Furnaces for Kazan: species, selection criteria and installation features

Furnaces for Kazan: species, selection criteria and installation features

Oriental cuisine, especially Caucasian, produces truly charming impression on most people. But to enjoy it, it’s not enough to deal with recipes and even have a suitable dishes. including Kazan. Auxiliary equipment, which also deserves a careful study, is of great importance.


Kazan is evenly warming up with an open flame. This means that the walls and the bottom have an equal temperature from the inside. But it is possible to achieve a good result only when using a high-quality furnace. There are stationary and mobile furnaces for Kazan. The first type can be used all year round, and the second is mostly needed:

  • Travelers+
  • tourists+
  • Hunters+
  • Fishermen.

Do not think that the pilaf is preparing in Kazan. This type of dishes are widely used in cooking meat and fish dishes. Among them are widespread:

  • Stewed dishes+
  • Ear+
  • Soups of various species+
  • Conder.

      Any of these dishes are much more practical to prepare in the Casane with the help of a furnace, and not on the fire. The closed focus is reliably protected from wind, which saves heat. In most cases, the stoves are made collapsible and equipped with removable legs. This design is featured convenience when storing and transporting.

      Externally, the oven looks like a round brand.


      Furnaces for Casans are made of metal or brick. If there is a choice in favor of a metal structure, the ideal solution will be stainless steel. Only occasionally use the usual black metal covered by heat-resistant paint. But this design is not too perfect and serves as long as long.

      The easiest to execute the type of stove is cylinder. It makes a hole to load fuel and smoke slots. Kazan put on top and approximately 60-65% of the bottom contacts directly with fire.

      If you need the easiest furnace for the caulter, then give preference to tripod. For its manufacture, it is enough to bend a metal tube into a circle and welcome either to fasten the legs with bolts. This is a great mobile product, however, the uniformity of the heating of the walls is not always ensured.

      Consider in more detail the characteristics of the stoves from:

      • Metal+
      • Brick+
      • clay.

      Metal constructions:

      • It is relatively inexpensive+
      • We are installed without any problems+
      • do not create difficulties when used+
      • may be deformed with intense mechanical exposure.

      Brick stoves There are positive parties. It is this option that best corresponds to the canons adopted in Central Asia and the Transcaucasus. Brick perfectly holds heat, allows you to use volumetric, sweaturated caulders. However, make a similar furnace difficult and therefore it is very expensive.

      Clay products Easier others and have relatively modest dimensions, while their serious disadvantage is unsatisfactory strength.

        Structures with a pipe and chimney have contradictory properties. On the one hand, such additions make burning more sustainable and improve the culinary result. On the other hand, the furnace becomes harder and even to some extent loses mobility.

        Some versions of the faces for Kazan work on gas fuel. We are talking, for example, about the Kotlin stove TG-38 (12 liters) and TG-48 (22 liters).

        The advantages of gas foci are:

        • lack of ashes+
        • Lack of smoke+
        • Easy launch to work+
        • Easy to change the mode of operation.

        There are also gas tagans. An example of such a design is TG-26. It was designed with the aim of making a mobile and relatively powerful portable execution device. The TG-26 model is optimally suitable for Casans with a capacity of 6-8 liters, but in principle you can use and dishes with a capacity of 10-12 liters. The main parameters are:

        • Landing diameter – 0.26 m+
        • Mass with burner – 9.4 kg+
        • Height with legs – 0.72 m.

        Also on gas work Models TG-38 and TG-48. Gas tagan can be used on the street, and in specially prepared premises. On such foci, you can easily use even cast-iron caulies – the basis is quite durable. The furnaces themselves can also be of cast iron alloys. They allow you to save fuel, because the focus is very quickly heated and slowly cools.

        Significant severity of cast iron is also a plus. Due to it, the stability of the design is ensured. It is important and other property of cast iron products – they rust weaker than made of steel. Cast iron is very racks to heating and does not burn. From it can do different in the appearance of the design, which serve long enough.

