Gift knives: types and rules of choice

Gift knives: types and rules of choice

The knife is not only a common item, as well as a wonderful gift for men. You can find original options that differ in functionality and appearance. Gift knives can be found in any souvenir shop, as well as in specialized points of sale. The modern range amazes a variety, decorative and practical qualities. The article is dedicated to the products that choose as a gift.

Features of choice

Gift and souvenir knives and high quality kits differ from ordinary products with original appearance. Some products decorated with stones and precious metals complement engraving and presented as gifts to chiefs, businessmen and loved ones. Some options attract attention sophisticated forms, others more resemble combat samples.

Knives and daggers can perform both decorative and practical function, depending on the type of product. Both options are ideal as a gift, The main thing is to choose the right copy. It is necessary to take into account the preferences and interests of a person who is intended for a gift. If practical knives are needed for certain works, then souvenir products are used as decoration for home and supplement to the interior. As a rule, such products are sold in a case or on a stand.

Type of goods

In some cases, it is difficult to distinguish a real knife from souvenir. There are a number of characteristics, with which you can navigate in a wide range and distinguish the practical product from the rest.

  • For the manufacture of souvenir products, durable steel is not used. Elastic and solid metal are used for functional knives.
  • The width of the blade of practical models must have no more than 5 millimeters.
  • To keep the knife to withstand loads, special casting materials are used for fixing.
  • The length of the knife entry into the handle should be optimal, otherwise the design will be vulnerable.

Decorative premium class models are often collectible. These are handmade products, which work professionals using valuable raw materials. Such knives can be supplemented with individual engraving to remind the owner of a commemorative date or a pleasant event. Such products should not comply with the parameters of cold weapons. Products of this type are a lot. Most often they are manufactured by individual order.

Copies of cold weapons have an acceptable cost. These souvenirs visually copy weapons. They cannot be used for practical purposes and as a supplement of expensive and valuable collection. Such products will decorate the interior, for example, Katana on the stand perfectly fit into the Japanese decor.

A variety of assortment

To correctly pick up a gift, you must define its practical value. If you want your presentation to enjoy with pleasure, consider the following options offered by modern manufacturers.

Tourist specimers

The main characteristic of the gift knives for tourists – Compact sizes. They must be placed without any problems in the pockets of clothes and bags. High-quality and competently made knives are practical during transportation. Most models are folding knives, including Swiss knives with additional tools.

For such products used special steel, the most common type – 65×13. The feature of the alloy is that it has a chrome in its composition, due to which the blade becomes stainless. Also steel is easily processing and sharpening and has an affordable price.

Wood valuable and rare breeds are often used as a material for handle. Gift instances decorate engraving or drawing to order.

Products for hunters

Hunting knives – a separate section in the range of cold weapons. There are a number of certain characteristics that the real knife of the hunter must have.

The most important parameter – the quality of steel. Material must be wear-resistant and strong. High popularity enjoys damask steel, which is distinguished by reliability and elasticity. In addition, experts make an emphasis on excellent aesthetic qualities. From the disadvantages note the high price and the possibility of corrosion.

Recently, wide demand has gained all-metal hunting knives. These are durable and persistent products that have proven themselves as excellent helpers in any situation.

  • If you knock down a knife For large game, Pay attention to the Drop-Point option. It will also be remarkably suitable to remove the skin and cut the carcass. If necessary, they can dig.
  • When choosing a knife For hunting small animals it is better to use a clip-point. Its characteristic features is a narrow blade. This is the average and most universal model.
  • For convenient removal skins Use a special knife – Skinner.

When choosing a hunting knife, be sure to pay attention to the handle. For convenient use, it should be firmly and convenient to sit in hand. It is best to choose an option with thumbnails or special relief. This is a very useful parameter when you need maneuverability.

What affects the value of the knife?

For most buyers, the price is the main criterion for choosing. The modern market of cold weapons or superstitious products provides goods for every taste and color, the question is only in price. And it consists of certain parameters.


Blade material significantly affects the value of the knife. Multilayer options have a higher price compared with standard products, but have increased wear resistance and long service life. As already noted above, Damascus steel uses millet due to excellent performance. Such products are not for everyone to pocket, but their price is quite justified.


There is a rule that says: the stronger steel, the higher the price of the product. The main reason for the high price is the complexity and duration of processing.

High-quality steel pledge of a long period of operation of a knife.


An affordable material for the manufacture of the handle is considered plastic or wood veneer. For better options, strong wood, preserving shape with strong and long loads. Expensive products for which exotic varieties of wood use. High cost have knives with a handle from genuine ivory. The most valuable and prestigious are copies for which precious metals and stones are used.


Decorative design – final barcode affecting the final price. Despite the quality, the knife must have excellent aesthetic qualities. High quality products do not have defects, even the smallest.

Also, the final cost is influenced by the following factors:

  • Number of products made+
  • Market extra charge+
  • Prestige brand+
  • demand for one model.

Special gifts

The most valuable gifts are those that were manufactured by individual order. As a result, the client receives an original product that has no analogues on the market. To find the perfect gift, you need to know the tastes of the person he is addressed.

For the manufacture of a knife, the Master must have special skills and artistic abilities. Products offered by experienced masters resemble the real works of art.

As a supplement to the main gift, you can order a stand on which the knife will look especially spectacular. Two of these subjects are best made in one style so that they complement each other.

How to choose a hunting knife as a gift, you will learn from the following video.

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