All you need to know about the stationery knives

All you need to know about the stationery knives

The stationery knife is a very useful thing in any farm, it not only to make practical benefits, but also helps to create real masterpieces. This tool is essentially a small device that is easy and convenient to carry. In addition, it is possible to replace the blade without much difficulty if the previous one has become unusable.

The stationery knife was once invented in order to use it for cutting paper. However, the more time passes, the wider the scope of application of this wonderful device becomes.

A bit of history

If we talk about when and why these knives appear, you can note a few interesting facts.

For example, the initial use of this device was the opening of envelopes with letters. In those times, when most of humanity communicated remotely with the help of paper messages, there was not enough thin and sharp knife for convenient removal of the letter from the envelope.

When such appeared, the holistic design of such a knife was not devoid of deficiencies. He was a sharp and subtle blade, but the problem began when it was tupped – how to sharpen it as perfectly evenly and functionally, it was strongly incomprehensible.

In the middle of the twentieth century, one Japanese inventor decided that it would be more correct to make the blade removable. To date, if there is such a stationery knife, you can easily calm the faded piece, replace it and continue to continue working with new and sharp.

The idea was embodied in production and was so accepted by users with a bang that the inventor even created the OLFA company that produced the stationery knives.

Features and advantages

About the convenience of this device can be spent very long, comparing it with older large brethren. But for each tool, there is its own niche, the stationery knife was tight in his.

  • It does not require sharpening, you can buy it once and use for a very long time, just changing the blade in need. It got rid of owners from the need for additional one with service.
  • Undoubtedly, one of the main features of modern execution is the ability to adjust the length of the working part. Holding behind a plastic or even a wooden handle, you can independently push the tool to the required length to use it as efficiently as possible.
  • Wide scope of application. Once upon a time it, indeed, stored in the table box to open envelopes with it. But today you can cut off this knife wallpaper, clean the wire, modify some kind of sculpture element or apply for any designer solution.


Initially, there was only one species – classic. But over time, it began to produce many variations of stationery knives that correspond to the needs of users.

The handles of such tools are made from various materials, the blades are also different. In addition to these differences, the cutting element can be wide or narrow. Different width allows you to diversify the use scripts.

It is worth noting that the knife with a plastic handle costs cheaper. But the strength of the construction leaves much to be desired. Sometimes the design can simply crack or simply very unpleasant to “peel” in hand, which definitely leaves unpleasant impressions of work. Therefore, experts recommend paying attention to more on metal products.

Such knives are nice heavy in hand, less and less break, safer and more comfortable to use. There are even separate aesthetic options with a wooden case. True, they are more suitable for the interior of an expensive cabinet, but if you like such a thing, then why not. Convenience is no less important than practicality.

What kind of option will be exactly yours depends completely because and how the tool will be used. For example, if your task relates more to repair, and especially with wiring, then you should not choose a knife with a metal handle. Safer will use a wooden or plastic framing.

In the case when working with paper is required, it is implied that this is a reusable and frequently used option. Because the body can have a beautiful shape and coloring, and the tempting itself is incredibly sharp and small.

In addition, in the case of cutting wallpaper or other similar materials, the option with a spinning retainer is perfect. Usually the lock is used flat, and it can be randomly moving during operation. But in the case of the twist, it turns out a more reliable design, because to move the mechanism will need to cope with this twist.

There are also options for daily use at a construction site. These are more professional tools that have a special (usually rubberized) handle and a stronger wide edge.

Since the spectrum of the application of the stationery knives is very wide, then there are different suggestions on this demand. You can choose a tool of a large or small size, with the most different decisions of fixation, as well as with different widths of the island.

There are even small adaptations of the magnitude no more handle. Such a compact version is convenient for wearing with you, and its acuity is perfectly suitable not only for ordinary tasks, but also for cutting photo paper. To date The mini-knife is purchased more and more often, since the larger user is often not needed.

To get even more functions in one cutter, you can purchase an option with pencil sharpener. And in general, you immediately open at once two sharpening options: the blade itself or a special sharpener.

Choice rules

To get the maximum benefit and even pleasure from using a stationery knife, for what it would be needed to you, It is important to pay attention to its blade.

  • Width in 7 mm And less ideal for using a knife for direct purpose, whether it is cutting a thin paper or a pencil sharpener. This option is not suitable for any construction work, it will not even be able to cut the wallpaper correctly from the first time.
  • Topping in 9 millimeters is in principle universal and most frequent occasion, it is just the tool assistant in any area. If you do not have clear preferences regarding the scope of application, it will become an excellent option for you.
  • Wide blade in 18 millimeters width Usually comes in a large rubberized case and perfectly copes not only with wallpaper, but also with wires. Simply put, for repair work, this is a great choice.

To choose a knife individually for yourself, first of all, decide on the field of use, depending on which it is worth paying attention to large or small blades. If this question is already resolved, just take the knife in hand. And if it is comfortable lies, like you feel firmly fixed, it means that this is your choice.

If you want to make a pleasant near person or colleague, you can buy not only a beautiful knife, but also a whole gift set. Often to such a knife there is a stylized set of pencils, handles and other stationery.

Before buying, make a control incision on paper to make sure: the functionality is quite satisfied with.

Specialists recommend not to buy any, even the most convenient and fashionable tool, if there is a metal, except stainless steel. Otherwise for a long time such a product is not enough.

Subtleties of use

The stationery knife has a sharp blade, so when working with it should be careful, observing uncomplicated rules.

  1. To never be injured with a knife, do not cut on weight. Better to do this case calmly and slowly.
  2. Because sharpening there, indeed, sharp, you need to be careful, in order not to hurt.
  3. Do not remove too long in the blade, tighten the lock well, and most importantly, hold the tool firmly in hand.
  4. Sometimes it is necessary to break a piece that has already come into disrepair, and to make it safer, “bit off” everything you need according to the existing drawn line. So you will receive an updated convenient tool that will be a great continuation of your hand in any necessary work.

About how to make a stationery knife, see the following video.

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