How to choose a stand under Kazan?

How to choose a stand under Kazan?

Kazan is a rather cumbersome structure that in itself quite much weighs, and even more – with content. Of course, the question is how to arrange such a vessel over fire, so that cooking was comfortable, and warming uniform. For such purposes there are specially created supports, and today we will analyze more, which one of them is better to choose.

Variety of solutions

First of all it is worth understanding one very important thing: the classic cauldron does not imply the presence of a stand or even legs. That is why under this cast-iron kitchen utensils need to choose the stands for each case separately. And such can be really a lot, because people use caulders in a wide variety of places. There are several separate options, including:

  • Stand for a fire or other source of fire+
  • Special substrate that will help establish a mangal+
  • For small Casans there are stands on the gas stove+
  • Hot cauldron will be difficult without harm to install somewhere immediately, removing from the fire, therefore, a separate stand for installation on the table is required.

And now we consider each of the proposed options.

For fire

In essence, this stand is a classic tripod. It is very comfortable, because when you cook food on the fire, it is necessary to be a little bit alone and only occasionally control the cooking process. An excellent assistant in this case is a classic tripod, allowing you to establish a question ideal for access to both a person and fire. The basis of such a stand – 3 metal legs, which are located at a low angle. However, it is not necessary to scare the actual sizes of a similar design, because it is easily disassembled and placed even in the smallest luggage car compartment.

In addition to the classic option providing for 3 “legs”, you can also meet options when they are one more. Such a solution may limit the size of the fire divorced under the Casual. The fastening method is different.

So, in the model for 4 legs there is an option for installing the boiler. But if you are using a tripod, then almost always you have to hang your hook campaign.

On mangal

No one is a secret, as far as the popular attribute of Sunday holidays in nature or the country, is a classic brass. It can be very convenient, because This option creates a clearly limited bonfire, which also provides its optimal heat distribution. Most often, a kebab is fried on the brazier, however, it can be used simultaneously and as a special stand under Kazan to prepare a delicious pilaf, soup or porridge.

This device is like a square, where, actually, the cauldron is installed. But on the sides you can detect special handles for which you can carefully move the ass, as you need. Yes, and hold a stand with such handles will be perfectly on any brand, whether it is big or small. The only thing is that it is very important to consider when buying – the diameter of the very square and the bottom of the Court.

It is necessary that she does not fall down, and tightly kept tightly on top, without risk tipped over. It is really very important, because it’s not only lunch to the horse, but also your safety.

On the table

As already described above, the classic cauldron does not at all imply a leg or built-in stand. That is why in order to remove the bowler from the fire and install it on a flat and non-neural surface, it is necessary for some kind of device. Of course, some people put Kazan on a cutting board or even bricks. However, it suffers here as aesthetic component and stability of the structure.

That’s why There is a special solution that visually resembles the same Trenalog. Only now the Kazan is fixed not on the hook, but it will be steadily standing on a special circle – it will provide you with peace of mind for its contents.

Similar supports are the most different – forged and cut-down metal or even wooden. And the last option is sometimes preferable, because the table scratch is quite simple, if we put a metal heavy design from above.

On the gas stove

Thanks to special designs, similar uses of Kazan are easily accessible. It would seem that there is already enough special metal supports under the gas stove. However, in this case, everything is due to the presence of a convex semicircular bottom of the convex semicircular bottom, and therefore if it is easy to put it on a standard burner, the design will be very unstable.

So that such incasions did not occur, it was invented Special ring holder that helps utensils to remain stable. Look like this thing can like a ring, bowed to a robe with vertically located legs so that the cauldron is more comfortable to resist this place.

The other option provides a product similar to a tripod, just not so high. An excellent option in this case would be the stand, which is made of the same material as the Kazan himself.

Materials manufacturing

Suid for cooking on open fire can make out of 3 main materials:

  • cast iron+
  • steel+
  • aluminum.

Based on which material is used in your specific solution, you need to choose a stand for cauldron. Best for this suitable, of course, cast iron. The distribution of heat will start from the stand and go even across the boiler. In the case of an aluminum solution, it does not matter from which the stand will be made.

On the contrary, the cast-iron tripod will not complete with light and fragile aluminum. After all, such a glassware is very light, but the cast iron is quite heavy. Therefore, choose steel options or solutions with wooden legs in the case of a backup on the table.

The importance of the right selection of the stand

It is very important to remember that among kotelets, Kazan and real boilers there are the most diverse volume: from 3 to 100 or more liters. The most common decision is cast iron dishes on 12 liters – it is under this solution that most fixtures are created.

But you can find the appropriate option for any capacity. The best solution will choose the necessary stands immediately when buying directly the boiler for cooking, so as not to carry it into the store, trying on and selecting the sizes. Yes, and in the store, where they sell the caulders, the supports of the appropriate size will be definitely.

How to install holders correctly?

You will get to install the entire design correctly and extract the maximum benefit from this if you remember the following. During the cooking process, it will be necessary to periodically and repeatedly stir the future dish. That is because Check that the design is not only securely assembled, but also so that the causa can stand the movement of the spoon inside it and not overturned.

In the case of a fire, mangal and other ways to prepare, where the combustion of solids, necessary and mandatory is free air circulation. In particular, smoke must fully and freely leave the source of fire. Otherwise, the heat will be unevenly distributed, even the smoke hitting the lid is not excluded.

That’s why Collect the design as much as possible, fasten the cauldron on it and check all this for stability. Fuck legs tightly in the ground, but so that none of them accidentally bent. Note that you should not put the legs into the wet ground. An important moment is the fire. Concentrate heat inside – sort fire by stone. Can’t put so that the flame does not take directly to the bottom of the dishes.

If the stand will be chosen correctly, then you will definitely get a delicious dish, and the utensil will serve you for a long time.

About how to make a stand under Kazan, look next.

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