All about Kamille thermos

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All about Kamille thermos

Hiking, during a trip to nature, during the sports competitions can not do without additional accessories, such as thermos. Among the many factories producing dishes, supporting the temperature of the drinks and food, the Kamille manufacturer, offering stylish, safe and compact thermal structures for adults and children. To properly select the thermos, it is enough to navigate in its features and characteristics.


Kamille thermos is indispensable for tourists and athletes, as well as for people who love to travel. The thermocouples perfectly supports the necessary temperature, and also does not take up much space in a backpack or bag. Each model is made in stylish design, convenient to use and practical.

Along with standard parameters, Kamille Polish thermoses have characteristic features.

  • Hypoallergenicity and environmental friendliness. In the manufacture of thermoses, safe materials are used for health – food plastic, stainless steel, tempered glass.
  • Saving temperature for a long time. On average, thermos keeps the temperature of 6-8 hours, regardless of whether the cold is or warm.
  • High class of tightness, thanks to which drinks are not spilled out of thermos. Tightness provide a tightly closing cap and traffic jam.
  • Excellent degree of wear resistance. Due to the high level of assembly and the use of first-class materials, thermos will serve for a long time.
  • Equipment with additional details – Anti-slip rubberized inserts, comfortable handles, straps, temperature sensors, auxiliary capacitances.
  • Easy care. Most components of thermos are allowed to wash in the dishwasher.

In addition, the manufacturer offers a wide range of the thermal structures of the most different capacity.

The lineup

The range of Polish factory is quite large, so every buyer will be able to choose a practical and convenient thermal view – from a baby thermos with handles to a flask for food with an increased volume. All products offered by the manufacturer are divided into several categories.

  • Children’s thermos. These are compact models from hypoallergenic materials with 100% tightness. As a rule, they are equipped with removable valves, rubberized inserts, straps and handles. Colorful drawings and patterns are applied as decor. The series includes a capacity of 300, 330, 450 and 500 ml.

  • Food thermos. The series includes plastic and metal structures of different capacity – 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1400 and 2000 ml. Most models are equipped with additional tanks, spoons, forks.

  • Model with glass flask. These are stylish and practical models equipped with an additional cup. Flask made of durable glass. The most popular is the thermos of 1 liter. Maintaining temperature – 8-11 hours.

  • Design with temperature sensor. New models equipped with a temperature indicator and a pitchfork. Almost all designs are made of stainless steel.

  • Sport model – a thermos-bottle. For active people, a sporty-style design has been developed equipped with a drinking lid.

  • Drinking / Classic Option. These are the most popular designs that can always be used. The volume can be different – from 300 to 1500 ml.

For a large company on vacation will be an indispensable thermos-conference with increased volume, equipped with additional elements.

Review reviews

Thermal Fabricity of the Polish Factory Kamille has long taken a worthy place in this market segment. Almost all buyers note the duration of maintenance of temperature – 6-11 hours, as well as tightness of products.

Young mothers are delighted with children’s models presented in colorful designs that are comfortable, safe and practically weightless. Some users focus on the presence of anti-slip inserts and a wide selection of auxiliary elements. These are cups, spoons, forks and t.D.

The only drawback, according to individual buyers, is the overestimated cost of products.

Below is an overview of Kamille thermos.

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