All about stainless steel cutlengths

All about stainless steel cutlengths

Starting from ancient times, the life of people changed from year to year, labor tools, household items, dining utensils and, of course, kitchenware, especially cutlery. Now you will not find at home where there is no spoon or stainless steel plug, because it is the necessary thing for each family. Let’s try to deepen your knowledge about this issue, understand the concept of “stainless steel”, share how to use cutlery, and how to clean them.

A bit of history

In 1932, the German company WMF invented a special steel, chromium and nickel alloy. Metals were used in certain proportions. The compound had 18 pieces of chromium and 10 parts of nickel. The company formally fixed this composition, and he got a name CROMARGAN Either alloy 18/10. From this alloy the company WMF and started to produce cutlery.

It was a breakthrough in the manufacture of kitchen utensils: the metal attached products from the stainless steel of the characteristic shine, did not allow rust. Despite progress, this particular composition is the best option for the manufacture of kitchen products. Stainless steel spoons and plugs have a silver shade and hygienic when used.

Such stainless steel devices are convenient to use, as they have a small thermal conductivity, and by using hot food, it is eliminated by the probability of burning.

Installation of devices

A set of stainless steel cutlery is usually designed for 6 people, while it consists of 24 items. Naturally, for the solemn and stylish table setting of these devices is not enough, and they are supplemented with salad couples, a halter to distinguish between the first dish, a fork for cutting meat or fish, a knife and a shovel for a cake. Additional devices are customary to buy in a single design style with the same designer solutions.

Manufacturers always go towards buyers. Stainless steel serving devices are made quickly, easily, as the alloy is able to take various forms without losing the strength. The lack of acquisition of additional devices is that it is not possible to immediately choose serving items in the desired design, they are executed to order. But the collected collection can serve you for about 25 years, and please you and your loved ones and form. Firms and companies engaged in the manufacture of stainless steel products often use additional decoration:

  • Silver spraying+

  • Finishing gilding+

  • Artistic painting.

The transformed goods look much more expensive, and you are purchased.

Coloring and shapes

As a rule, standard devices are completely silver, but sometimes you can meet and truly designer artwork. Such sets are suitable for those who have a multi-colored kitchen and want to highlight its brightness and saturation.

For example, color handles may be present in stainless steel products, the color of them is any: yellow, red, blue and many others. If the instruments are bought by a set, then the manufacturer packs the goods using beautifully decorated leather, metal, velvet case. In the children’s series, the forks and spoons are bright and interesting, complement with color inserts and drawings.

During the choice of stainless steel items, you need to pay attention to the convenience of using the device. The length of the handle of the spoon should not be too long, and the depth is shallow, you should be comfortable and nice to eat.

Many manufacturers are keen on the manufacture of spoons, forks and knives of bizarre form, but these devices are impractical, they do not share in demand. These cutlery are not particularly popular, which on the handles are overly decorated with stucco. Usually, It will be better to choose a handle with drawings, a small ornament or smoothly polished.

When buying cutlery, take them in your hands, and if you comfortably use a knife and fork, boldly buy products.

Heads Rating for the Production of Cutlery Stainless Steel Germany.

  • Wilkens More than 200 years is fond of production and design of kitchen items. Manufacturing prestigious dining equipment from high quality steel. This company is known for the whole world.

  • WMF For the manufacture of elite cutlery applies a patented alloy CROMARGAN 18/10. Products of this company features impeccable quality, produced goods in Germany, on their own factories. Many collections are awarded for designer design.

  • In the German “Heart” of the manufacture of knives, the city of Solingen (Solingen), There is a company Wuesthof, which leads its activities since 1814. Knives, having a sign of this city, throughout the centuries enjoy world recognition. In addition, the devices called Solingen – one of the best.

Italy is famous for its hospitality, so noisy feast of relatives, friends are accompanied by high-quality table serving and diverse dishes. Italian Masters sincerversion occupy a leading position in the production of forks, knives and spoons.

Italian company EME – manufacturer of service items of the highest class. Specializes in the manufacture of service items for kitchens and restaurants, is among the top ten firms favorites that flourish in this business.

A distinctive feature is that the products are made from high-quality stainless steel, last time saves gloss, elegance, novelty.

But the creation of table items for serving the table in the Czech Republic has its own chronicle. You can not serve a solemn event without high-quality table items and other attributes made in the Czech Republic In the company “Nadoba” (Nadoba). These products are popular in Europe and beyond its limits, have a wonderful reputation, and at the moment are safely advanced on a large consumer market.

Domestic metallurgical factories produce excellent and modern dining rooms of different designs. Among the manufacturers of Russia are more popular considered “Numbness”, “Pavlovo”. Important cultural and historical significance has “Pavlovsky Art Metal Plant”. The main goal of the plant is to deliver the joy of a beautifully serviced table and enjoy the use of instruments.

The plant began to function in 1890, and during which time deservedly received not one award, respect for competitors in the market and the commitment of customer customers. Products meet the GOST, are made from environmental materials, withstand safety tests and comfort.

How to care?

Instruments from stainless steel do not need complex care: they are allowed to wash in a dishwasher with gel-like detergent.

In case the devices are very polluted, and especially the instruments with a complex decor and small tea spoons, they are soaked in hot water with soap or food soda, and boil about 20 minutes. After some time, the plane of spoons and the forks can be absorbed by a soft brush, especially between the teeth.

If your cutlery darkened, you need to soak them For 10 minutes in chlorine-containing aqueous solution: Approximately 1/4 cup of bleach for three liters of water. After that, rinse well in flowing cool water and dry.

To remove old pollution on the cutlery devices, you need to mix the food salt and liquid soap to the state of the paste. An old toothbrush rub the contaminated places of devices and rinse with flowing cold water. If the contamination did not delete completely, moisten the brush in vinegar and graze dirty places. After rinse and wipe dry.

Store spoons, knives, forks need in separate boxes, especially for knives. Thus, the devices will not get children, which will avoid injury, and also the dishes itself will retain its original appearance.

About how to clean the dishes from stainless steel in 5 minutes, see the following video.

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