How to choose a cauldron for the stove?

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How to choose a cauldron for the stove?

In the modern world, people pay more attention to the quality of food, methods and technology of its preparation. The choice of dishes is huge, so experienced cooks know that taste qualities depend not only on the proper choice of products, but also from the choice of dishes directly. One of the simple in preparation and popular properties are dishes prepared by extinguishing, as well as pilaf.

For cooking used Kazan. Kazan is a cast iron boiler having a rounded shape with a round bottom, which has quite strong massive walls.


Middle Asia population led in the past nomadic lifestyle. Constant hiking, conquest, research of new territories spawned a high need for nutrition. Plants were grown and collected on acquired lands, and the source of meat was the herd, moving along with them. For preparation, a cauldron was created, able to prepare food for the impressive number of people. He became a symbol of unity and hospitality. Kazan did not require a special focus due to their dimensions, it was possible to cook on the usual fire, which was divorced in deepening. The fire warmed the walls of the pits and allowed to achieve a slow extinguishing process. Kazan is installed both on the foci and by hanging on a special tripogue, and also raise special cooking furnaces with chimneys.

An interesting fact is the existence of the biggest cauldron, which is located in the museum A. Yasavi in ​​Kazakhstan. It has a diameter of 2.2 m, and weight 2 t. According to the legend, it was cast from 7 metals. It is decorated with an ornament and thanks to the handles has the shape of lotus petals.

Modern faces with a flat bottom can be used on any type of plates, depending on the characteristics you can pick up both for the electric stove and glass-ceramic, and you can also choose the cauldron for a gas stove.

Features of choice

Currently, the main materials of the manufacture of Kazan are cast iron, aluminum and multilayer material. Kazan from cast iron provides fast and uniform warming up dishes, and also keeps heat inside for a long time. Aluminum capacity below by heat exchanger properties, so time to insist food in such a dishes is not enough. The multi-layer material involves the presence of several layers of stainless steel and aluminum, which ensures uniform heating and thermal insulation properties. Thanks to this composition, the non-stick properties of capacity increase.

Form options are also diverse: Oval, rounded, elongated, high, lowered, with one or two handles. It all depends on the desire of the buyer, so there is no strict rules here. It is important to take into account the place where you should cook. Pay attention to the hemispherical shape that is a standard for cooking on an open fire, for the gas stove, it is necessary to use special stands. If you choose Kazan for a gas stove, then we recommend a volume of up to 6-8 liters, which corresponds to the norm of the Plov by 6 people approximately.

Larger volumes on standard gas mounted do not warm up. For a small company, it is enough to purchase a capacity of 4-5 liters.

The standard for the choice of material is cast iron, unlike aluminum, it is not so easy and mobile, but when choosing a large capacity of 8 liters, it has no competitors. For a large number of guests, 15-20 liters are recommended.

Aluminum containers are more suitable for gas or electric boards for home use. When choosing a cauldron, you need to pay attention to the wall thickness. The thicker, the better. The inner surface should not have irregularities, depressions or protrusions. And there is also a rule that the larger the volume of the dishes, the thicker should be its walls, because it is their thickness that is the main factor in the safety of heat inside.

Capacities with anti-stick heat coating are spoiled due to the frequent peeling of the coating after time. Therefore, many prefer the old, used to use Casans, which simplifies their use. Enameled wall covering also affects taste, so experienced cooks do not use similar dishes. Copper products should be carefully processed, which has difficulty care.

For ceramic stove, also the best option is the cast iron. Since the cast iron dishes are massive and thick, and adjacent to the surface is maximally, this ensures the most effective work of such plates.

It is important when choosing to pay attention to the bottom diameter, the minimum size must be 12 cm. Select the model stands with the most even bottom, without convexities.

Aluminum dishes should have a ferromagnetic insert, otherwise there is a risk of leaving unsalled traces on the surface of the plate.

For cooking on a glass-ceramic plate, it is necessary to choose not too massive products, since the overwhelming weight of cast iron and ingredients can damage the surface of the plate, as well as the inactive use of pig-iron products.

As well as today Appeared induction Kazan. They represent a separate slab with a built-in cauldron. Such models are safe, economical to power consumption, there are temperature regulators on them. However, the minus of such a model is its cost. High cost is not available for an ordinary consumer.

When choosing a cauldron for an electric stove also exist some nuances. The standard burner of such a stove is electrospiral inside the hob, so heat applies unevenly.

There are models of Casans having a spherical inner surface, while the bottom is flat. Such models are well suited for initial roasting in the first stages of the preparation of Central Asian dishes. However, for the extinguishing process, it is necessary to control the independently uniform distribution of heat.


Any dishes need care, it depends on how long, comfortable and fruitful it will last you. Care for Casual It is recommended to start from the very beginning of its acquisition. So, before first use it is necessary to roll it. On a small fire, the residues of the engine oil used when casting the product should be. Then, before cooking, you can lubricate the surface with vegetable oil and heat hard, this process will create a film that will allow preventing the ingredients from sticking. When using an aluminum product, you should use a more moderate fire, since the use of high temperature it may not withstand.

At the end of the cooking dish, dishes wash and wipe dry. The appearance of spots from rust on the cast iron product will help prevent the process of rubbing utensils impregnated with soft cloth. If something burned in the cast-iron cauldron, then it should be wrapped in water. Then fall asleep 1 kg of salt and carefully rolled. Give the product to cool and remove salt. After cleaning, the container should be carried out, as recommended before the first preparation.

With long-term use of the cast iron, the quality of cooked food is improving. This is explained by the porous cast iron structure, which in the cooking process is filled with oil. Thus, a peculiar anti-stick coating is formed. Stainless steel and aluminum products can be washed in the dishwasher, they are well tolerated moisture, and also not subject corrosion.

Thus, following these unchivel recommendations for choosing and care for the Casual, you can achieve excellent results to achieve high quality cooking of Middle Asia dishes and surprise guests with their hospitality.

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