All about corkscrews

All about corkscrews

Corkscrew needed to people when the wine began to distribute not by barrels, but bottles. Today, wines are clocked in a different way, and you can find corks on sale, constructively different from each other. What models are, and how to choose them, tell me in this article.

What it is?

Corkscrew is a screw design with a handle or ring at the end designed to pull out the plugs of bottles. Many of him and call it – “Sampler”.

Sommelier in the restaurant tells the guest about the fault and with the help of a special device opens a bottle. At this time, the vessel must be rotated the label to the customer. Old wine sculpt only on the table to ask the sediment.

A young drink can be opened on the weight and on the table, the method of extracting the tube from the bottle does not reflect on its transparency.

History of origin

Our ancestors made wine kept in barrels. To this day, in addition to bottled bottling, a mustache storage method is applied. When there were no bottles, the wine was fed to the table in large jugs, and then dropped into portion containers.

From the XVII century, wine trade was widespread. Glass bottles began to apply, in the neck of which stacked pieces of material from cork tree. Open such containers was a big problem.

In 1681, the device “Steel Worm” began to use bottles. It was invented on the basis of a rozness – a screw product for the removal of flies of firearms. Pretty quickly it got a name that has come down to this day, – “Wine Screw”. For the next 100 years, the invention has become the only device that allows you to remove the tubes from bottles. During this time, the corkscrew gained widespread, he firmly entered each house and became an integral part of the kitchen utensils.

The first patent belonging to the improvement of the wine screw was issued by Professor Oxford University Samuel Henshell in 1795. He added to the spiral limiter in the form of a metal disk. This emphasis facilitated the scope of bottles. In 1860 m. Byrnu issued a patent on a T-shaped corkscrew with a wooden handle.

Since then, 350 patents have been issued on cutting standards. In 1883, the German inventor of Karl Vinca patented a sommelier knife, the so-called professional corkscrew of the waiter, without which there is no restaurant today. It easily opens short and long plugs, compactly folds, placed in his pocket.

In 1979, at the request of his wife, Herbert Allen invented the most convenient corkscrew, covering the metal screw by Teflon layer. He called his invention – screwpull. The tool is absolutely safe, and does not require any effort. These qualities especially appreciated women, because with it easily and without injuries are opening any wine bottles. The only drawback of the corkscrew is its dimensions. Such a tool will not put in your pocket, so we use it conveniently at home or in the bar, and for guests’ service in the halls of cafes and restaurants, waiters are still used by the folding knife sommelo.

Nowadays it is easy to buy any device for opening wine, even the most original. But an unusual, antique copy can be found only in the arsenal of collectors. Recently in the south of France in the Provence region in the city of Mener, a museum of the Corkscrew. The exposition got more than a thousand ancient samples, the earliest of which belong to the XVII century, and the most expensive – by the time of Louis XVIII.

Description of species

The desire to make a corkscrew, opening a bottle with the smallest effort, led to the invention of different product options, many of which are not related to the historical screw. For example, a pneumatic corkscrew pump or a tool that runs on electricity does not use the screw molding method.

For comfortable use in household conditions, corkscrews began to invent all sorts of pleasant auxiliary little things: large products have purchased a wall-mounted character, small used in the form of talking keyfobs.

In addition to a simple design, you can highlight a self-made corkscrew. Such mechanical species include several options.

  • Lever wine – which allows you to pull the plug using the efforts of a simple lever. The famous knives sommelier belong to this kind.

  • Rotary wine – He independently screwed into a plug and extracts it in the way back discerning. An example of this species – tool Herbert Allen.

  • Corkscrew for champagne – The design has a rod with a flat hollow channel, through which gas is given out of the bottle, preventing “shot”, after which the plug is easily removed.

For clarity, we will focus more on different types of devices for scolding wine bottles.


The model is made on the basis of an antique Corkscrew “Steel Worm”. She uncomfortable, Requires effort. During entry into the material, it crumble him, taking wine. Tight tube can break, and then pull it very difficult. Despite the shortcomings, The traditional corkscrew is of great popularity due to its low cost, it can be found in fact in every home.

If the wine is acquired from the case of the case, drinks on holidays, it makes no sense to pay for the expensive mechanism.

To open a bottle with a classic way, you need to clean the cork from the shell, and screw in it helix. Slightly overwhelming the plug, you need to pull on yourself with effort (without disulfing) cutting handle.


The model is called the Charlem de Galer. Entering the plug, the screw gradually raises the levers up, and the design begins to be like a butterfly with straightened wings. Workflow passes without effort. But if the plug sits deeply, the corkscrew will not cope with the task.

Opens wine in the following way. Corkscrews with directional levers set on a plug. Holding the bottle, screwed a bouwn with a handle. At this time, the wings gradually rise when they occupy the maximum position, both levers are simultaneously lowered down, removing the bottle tube.


