A variety of plates of plates

A variety of plates of plates

Among the whole diversity of kitchen cutlery, I would like to separately talk about plates. They are an integral attribute of each kitchen, take part in many processes. All dishes are served on the kitchen table on plates, all of them eat, and, of course, some prefer to solve conflict and controversial situations using this table appliance.

Assortment and selection of plates on the modern dishware market is quite diverse and large. They may differ in form, capacity, design design. A wide selection makes it possible to purchase many different products for the kitchen, because their a priori must be a lot. In this article, you will get acquainted in more detail with a variety and abundance of plates of plates.


Each kitchen has different food tanks, but not everyone can say for sure how they are called and for what are used.

So, there are the following types of plates.

  • Canteen. Most often it is oval or round in shape, hot dishes are served in it. Such capacity is deep, the diameter of which is 20-24 cm, the first dishes are served in it, and a small, diameter of 27-32 cm, serves second dishes.
  • Saladian, which can be a portion or general. It is designed for both salads and solvents and fresh vegetables.
  • Snacking. In size can be big or standard. In the first, with a diameter of 26-31 cm, meat or sweet dishes with sauces are served. The standard is designed for hot snacks, cheese or sausage cuts, its size is not more than 20 cm.
  • Dish. The form of this plate may be the most different. In it “present” fish, meat, game, canapes. Standard Size – 40-45 cm.
  • Pile. Presented in the form of a cup without a handle. In this container, you can submit anything.
  • Dessert. Fruits or desserts are served in this dish. It is small and deep, and its size does not exceed 20 cm. Most often it is a flat plate on which even a cake can be accomplished without problems.
  • Bread. The size is 16-18 cm, designed for flour products and oil.
  • Fish. This plate has an elongated, similar to oval form. Its length is 33-37 cm, width – 23-26 cm.
  • Selenic. In this utensils are served on the table of herring, canned fish, horse racing. She is very similar to the fish plate, but larger.
  • Soup. Quite spacious capacity – 250-500 cm³. Designed for soups, porridge, muesli.
  • Boulevard. This is a bowl with pen feed. It has a fairly large capacity – 350-400 cm³.
  • With a deep bottom. It is used for pasta and various second dishes.
  • Serving – put under another plate. That is, she takes part in the table serving as a stand.

Variety of shapes

Plates – this is the element of the kitchen that was always present. But if earlier in the kitchen it was possible to observe only round dishes of various diameters, then today the range of forms really surprises and amazes. A large selection is due to the presence of new materials, technologies, equipment, unlimited possibilities.

The most popular forms are:

  • a circle+
  • square+
  • oval+
  • rectangle.

The above configurations are considered standard – they no longer surprise anyone. But there are rather original options that will definitely remain unnoticed:

  • Bowl “Evangilion”+
  • Apple-Jumping Capacity+
  • Dish in the form of a cartoon character+
  • Pizza utensils+
  • Keyboard capacity+
  • Capacity in the form of sharks, floral bud, clouds, bottles.

You can list the original forms of kitchenware to infinity, and visiting the shop of the dishes, you can choose exactly the container that is necessary.

Subtleties of choice

To choose from kitchen accessories to approach. Be sure to take into account that a plate is a disherent, which is very often used, so it must be, first of all, high-quality and harmless.

There are certain criteria for selecting plates that should be adhered to by choosing a container for receiving and feeding food. Defining factors and criteria are presented below.


Raw materials from which the dishes are made – the most important. Each material gives products special properties and characteristics.

  • Porcelain. Today, porcelain plates are considered a luxury element. It is also worth noting that the implantation is familiar to definition of porcelain dishes is the weight – it is pretty weighty. The cost of the dishes from the porcelain is quite high.
  • Clay. Ceramic plates are very high quality and durable, but heavy.
  • Faience. This is another popular material for the production of dining room. Faience dishes, compared to porcelain, not so durable, but quite comfortable and high quality. It is easy for her to care, and its appearance is very attractive. It is worth remembering that such a plate is different fragility.
  • Wood. Wooden dishes were in the go many centuries ago, but remains popular and today. It is considered the most eco-friendly and unusual. Big and, perhaps, its main disadvantage is a tendency to absorb all odors, so it needs to be very thoroughly washed.
  • Glass. Glass plates – Some of the most popular today. They can be seen at each kitchen. Can be of a wide variety of sizes. Their great advantage is the possibility of using in a microwave oven.

Also on the market represented also plastic plates, which are most often used as disposable dishes.

Color spectrum

Determining with coloring dishes, today most people are focused on the design of the kitchen itself. If the designer repair is performed in the room and there is a certain style, then you need to pick up such dishes that will be as follows under the general atmosphere.

It is also necessary to take into account the effect of color on the well-being, the mood of the person who in contact with the dishes. Bright shades are able to awaken appetite, lift the mood. Popular dishes are considered a red color, and white carries calm and harmony.

Geometric forms

Choosing a plate on this criterion, first of all repel from practicality and ease of use. Of course, you can talk to a few unusual tanks to raise the mood, but in most cases everyone buys standard options. The most popular are Square plates, rectangular, oval.


It is also an important choice criterion. Manufacturers of dishes for the kitchen today a huge amount. They differ in the quality of manufactured products, which can be judged by looking at the price. Good and durable utensils can cost cheap, like any other thing.

The leader in the production of dishes today is China.

About what kind of types of plates are looking in the following video.

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