          As for chimneys, they are divided into 3 main groups:

          • tube+
          • Colonnik+
          • minor triangular cutouts on the top of the cylinder.

          Among the street furnaces for Kazan, metal square products with pipe chimns. They are made preferably from steel sheets. Wide distribution received such forms as:

          • cylinder+
          • Rectangular prism+
          • Square Prism+
          • Hexagon Prism (less often with a large number of faces).

          How to choose?

          In most cases, it will be quite correct to equip the chimney stove. It is used to reduce the smoke of space around the hearth. This task is quite solved if the pipe is high, and the thrust is quite intense. As for the thickness of steel sheets, it is quite enough 3 mm. Such sheets allow:

          • Do not strengthen the design+
          • Do not be afraid of exercise+
          • guarantee ease of movement of the oven.

          If the use of a cauldron from 10 to 20 liters is planned, you can choose a furnace with a belt to an adult belt. For more severe Casans, such high foci are no longer suitable.

          Squat designs are less convenient, but differ in high resistance.

          Regardless of the height of the stove, it is worth paying attention to the material from which it is made. Pretty popular brick structures can be not only a stand for a cauldron, but also a whole complex, including:

          • Smokilnia+
          • mangal+
          • Brazier+
          • Many other elements.

          Of course, this is not too cheap solution. However, its qualities fully justify the significant cost. But from brick stoves it is necessary to refuse if an important point is the mobility of the hearth.

          On the other hand, their advantages can be considered external beauty and functionality. Of course, buy a brick focus in the usual sense of the word will not work – it will have to construct. Building takes some, albeit not too big, time.

          As for metal stoves, when choosing between their modifications, you need to pay attention to:

          • Total value+
          • Wall thickness+
          • Metal type used in a specific case.

          Metal furnaces are stationary or mobile execution. The first type must be chosen if the external grace and service life is most important. The second type is recommended when it is planned to travel to picnics, in tourist hiking, fishing. If mobility is most important when choosing, it is necessary to abandon cast iron stoves. But their steel analogs move even without any transport possible.

          However, it is necessary to understand that everything has its own reverse side. The easiest furnaces of steel often go in a short time. Particularly feared this, however,. After all, mobile products are primarily used in campaigns. If this is the case, the stoves are not trying to apply as basic culinary devices at home, there will be no problems.

          Often overcome another moment – the selection of the furnace for the size of the cauldron. It should be done by the hole of the corresponding diameter. Therefore, you must first purchase one or more Casans, and then look for a suitable hearth. Ideally, it should be purchased all the goods in one place, because there usually trade compatible models. In any case, it is useful to include interest in specific details and nuances.

          Do not be afraid to ask sellers questions on the main characteristics of a particular furnace. On the contrary, if merchants are clearly evade answers, one should be alerted.

          Among all stores, the tradling and caulders will be better fit. They prescribe minimum prices and extremely rarely selling unreliable goods.

          When evaluating the commercial institution, it is also necessary to pay attention to the completeness of the range, the quality of product descriptions.

          Returning to the furnaces themselves, it is worth indicating that steel and cast iron products must have legs. Flame located above the ground, better warms the dishes. The same circumstance will allow not to lean once again.

          Acquire stoves from metal sheets thinner 2 mm does not make any sense. They will be or very soon to get root, or fade under load.

          Best models

          A good choice, except for the stoves of the TG series, which already came in speech, will be the MS-13 model. This is a collapsible product with a heating size of 0.4 m outside and 0.245 m inside. The main body is assembled from a sheet of 3 mm thick. The total mass of the design reaches 17 kg.

          A good alternative can be the GRILEVER model Berel 360. The parameters of this product are:

          • Compatibility with Casanes of up to 8 l+
          • Disassembled chimney+
          • an intrinsic box, parallel to performing the function pondered+
          • Case thickness – 3 mm+
          • The heat-resistant coating calculated at a temperature of up to 700 degrees.