A simple device that contains a bull, handle and focus. To open the bottle, the sting of the screw is installed in the cork center, and begin to screw the corkscrew. He must not get to the end, and save a small gap between the cork and handle. The handle is clamped in the fist so that the top of the screw is between compressed fingers. Holding a bottle tightly, slowly take out the plug.

The procedure does not require much effort, only the skill is needed.

“Knife Sommelier”

Sommelier – French Word, so called restaurant workers responsible for the wine list, tasting, clarifying information and competent feed. One of the types of corkscrew contains all the professional qualities needed to work with wine in the restaurant, so it is called “Sommelier knife”. With this device, the bottle opens easily and beautifully, the cork will not crumble into the drink. The tool after use is quick and compactly folded, it becomes absolutely safe and freely hiding in your pocket.

The design consists of a screw, two stops, miniature blades for freeing the neck from the capsule. Cork removed silently without creating expected cotton.

To open the wine, you need to set the tip of the brief to the center of the traffic jam and once to scroll. Next, the screw is screwed up by means of a handle, it must be vertically, without creating distortion. It is necessary to stop the movement at that moment, which will allow the last turn to remain free. Having installed the first jar on the neck of the bottle, with the help of the handle lifting the cover. After repeating the same actions with the second jar, the cover easily leaves the wine.


The device is Vacuum self-drawing pump, which instead of a screw contains a needle to download air in a bottle. Cork opens under great pressure without much effort. Restaurants do not use this corkscrew, as the air changes the taste of drink. Especially it is not recommended to open up the expensive vintage wines.

Using a corkscrew is easy: with a tiny knife, mounted in the cap, cut off the protective capsule. The plug is completely pushing the needle. Then 5-6 times pour the piston of the corkscrew, after which the cork freely comes out of the bottle.


The device is indispensable for old wine when the capping material from time starts to collapse. This is the only corkscrew that is not included in the traffic center and does not deform it. The gypsy device consists of two long plates inserting around the edges of the bottle, as if hugging a plug on both sides and removing it without disorders. This type of corkscrew was also called the “friend of the butler” – he allowed the servants to enjoy wine in the absence of the owners, then turn the bottle of intact cork again.

The device is used as follows: Insert the blade between the wall of the bottle and the plug, gently pressed, entering the plate completely into the vessel. Then rotate the design while the plug does not leave the bottle.


This is the most convenient tool to remove the tube from the bottle, as no effort must be done, everything is done automatically. You should only install a fixture on the bottle and click the Down button. The screw will automatically start screwed. It is necessary to stop the device before the plug breaks, otherwise its fragments can get into wine. Then click the “Up” button, and after a moment, the wine is already open.

The disadvantage of the corkscrew is its dependence on batteries that can be conventional batteries or batteries. The design is easy to charge, many have a Micro USB connector, and the charge is enough for many hundred bottles.

The electric corkscrew runs 4 times faster than usual, so it is often used in restaurants.

Today manufacturers produce a large number of species of all kinds of corkscrews, sets and single options are offered. In abundance of tools you can get confused and confused. To help with the choice, we have prepared the rating of the most popular models of wine porks.


Reliable, inexpensive and durable metal corkscrew with wooden inserts on the handle. Represents a simple folding structure of standard sizes with a weight of 150 g. He has a sharp blade, high-quality screw, withstanding a large load, a beautiful gift packaging.

Xiaomi Huo Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Elegant electrical model, looks like a black tube, can free access to the guilt in just 6 seconds. Pleasant to the touch plastic has a solid shockproof structure. The product is equipped with a powerful mechanism, contains a knife for removing the capsule film.

The device not only opens, but also closes the plugs, it is enough to install over the neck and press the button. During closing, a red warning indicator works. The device is installed battery, the power of which is enough for 70 bottles, then it should be charged. Functions Fast charging enough for dozens of products.

Legnoart Roero WF-5

Italian construction, designed to withdraw soft traffic jams. Made of steel with cork tree elements. For the release of a protective film on the bottle there is an auxiliary knife. The folded product has a length of 16 cm, packed in a beautiful box.

Cork Pops Legacy

One of the best pumping devices, quickly gaining popularity among lovers of good wine and professionals, restaurants workers. The product has a stylish appearance, a black rubberized shell does not slide during the working point. The device opens all types of traffic jams.

Rabbit Electric Corkscrew

Electronic Corkscrew without effort removes a plug. Included a knife for freeing the neck from the packaging film. Durable matte coating at the top of the device and chrome-plated metal at the bottom look like spectacular. The model is resistant to mechanical effects, prevents sliding, has a strong spiral with a special coating that extends the operational period.

