Vertical steam generators and steam cleaners: pros and cons, varieties and choice

Vertical steam generators and steam cleaners: pros and cons, varieties and choice

Every day, new devices appear in the modern market for small household appliances, the main purpose of which is to simplify the life of a person. Today, manufacturers are very actively engaged in improving irons – devices without which it is impossible to submit. Leading positions occupy vertical steam generators and steam cleaners, as well as sweeps.

In this article, let us talk about these household appliances, their advantages and disadvantages, we define the highest quality models from different manufacturers.


Considering the fact that many housewives choose for home items with the Ferry Ironing Function, you need to deal with each of them separately. This will allow you to understand the difference between the vertical steam generator, the steamer and steam cleaner, the principle of their work, the field of application, the features of each of them.

Steam generator

This is a household appliance that is capable of forming steam in a special tank and serve it into the iron. The steam generator has the following advantages and features:

  • Supply of dry pair+
  • Maximum heating temperature – 160ºС+
  • Heats up for 2 minutes+
  • Suitable for ironing delicate things.

This device is the perfect option for those who are constantly faced with a lot of linen and things for ironing.


Another innovation among household appliances for the house. It consists of a housing, steam hose, water tanks, rings, telescopic tubes, brushes. Vertical steaming is the perfect solution for curtains, furniture, clothes and carpets. It is with the help of this device that can not only be stroking, but also clean up both things and various surfaces.

So you can achieve a much better result for days. All this refers to the peculiarities of the product, but it is worth noting the disadvantage – the steamer takes a lot of space, it is quite overall.

Steam cleaner

This device and manufacturers, and experienced users call the “Chibe of Purity”. The device is designed to disinfect, degrease, flush and iron. The floor cleaner heats up for 8 minutes, manual – after 3 minutes is ready to use. A jet of hot steam it is able to clean from dirt and microorganisms any surfaces – and soft, and solid. As for the ironing of things, then after processing they will look perfect.

Each of the above household appliances is multifunctional and is an indispensable assistant in the house.


Assortment of similar products, which is created for cleaning at home and ironing things, more than diverse and large. Earlier in the article, we talked about the three newest and effective household appliances, with which you can both iron and perform excellent cleaning.

Each of them is divided into several species that may differ in functionality, complete set, efficiency.

Steam generator

  • For clothes – able to completely replace the iron. In addition to ironing clothes, the device can perfectly cope with the removal of dirt on the window.
  • For cleaning – visually very similar to the vacuum cleaner. The cost of the device is quite large, but it is associated with high efficiency, quality of work and multifunctionality.
  • Professional – This is the perfect assistant in the house. Of course, the acquisition of such a “friend” – the pleasure is not cheap, but it is worth it.

Steam generators, depending on the species, may also differ in power, material from which the heating time is made.


  • Manual – Simple and convenient device. Pretty compact, and this is its great advantage, because it is thanks to the size of the device can be taken with you on a trip or a trip. Works from batteries. Designed for ironing a small amount of not very tight linen.
  • Vertical – It happens both cheap and expensive. Cheap sips are pretty primitive. They are easy to manage and are suitable for use at home. But expensive quite another thing – for them is characterized by high power, high efficiency and performance.
  • Professional – Using cleaning companies for harvesting large rooms.
  • 2 in 1 – This is a device that includes the functions of the steamer and steam cleaner. This is a universal mechanism, with which you can perform and clean, and ironing.

Given the experience, customer reviews, we can conclude that Steam station is an ideal purchase that you will never regret, because in one household device combines at least 4 mechanisms.

Steam cleaner

  • Manual – Comfortable and inexpensive household appliance. Suitable for cleaning any surfaces.
  • Compact – characterized by the presence of a fairly volumetric water tank that stands on the floor. Good suitable for ironing curtains, delicate things.
  • In the form of a vacuum cleaner – High power and efficiency. Pretty expensive pleasure, but productive.

Choosing a household appliance of such a plan, you need to take into account the type of work that will be performed, the power of the device, its dimensions.


There are many manufacturers who are manufactured by the manufacture and sale of small household appliances for the house, and each of them claims that it is its products the best. We want to offer you a rating of the best brands and their models with vertical excipation for clothes, shirts and curtains.

Among the manufacturers of steam cleaners I would like to note:

  • Karcher – Despite the fact that the company’s range is large, special attention is deserved by the SI 4 EasyFix Premium model+
  • MIE – STIIRO PRO LUXE uses among consumers with the greatest demand+
  • GRANT MASTER – It is worth noting and pay attention to the GM S205 Professional model with a vertical hanger.

Vertical steamers of such brands are most popular:

  • Tefal+
  • Grand Master+
  • Philips+

Each of the above manufacturers – Master of his case. Products high quality, reliable and durable. Would like to note TEFAL IXEO QT 1020EO, GM – A900 from the company Grand Master, GC 557/30 Comfort Tuch from the manufacturer Philips and KITSOFT KT 915.

The most effective are steam generators from companies:

  • Rowenta+
  • Bosch+
  • Tefal+
  • Mie Vapore.

In demand uses patterns of steam generators Silence Steam DG8985 from Rowenta. Bosch manufacturer interested the consumer model TDS 4070 EASYCOMFORT, TEFAL – LIBERTY SV 7020.

How to use?

As for the rules of application and some kind of general instruction, this does not happen. Every household device unique. Its work technology, technical parameters are different from each other. If you want your “home assistant” to serve as long as possible, be sure to read the instructions or when you purchase consultement with the consultant seller.

A good manufacturer specifies information on how to use the device. Even if you have already been, for example, the steam generator, and you can use it, but bought a new model, do not rush – read the instructions. And remember: If the device fails because it was incorrectly operated, no warranty of speech can be.

In the next video you will find a brief overview of the vertical palaris POLARIS PGS 2230VA.

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