          More Camera Casanes (up to 16-25 liters) can be warmed on the stove of MO-25. The walls of such foci are made double, also necessarily used and chimney. As the manufacturer declares itself, this device refers to a premium category. Dual walls give another advantage – the minimum probability of burns. Special valve installed on the chimney will help accurately adjust the thermal power of the flame.

          Furnace “Rocket-3” works on solid fuel. Intensive air supply to the combustion chamber creates a strong noise due to which it was given so atypical name. The horizontal section of the pipe facilitates the loading of firewood and improves the safety of the device as a whole. Steel wall thickness reaches 2 mm. The set includes a pair of coat stands.

          Operating tips

          Whatever the oven for the cauldron is purchased, when using it, it will be necessary:

          • Sleep the nagar from the inner walls+
          • punch sampling strata+
          • Clean these blockages+
          • regularly remove ashes from firebox and grate.

              Before starting work, the stove will have to warm up. The fact is that in the factories inside the product, protective transportation coating is caused, and it should be burned. But even if the focus is made of brick, it will still have to go. This will allow:

              • finally dried raw bricks+
              • increase the strength of a grab solution+
              • guarantee perfect dry dryness.

              It is categorically unacceptable to use firewood in the furnaces calculated only on the use of charcoal.

              But even if the use of firewood is permissible, they cannot be found with gasoline, kerosene and other flammable substances. Hence the conclusion: it is necessary to apply only flawless dry lamps.

              And some more important rules:

              • It is impossible to burn in the furnace for the cauldron of household garbage, grass, leaves, dry stalks of plants and the like+
              • Cannot pour water to repay firewood or coal+
              • You can not try to replace this furnace full heating appliances, burning a big fire.

              Installation rules

              No matter how carefully the choice of the product and how it would not be treated with him, poor installation can spoil all the case. Since stationary stoves must first create a good mood, they need to be put only where the winning view will be opened.

              In the absence of sufficient experience, it is better to immediately contact professionals. The slightest errors can be extremely dangerous!

              If the furnace has a wide chimney, then it is put outdoors: either on the free part of the household site, or on the site under the canopy. Products with a narrow channel for reset smoke are recommended to be mounted in:

              • Arbor+
              • Dominations for barbecue+
              • Summer cuisines+
              • verandah+
              • on terraces.

                The passage of chimney through any roof is allowed only with the help of a special pipe extension. If the furnace is placed in an open place, you must also pay attention to:

                • Rose winds+
                • Close trees and shrubs+
                • Nearby buildings.

                Smoke should not enter residential. Bad idea will be the installation of brazier directly under the trees or bushes. Even if they do not light up, such a hearth due to excess heat and smoke can harm plants.

                But just choose the appropriate place is not enough. Heavy cast iron furnaces need to be put on solid foundations, otherwise the sediment is inevitable. The best option for the installation of a stationary furnace for the cauldron is considered to be reinforced concrete foundations with a thickness of minimum of 0.1 m. On top there are various decorative materials.

                By the way, it is not necessary to use only one decorative material.

                    The combination of several options can look no less advantageous. You can put the center and on the wooden floors, we will only have to cover them resistant to the lights.

                    The mantal oven must be filled as much as possible:

                    • reserves of easily tanning substances+
                    • Designs and items with high thermal conductivity+
                    • Burning items.

                    Fire safety requirements also indicate that the removal of smoke must be performed especially carefully. When installing the stoves in the arbors for them, they make a single foundation to eliminate shifts relative to each other. Street foci are protected from bad weather with special waterproof coatings. All metal assembly elements are installed only after complete drying. Between the end of the installation and the beginning of the operation of the furnace should take at least 72 hours.

                    About the pluses and minuses of different stoves for Kazan, see the following video.

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