How to choose and use the dessert fork?

How to choose and use the dessert fork?

Based on the name of the table subject, it is not difficult to guess that the main purpose of the dessert plug is help in eating any dessert. This device does not apply to the obligatory, such as a spoon, so the need for use in everyday life disappears automatically. At home, as a rule, it is not used in principle, because there is an excellent alternative – hands. However, if you need to visit the festive event, where the dessert will be present among all the dishes so as not to stand out against the background of others, it is necessary to learn how to use this cutlery.

Description and rules for the application of the dessert fork.


Dessert plug, as a rule, the silver first is necessary so that various confusion situations do not happen when the fruit is used when the juice flows, sucking the dessert crumbs or cream, which often has the property fall off from the rack pastry. Naturally, a dessert spoon is greater popularity, But there are a number of products that you want to eat, it is the table appliance under consideration.

What looks like?

It is quite natural to feel a little excitement or even fear to be confused in the restaurant, if you were not there yet, so it is reasonable to prepare in advance to visiting such a institution. With a long dinner, where no dish is present, and sometimes their number is not to recalculate on the fingers of one hand, there are several types of forks intended for different purposes at once. Speaking about these canteen devices, it is worth saying that they are only four types. But you should not worry, they can easily distinguish them easier from each other, seeing only one time.

  • Normal dining force. It is made in the standard, usual all form, with a minor or middle deflection, while has 4 large teeth. Its main purpose is the use of basic dishes, it is customary to apply with a knife.

  • Fish fork. It is somewhat less than its aforementioned predecessor, as well as the number of teeth can hesitate from 3 to 4. This cutlery can be used by pair or along with a special fish knife. To a greater extent it depends on the fish or the event itself. Separate dishes are easiest to eat with two forks at the same time.

  • Salad fork. This cutlery resembles a spoon with the presence of teeth. Such a plug is made in the curved form, whereby the salad is convenient.

  • Dessert plug. It is intended for the use of dessert submitted on the table, in particular the separation of the product on small pieces. As a rule, the standard model is made with three teeth, but there are exceptions where two or four are present.

Important! Dessert forks are also divided into different types. Some need for baking, others – to eat various fruits.

Device for baking

Some solemn events requiring the separation of cutlery, have unusual dessert forks. Externally it looks like an ordinary one, but the right extreme tooth is made somewhat longer than the rest, and also sharpened. It is necessary for separating the dessert to pieces, so holding a saucer in hand, you can cut the cake or cake for a plug, thereby making food eating easier. At the same time, it is not possible to use the knife in this situation, which again determines the form of the device.

Important! Dessert fork such a form can be used only when a plate with delicacy is in your hand, and not on the table. If you are sitting, in addition to it, you need to take a knife.

Fruit device

Another commonly used dessert plug has only two teeth, in contrast to its predecessors. It is worth noting that they are pretty sharp. The main purpose of this table appliance is the use of various fruits or berries. How can I understand, Cakes or cakes do not eat with this kind of dessert fork. The classic device can be served to any dessert – both flour products and fruit-berries.

Double fork does not play a solo party in the process of a feast, and acts as an auxiliary element to simplify food consumption.


Table set setting is a rather important part of any cultural event. The dessert plug is customary to be placed in such a way that it is behind a plate, while it should be directed to the middle of the table. Immediately behind it is a spoon, intended for the use of desserts. Remember, fork handle should always look at the left side. The knife can be put in two ways – in space between fork and dish or on a dessert plate so that it is from the left side of the main plate with food.

It is allowed to take the dessert plug into the right hand, but in most cases you have to resort to the help of a knife, because without it gently eat just not. For this reason, at that moment, when you use two instruments at the same time, you need to keep them, like ordinary cutlery, simply speaking, knife – in the right hand, and the plug – in the left. One of the types of exception when you can violate the above rules, can be used for dessert suflates, cocktails with small fruit particles, cheese products. These air dishes involve the use of fork solo.

What eating her?

Since various biscuits, sand cakes are very crumbling, and they can not be biled, in this case, it is necessary to cut down small pieces with a knife, but is directly a dessert fork. Fruits, for example, watermelons, pineapples, melons, originally cut into large pieces and put on a plate. Chop them is necessary similar to flour products. If a watermelon filed you, keep in mind that first of all it is necessary to remove all the bones on the plate, and then there are already. Too little berries do not eat with the help of a dessert device. The use of cutlery in restaurants or in cultural events at first glance is not easy, but delving into this topic more, you will understand that it is not so difficult.

Do not neglect the rules of decency, so as not to stand out among the others.

How to customize the table, look in the video below.

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