Berghoff Essentials

Electrical plastic corkscrew silver color, equipped with a comfortable stand for vertical storage and a knife for removing the capsule with a bottle neck. The device with a length of 28 cm has a diameter of 5.5 cm, can open the plugs of different sizes. Battery operation is designed for 60 bottles. The device is endowed with a strong motor, durable case and stylish design.

Mathus Black, Peugeot Vin

Gypsy corkscrew, designed for wines with high exposure, can get even destroyed traffic jams. It does not screw in the capping material, and worst it from two sides and carefully removes. The product copes well with modern traffic jams.

Arcos Kitchen Gadgets 604900

Electric Spanish model, endowed with a pleasant backlight, beautiful design. Internal parts are made of alloy with zinc adding, and external – made of steel and plastic. The indicator with the red light reports to twist the plug, and with blue – about twisting. Battery works from one charge enough for 50 bottles. The model is complemented by a stand with a blade.


Lever corkscrew in black plastic housing with red cutter over device. The knife is protected and simultaneously performs the functions of the handle. Device size – 17 cm, lifts a plug for 4 cm. The big advantage of this type of product is the durable steel spiral with teflon coating, contributing to light and fast screwing. Product Compact, durable and durable, has light weight.

Child Nuances

Before choosing a corkscrew, you should know, why it is needed, and in what conditions will be in demand. Perhaps someone is looking for a beautiful gift, or buying is done for work, for home. If, due to its activities, it is often necessary to open wine, choose a sommelier knife or an electrical option. Working at the bar, except for the named devices, you can purchase a dimensional, but very convenient Corkscrew screwpull.

For home conditions with hospitable owners or wine connoisseurs, it is better to get a better electrical model or screwpull. Collectors of old wines can not do without a gypsy corkscrew.

Who can be alcohol in the house, may not invest in a little used object, but buy a classic screw or butterfly.

When buying, you need to pay attention to a number of nuances.

  • Metal. The product should be chrome steel. Who is ready to overpay, can choose a more comfortable model with teflon coating, it will not crush the plug when removing it from the bottle.
  • Screw. Preference should be given to the Middle Thickness Brasser. The fine version in a dense traffic jam can be deformed, the thick born crumble closures.
  • Sharpecker. It is necessary to pay attention to the sting of the screw, it should be sharp and thin, that is, well honed.
  • Lever. More comfortable to work with a wooden handle, it is tactile pleasant and does not slide. Do not slide and rubber alloys, but the metal has problems with it, you should choose corrugated options. In addition, the more convenient the holder sits in his hand, the less effort will have to be made in the process of scolding the bottle.

A good corkscrew should be durable, have a presentable look, to work silently, not to exhibit outsiders. When buying pay attention to details, it will help choose a convenient and durable device.

Interesting Facts

Corkscrew over long years of existence gathered around his “person” many interesting facts, we suggest familiarizing yourself with some of them.

  • Famous collector D. Point stores more than 4000 devices for scolding wine bottles. He published weighty work – “Big corkscrew book”, in which assembled a lot of interesting material on this topic.

  • Corkscar-butterfly call more “Charlem de Galember”. The famous French general had a habit during greetings widely throws up his hands, which gave him similarity with a common type of corkscrew.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte was a big fan of good wines, he advised to take a drink and his soldiers. To do this, issued an order, obliging each soldier wearing a corkscrew.

  • Some vintage corkscrews for champagne had a special dispenser – Tube with a crane screwed into a plug. Thanks to him, it was possible to try a drink before offering his dear guest.

  • In Milan in 1877 opened Club Collector Collectors.

  • The most expensive wines are purchased At Christie’s auction, which is organized for collectors twice a year. In 1997, a silver product of the XVIII century was acquired, for which 30 thousand dollars paid, as well as the 1442 corkscrew for $ 30,260.

  • In 1979, for his SCREWPULL corkscrew (“Screw + Tract”) Herbert Allen Associated the title “US inventor”. He came up with the cover of the metal Teflon, significantly reducing the friction coefficient, which made the device with the fastest and easiest among all available.

  • In 1995, the Guinness Book of Records was listed Opening eight bottles in just a minute Corkscrew Elegance. Record put in Orleans in the gastronomic salon.

  • Rob Higgs manufactured the overall and heavy corkscrew in the world. Its length was 150 cm, height – 165 cm, weight – 350 kg. The mechanical device was created from parts of old sewing machines, bells, fishing devices. It was enough to rotate the mechanism so that the device dismissed the bottle from the plug and pouring wine on the glasses.

Corkscrew – not the most necessary thing in the house, but he actually has every. Who seriously approached his choice, will not have problems when sculpting wine bottles. The rest will have to work, before you remove the plug and access the welcome drink.

What kinds of corkscrews exist, look in the following video.

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