Berndes knife overview

Berndes knife overview

Knife – Mandatory attribute in any kitchen. From how comfortable and sharp it, the comfort and speed of cooking, and at the same time the mood of the hostess. Among the large number of brands and models, German manufacturers are very appreciated, including Berndes and their stainless steel products.

Features of Steel

Before the appearance at the beginning of the XIX century, stainless steel knives and other household items did mainly from iron. But this material is very unstable to different external factors and, for example, it is easily covered with rust if the surface did not have time to dry. At the same time, it is very quickly covered by stains, acquiring not the most pleasant view.

Alternatively was sometimes used (and still used) ceramic knives, but they are significantly inferior to metallic in strength. Therefore, the new alloy became a real find and does not lose its popularity so far, because all the following flaws are unusual.

Berndes knives from Germany – this is 3CR13 steel, the composition of which was specifically selected for this kind of products. It is flexible and high strength (even compared to other stainless steel brands). To preserve the quality, apply the appropriate standard that regulates the accurate chemical composition and properties of steel.



This is a standard knife, which is not in vain called universal or multifunctional. It can be used for any culinary experiment, it can replace the missing specialized knife. For too large products, it will be less convenient because of its small sizes, But for vegetables, fruits, bread, oil and much more fit perfectly. His straight blade especially well allows Midh hard vegetables.

With the corresponding care, this model, like other Berndes, retains the sharpening of the blade to several months. These are pretty solid and strong knives, which, among other things, can easily withstand an increased temperature, which is important in kitchen affairs. In addition, they are resistant to household acids and alkalis.

Standard cooking

The dimensions of the cook model may seem unsuitable for cutting thin slices, but it is not. Traditionally, such knives are used for different types of meat, but the cook knife is perfectly suitable for cutting vegetables. For example, it is very convenient for them to cut cabbage, large peppers and T. NS., Therefore, it is worth buying it in your collection, if you often prepare soups or vegetable stew.


The original decision of Japanese engineers in the form of round recesses along the entire length of the blade is not just a designer trick. They allow you to avoid sticking the cut products to the knife. This is especially true when cutting something linded, such as cheese or raw vegetables. Besides, The blade closer to the tip begins to bend, which facilitates the load on the hand when cutting.

Small japanese knife

Small Japanese Satoka has all the same characteristics as his big fellow. The difference lies in the width of the blade, the length of the tip (it is stronger than the round), as well as in the size of the handle. In the event that the holders of large knives are too thick and uncomfortable, you can use this model – it is not inferior in characteristics. And despite the small size, This handle is made of impact-resistant and heat-resistant plastic ABS.

The model is also convenient to use for cutting fish.


Most often in the reviews there is a comfortable handle that is firmly held and does not slide in the hand. Her anatomical form adds comfort to use, and the sharp blade makes the cutting process unauthorized. His acuity was checked by buyers not only on products, but also, for example, on paper, and knives perfectly coped with it.

Sometimes marriage in the form of an uneven edge of the blade. Complaints may touch the sock knives due to their tips, which are not narrowed like most knives. But here it is worth considering the fact that these models are designed for cutting not tip, but the base of the blade.

Also lacking the stand under knives, which would allow them to be stored by the block – the Berndes models are sold only separately.

Berndes Cook Berndes Review Watch in the following video.

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