Glass cutting boards: selection and care criteria

Glass cutting boards: selection and care criteria

An integral attribute of each kitchen is a device that is cut, crushed, fought up products for further use when cooking dishes.

In the modern market for the kitchen, a wide selection of cutting boards. They can be plastic, silicone, wooden, from natural and artificial stone, and even glass, which, by the way, are considered one of the most reliable and durable.

In this article, let’s talk about the latest option, how to choose the right thing to choose such an inventory, and how to care for him.


Among all types of cutting surfaces, a glass cutting board is one of the last inventions, which is relatively recently appeared on the market and quite quickly gained popularity from consumers.

Such products are different – large and small, thick and thin, monophonic and color.

For their manufacture, it can be used both ordinary glass and tempered, more durable and reliable.

Inventory for cutting products occurs various sizes:

  • 60×40 cm+
  • 29×29 cm+
  • 30×40 cm+
  • 30×52 cm+
  • 45×30 cm+
  • 25×25 cm.

    As for the thickness of the product, then it is more, the more functionality, the longer service life it has.

    Pros and cons

    Like any other kitchen device, a glass cutting board has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s consider both positive and negative features of this kitchen attribute in more detail.

    The pros will be attributed to:

    • It is made exclusively from an environmentally friendly material that does not harm human health+
    • The glass surface is quite easy to care for+
    • The surface is not abrupt+
    • Equipping four rubber legs-legs located on the opposite working side of the surface, with their help, the product reliably sticks to the table surface and does not slide+
    • Attractive appearance, a wide range of designer solutions and forms+
    • Long service life.

      The minuses are much smaller, but they also have:

      • Fragility – glass such material that is quite easy to smash with negligent use+
      • When using the glass surface, the knife, which is cut by the products, is very fast+
      • When cutting, indifference sounds are published, which, by the way, you can quickly get used to.

      How to choose?

      Glass cutting board, like any other kitchen inventory, you need to choose in slower, responsibly, given the special criteria.

      • The size. It depends on the purpose of the product. For example, the cutting board is suitable for the size of 20×40 cm. For fish and meat you need a wide board.
      • Thickness board.
      • Form, which can be rectangular, rounded, with corners and without them. In this case, repel away from your own comfort and convenience.
      • Designer decoration. It completely depends on user preferences. If harmony is important for you in the kitchen, choose such a board that will be perfectly combined with the interior, kitchen style. Very often, when placing a glass board, artists and designers resort to various drawing techniques. On the board can be depicted animals, birds, flowers, vegetables, fruits, landscapes, whole genre paintings. Such a product can be a decoration of the room, give it a special highlight.

      Ideally, there will be several cutting boards in the kitchen: separately for bread, meat and fish.

        This is advisable and correct in terms of hygiene.

        How to care?

        Glass cutting board is considered one of the most convenient and non-additive in care. You only need to adhere to several simple rules and recommendations of specialists.

        • Given the fact that various products are cut on the cutting surface, various bacteria and microorganisms can be collected on it. Therefore, the board needs to be well wash with the help of a sponge after each use in warm water with the addition of detergent. Acceptable washing in the dishwasher.
        • Periodically, at least once a week, you need to disinfect the board with food vinegar. Unpleasant smell can be removed using lemon juice, food soda and salt.
        • After washing, it is necessary to hang out a pretty dryness.
        • Store inventory needed in a dry and moisture protected place.

          When buying a cutting kitchen surface from glass is better not to save.

          The cheaper the goods, the faster its operational period will end, and will have to buy a new.

            Prefer reliable manufacturer whose products are in demand from the consumer and has quality certificates. And, of course, be a neat user, do not drop the board, as it can simply split or crash to smithereens.

            On glass cutting boards can be viewed in the video below.

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