3200 rubles.

Powerful hand sapper for MIE Assistente M

Even on trips your clothes will look perfect with him. Ready for use almost immediately after switching on, water is heated for one minute. The peculiarity of this model is that you can use the steamer even in a horizontal position.

It has:

  • Spacious tank at 850 ml of water+
  • Additional set of nozzles+
  • Power – 1500 W+
  • Price from 4.5 thousand rubles.

Endever Odyssey Q-410 Steamer

The manufacturer has created a whole color line of this steamer. You can choose white, blue or orange. He will be able to help you not only disappear clothes, but also to put in the order of the mirror, clean the furniture and walls. I will cope with even a wax, fat and science. Power – 800 W, ready to use ENDEVER will be after 2 minutes, and its duration of its operation is 20 minutes.


  • universal+
  • Plastic housing+
  • Tank volume – 0.2 liters+
  • Price – 1000 rubles.

The choice of the excipheler always depends on what exactness you want to achieve. But remember, the steamer will not replace you with the iron. But he carefully takes care of the state of your clothes.

In the next video, you will learn which sweeps for clothing and what kind of sapper is better to choose.

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