Ceramic Turks: Description and Use

Ceramic Turks: Description and Use

Connoisseurs of a tasty and fragrant drink called “Coffee”, know exactly what is best to cook in the Turk. Double quality has a direct impact on the taste of this invigorating drink. Turka can be made of a variety of materials. In this article, consider the features of the ceramic Turk, its pros and cons, subtleties of use, as well as nuances of care and storage.


Initially, it is worth determining the terms, because on sale it is found both ceramic and clay jams, and the ceramics is also a kind of clay. Consider in more detail why Turks for coffee made from the same material have a variety of names.

Clay Dzawa is made from the burden, but not glazed clay. Her feature is that it perfectly absorbs smells and oil particles. At the next cooking, new and already acquired flavors are mixed. This feature is appreciated by many connoisseurs of coffee. The “age” of the Turks has a direct impact on its value.

Over the years she makes the aroma of drink everything is richer.

For those who love pure, without any additives, the taste of coffee, and also prefers various varieties, it is perfect for a ceramic jazva. Ceramics does not save smells from previous cooking. It is superbly suitable for cooking coffee with a special aroma. The distinctive feature of the ceramic Turk is that it allows you to prepare a beverage of excellent quality. Due to the wide bottom and thick walls, it heats the drink evenly, which contributes to the disclosure of the exquisite aroma and an amazing taste.

Ceramic jams can be both industrial production and handmade. Manufacturers necessarily give a guarantee on their product. Handmade Turk can have less strength, but its attractive appearance will accurately like each buyer.

Advantages and disadvantages

Ceramics from Ceramics has several advantages.

  • Pretty long heating. Ceramics Turk heats up for a long time, as a result, the coffee drink retains the heat longer. If you remove the Turku from the fire, then the heating of coffee continues for a while. As a result, such coffee is similar to the one that is preparing on the sand.
  • Easiness in care. Turku from ceramics is quite simple to wash, it does not need additional cleaning agents. Do not be afraid to damage the inner walls of the dishes.
  • Ecology. Coffee prepared in ceramic jams is environmentally friendly, because ceramics does not interact with the environment, does not create harmful connections.
  • Refined taste. Coffee cooked in a ceramic turkey is characterized by a clean flavor. Ceramics does not absorb foreign smells and oil particles.

However, the Turk of Ceramics has some drawbacks.

  • Price. If we compare products from ceramics with copper models, then the first will be more expensive. Their price begins on average from 1300 rubles.
  • Fragility. The peculiarity of ceramic dishes is that it is quite simple to smash. It does not withstand shocks, sharp change of temperature modes. After making coffee, you should not wash the Turk immediately, it is necessary to wait for it to complete drying.

Important! Ceramic Turk cooled for a long time, so you should not wait for a foam to climb from coffee. As soon as bubbles are noticed, it is necessary to immediately shoot it from the fire, then the coffee will not “run away”.

Comparison with Turks from other materials

Quite often buyers choose between ceramic and copper turks. To decide which option is best for you, it is worth paying attention to the main differences.

  • Thermal conductivity. Copper jams usually heat up and are so quickly cooled, and ceramic models cannot boast such a feature. If you buy a coffee for making coffee in the sand, then exclusively model copper models.
  • Copper tableware absorbs a variety of odors, so the drink becomes all saturated with each preparation. Many connoisseurs of coffee just rinse the Turku, without careful washing. Since ceramics is covered with icing, it does not absorb odors. If it is important for you. This quality is, then you should purchase a Turk of copper or non-ostently clay.
  • According to the cost of the product from ceramics cost more, What copper models. On average, the price differs by 40-50%, although everything is possible and all 100%.
  • Reliability when choosing a jama is very important. So, if your dishes often fall out of the hands, it is better to purchase a copper version, because ceramics will definitely break away from impact.

As known, Porcelain is one of the varieties of ceramics. It is obtained due to the combination of shallow clay with various unorganic type compounds, then this mixture is amenable to burning at quite high temperatures. Porcelain Turk has an attractive appearance, natural origin, not afraid of high temperatures, and, due to uniform heating, allows you to fully disclose the aroma of coffee.

The glazed model does not absorb smells and oils, so it does not require careful wash.

How to use it?

