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Choose thermos covers

Terms covers useful than it seems at first glance. Terms for 1 liter case, 5 l, 750 ml and others protect the device from mechanical damage and provide additional thermal insulation. From this article you will learn how to choose the right thermal.


Not all the thermoses are immediately equipped with covers, so they are preferably purchased separately. Moreover, among the abundance of species there is always a suitable option.

  • The simplest models are a bag of fleece or CORDURA 1000 tissue, which is closed with a zipper or rubber screed with a retainer. Often heat insulation is laid between the walls of the case. Such a cover will protect the brilliant surface of the thermos from scratches, but it is not capable of.

  • Neoprene tube with plastic walls will save from scratches, dust, dents and dirt. Often there is a handle for carrying and decorative leather inserts. And so that tea or coffee is not lost in the dark, the reflective stripes are sewn on the fabric.

  • Tactical thermal accommodation and thermos, and container with sandwiches or equipment. For this he has one or more pockets. More to it can be attached to additional modules thanks to the MOLL system.

  • Isothermal picnic bag. Everything is closed in it – and drinks, and snacks, and knives with forks. And thanks to the walls of foil, the contents will not cool the contents for a long time or not heated.

Cases come in different sizes. They accommodate thermos volumes:

  • 0.5 L+

  • 750 ml (0.75 l)+

  • 1 L+

  • 1.5 liters and others.

Still in them can be transferred glass bottles. Thanks to the plastic walls, nothing breaks. A good defense boasts high-quality models.


Sew such an accessory for everyone. But to get it right away, it is better to buy a finished product. We prepared several decent options.

  • TRAMP EXP 1,2. The plastic case is covered with a polyester outside, and from the inside foamed isolon with foil. Thanks to this drink longer remains hot. From the disclosure of the case holds a lace with a clamp. Case was created for the Termonics of TRAMP Expedition Line 1.2 liters, but is suitable for similar models. Stands around 500 rubles.

  • “Equipment” has a diameter of 8 cm and height 29 cm. It is easier and universal, there is a handle for carrying and fastening the belt. He also closes with a lace. Price – about 600 rubles.

  • Hadesey Protect the thermos or a bottle of 1.6 liters from dents, and the contents of cooling. It can be worn and horizontally, and vertically, there is still a removable blow strap. It costs about as much as “Equipment”.

  • Ranger – This is a hard tube that gives the greatest defense. In the closed condition, the lid holds lightning. Its volume is 1.2-1.6 liters, but there are other sizes. Price – 800-1000 rubles.

  • LEROY company produces tubes covers For thermos with a diameter of 8, 9 and 14 cm. Outside the product is covered with Oxford cloth, and inside there is a soft lining made of foam rubber.

And many other models that have not logged in. It remains only to choose a suitable.


Pick up the right color will not work. And so that the thing is still practical and functional, when choosing, use the councils of specialists.

  • If you carry the thermos in the backpack, take a model with zipper, and not with laces. Otherwise, they are confused for the rest of the gear.

  • For the same reason, straps on a case, which lies most of the time in the bag. Or they should be removable.

  • With long tourist campaigns, every gram of excess mass harms. Therefore, you should not take a thermos with a glass flask, better with a metal. It is stronger, and for it you can take a case with thin plastic walls and less protection. Will get a win.

  • Despite the name, tactical models are suitable for easy conditions. They are comfortable if all the necessary things are placed in the case. For more harsh hiking, it is better to take a backpack, and then additional pockets will only interfere.

  • And if you buy a case on the Internet, remove the unpacking on the camera necessarily one double. So, in the case of which it will be easier to prove its right.

And most importantly – the accessory should like. Then tea drinking in nature will be fun and pleasant.

How to make a cover for thermos do it yourself, look in the following video.

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