All about children’s silver cutlery devices

All about children's silver cutlery devices

Children’s silver spoon – a great gift to the baby and parents for christening, “on the teeth” and the birthday itself. Silver has antimicrobial effects and safe for infant. Such a spoon can not only feed the child, but also to disinfect water, lowering it into the mug.

Roots tradition

Usually a silver spoon is presented to a child when the first tooth is cut. It is believed that if the child is knocking a spoon on the tooth and wish health, wealth and well-being, then they will definitely come true. According to the mystical version, such a spoon becomes charm for a child for life. In the royal times it was customary to give the child dessert spoons when entering school or gymnasium and dining room when issuing from an educational institution.

According to another version, the child is heavily weakened in the period of teething tooth. Such a spoon becomes a protective guard. And from the position of Christianity, the silver spoon was one of the gifts of the Magi of the baby Christ.

From the practical side, silver has a number of useful properties. It disinfects water and food, saturates useful ions, non-toxic and safe. The teething itself coincides with the period of administration of feeding. In ancient times, sanitary conditions were worse, and silver reduced the risk of picking up an intestinal infection. In addition, this gift will remain with the baby, as a memory. Toys break, go out of age, money can be spent not as an appointment, but a spoon will be restored to remind a donorite, perhaps will become a family relic.

According to the tradition, the silver spoon “on the teeth” must give the godfare parents.

Also present a gift can a person who first noticed a breaking tooth. Often these are parents, grandparents or other close relatives.

Dimensions of children’s spa

  • Baby spoons have some characteristics that need to be considered when choosing.
  • On average, the length of the spoon is 12-14 cm, and the mass of 10-20 grams. For a child 3-5 years old it is better to choose a spoonful of more, 14-16 cm long. The scream should be rounded, without sharp edges, deep enough to eat soup, but at the same time comfortable. For a child, a tea room will come up to a year, from year to year – dessert.
  • Separate attention to the handle. It is better to choose a relief, smooth can slip out of the hands. Cuttings should be thick enough because the child can shove him in his mouth. Here the design can be absolutely any. A spoon can have an unusual shape, with a carved ornament, to be made in the form of some animal, often bears, decorated with ornament and engraving. Bright drawing from enamel additionally attract the attention of the baby, making the feeding process more interesting. But enamel should only be on the handle! Silver blue also looks beautiful and will not harm.
  • In this case, the decor of the handle should not be massive. It is important to understand that the needs of the child, the instrument skills with the device differ from the adult. He only has to learn everything. A spoon must be comfortable. Too massive handle can outweigh, and the bulk decor detect ergonomics.
  • Make a gift special can engraving. You can specify the date of birth, the growth and weight of the newborn or write a memorable greeting-wish. The spoon itself can be ordered at the jeweler. The time of execution of the order usually ranges from a week to three. But such a gift will be exclusive. In addition to the spoon, you can give a set, for example, adding a plug or a mug to a spoon.
  • The cost of the product depends on the mass of spoon, samples and design. For beauty on the spoon handle, gold spraying can be applied, which will make the product even more expensive. In any case, a spoon of silver – the cheapest pleasure. However, a children’s cutlery is not the case when you can save to the detriment of quality and security.

How to choose?

Silver cutlery are household and souvenirs. The latter cannot be used in everyday life, as they may have additional impurities and alloys, harmful to health if they fall inside the body. For example, various spraying from rhodium, special varnish, wax or enamel for preserving beauty and glitter. Such protection perfectly saves from mechanical damage, oxidation, but for meals, these products are absolutely unsuitable. They serve only decoration. For a gift, you should find a household cutlery, having a hygienic certificate.

Under the type of silver can sell products with spraying. This device should stand the factory stamp with 925 or 999 breakdown. It is cut with a laser and should be clearly visible. Than the sample above, the less impurities in the metal is present, it will not be dark. In Russia, USA and Europe, a warranty certificate is attached to the dining instruments. Cheapest silver devices are produced in China, Turkey and India. The quality of such products may be dubious. Therefore, before buying, it is necessary to ask the seller to present a hygienic certificate.

    If antiques are purchased, it is important to explore which stimples put the masters of that time. Availability of documents confirming authenticity is welcome.

    Next, you need to pay attention to the shape and convenience of a spoon and fork. If the device is inconvenient in hand, it will be difficult to use it. Especially attention to the flap spoon. It comes into contact with the mouth of the child, so the spraying is extremely undesirable. On the handle you can, on the sneak itself – no. There should also be any filigree elements that may be caused by a child’s injury. Sometimes silver spoons are covered with gold. It looks beautiful, but such a spraying completely blocks the action of silver. From the point of view of use, let the spoon be easier, but it is more useful and safer for the baby.

    Naturally, the product from pure silver is expensive. You can find a more fiscal option when the scream is covered with galvanic silver spraying of high quality. Such a device is also safe for the baby.

    Look at the silver spoon “on the first tooth” can be further.

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