To prepare a delicious and sophisticated coffee, You can apply the following recipe:

  1. To begin with, you should take coffee grains and cast them+
  2. take clean cold water, it can be both from a bottle and purified by filter+
  3. Put an empty Turk on the tile, while the fire should be small, for its slow warming+
  4. Fall asleep in the Capacity Furious grains, if you wish, you can add various spices, sugar+
  5. pour the water+
  6. take a spoon with a long handle and mix everything thoroughly+
  7. When the foam acquires a dark tint, and bubbles are formed, the container should be removed from the fire+
  8. With the appearance of foam, the Turku should be immediately removed from the fire, and this procedure can be performed several times after the bubbles are falling+
  9. To fully reveal the aroma of coffee, it should be regularly stirred during its cooking on fire.

Interesting fact: real connoisseurs of Coffee in Turkish put a frying pan filled with sand on fire, and the Turku is immersed in it. Thus, the gradual heating of the capacity is carried out, which is very important for the preparation of the fragrant drink.

On the gas stove

Quite often buyers of ceramic jams are afraid to use it on open fire, including on a gas stove. It is worth considering the feature of the application of the Turkis from the ceramics on the gas stove.

  • Ceramic jazva is quite suitable for the gas stove, since such containers are intended primarily for use on ordinary gas stoves. Should not be afraid of damage, since the container will not crack and does not burst. Each Turk of Ceramics passes the firing stage, during which it succumbs in very high temperatures, so the gas burner is not terrible for it.
  • Ceramic jam requires the right use. It should stand exactly and steadily. It is worth sticking to such a rule: the bottom of the Turk must be twice the diameter of the burner.
  • If there is no hardware diameter on the stove, then you should choose a simpler way – to apply a metal divider. With it, you can put the Turku correctly, as well as ensure uniform heating of the capacity.
  • If you wish to keep the attractive appearance of the Turks, the divider is simply indispensable because it allows you to limit the height of the fire, so that the Boc Turks will never be wiggly. It is worth considering if your jamsva is decorated with stucco or embossed patterns, because it is the convexity to the effects of Sopot.

Important! It is necessary to choose a reduced fire for cooking coffee, regardless of whether you use a divider or not. The dishes will be able to breathe evenly at a small height of the fire, and the temperature regimes will not arise.

On other types of plates

If you want to make coffee on an induction plate, you must apply a special adapter. It is represented as a thick disc from steel. The adapter will be a conductor between the burner and the Turk. For the stove with a glass-ceramic surface there is no need to use the adapter, the jam can be put on the stove and so. If we consider the electric slab with disc discs, then the adapter is not needed. But the options where the burner is represented as a spiral, need a divider to ensure the uniformity of heating.

Important! If you use a glass-ceramic or electric tile, initially put a Turk on it, and then turn the heating. Thus, you can provide gradual heating of ceramic tank.

How to choose?

Today, the jams from ceramics are very in demand. They are represented by a wide range. Models from the Brazilian CERAFLAME company, which has existed for more than 60 years. The manufacturer gives all the models a warranty at 10 years, which indicates a high quality and durability of products. There are also Turks from Turkey and Russia companies.

When choosing a Turk, it is worth noting that the cone-shaped form is the best option. The bottom should be wider than the neck – the more the difference, the more tastier the coffee gets.

When choosing a jamza from ceramics should adhere to the following tips.

  • The size of the Turks must be chosen depending on how much coffee you plan to cook in it. It is not worth buying a model “with a stock”, because the smaller the jacket, the more tastier is coffee.
  • The turki handle should not carry out heat. It is usually made of clay or wood, but from metal handles should be immediately refused, because they are very quickly heated. It is not always convenient to take the tack, and during this time coffee can “escape”.
  • Selection of color execution depends on personal preferences. Black ceramics looks stylish, color models will allow you to decorate the kitchen in a modern style, but the painted Turk perfectly fit into the interior design in oriental style or country.

Storage and care

Ceramics is quite simple in care, it does not need special detergents. Turku from ceramics is enough to wash warm water with a small number of ordinary detergent, and then dry it. It is forbidden to apply rigid mechanical devices or strong abrasives. It is better to abandon active acids to clean her surface.

If you want to use a dishwasher for washing ceramic jams, then there is no categorical prohibition. You can wash the ceramics in it, but it is necessary to carefully read the recommendations from the manufacturer, since it could use special technologies in the manufacture of the Turk. In this case, it is possible that the use of the dishwasher will be prohibited.

The main rule says: never rinse the Turk with cold water immediately after cooking coffee. Changing temperature modes can be destructive for the product. And also, removing the jamzu from the fire, it is worth put exclusively on a dry table or stand.

How to cook coffee in a ceramic turkey, see the video below.

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