How to choose Kazan?

How to choose Kazan?

Kazan – an integral part of Eastern culture. Without it, it is impossible to imagine the preparation of the right pylov, shurts, lagman and many other Central Asian cuisine. How to choose cauldron for home use? Is there a difference between dishes made from different types of metal?

To find answers to all these questions, it is worth reading the features of this type of cooking facilities. In addition to classic models, there are hiking boilers with a rounded bottom, models with a function of violent or voki used in Southeast Asia. They all have advantages and disadvantages.

To get a good result in the cooking process, it is worth going to the selection of cauldron as soon as possible.

How to determine the form and sizes?

When choosing a cauldron for cooking oriental dishes, it is worth paying attention to the size and shape of the product. It is these factors that determine how many servings at a time can be prepared and which methods of culinary processing can be applied. How to understand what kind of cauldron is better: with a round bottom or flat? Does the family need an option for 10 liters or enough five-liter?

Start standing with sizes and capacities. Select Kazan will help orientations for the following proportions: 1 liter of volume per person. That is, for a big holiday, it is better to stock up the most capacious 12-liter option. But for the family dinner, there is enough capacity for 3-5 liters. On the usual home kitchen, use the dishes of more than 8 liters is inconvenient, it is difficult to achieve the desired temperature.

For the cottage, a country house, where there is an open source, you can purchase models with a volume of 18-20 liters. They are most convenient for the preparation of pillings on a large company, differ in massiveness, complemented by heavy cast lids.

The form of the cauldron depends on the method of cooking. The classic version used in Asia countries has a hemispherical shape and resembles a giant bowler. It is possible to use it only on coal or wood-burning furnaces with special recesses or bundled with a tripod, on which the container is located.

It is the hemisphere that provides uniform warming up inside the ingredients, contributes to easy mixing of the dish.

In the conditions of ordinary kitchen dishes with a rounded bottom can not be used. Specialty are used here Casuals with flat bottom – It can be connected to a classic version and look like a stand adapter. This is how the lubrications for home use are supplied.

In addition, the so-called cauldron-pans are produced with a flat bottom, round or oval shape, masters, allowing to provide the right cooking of a dish on an electrical or gas stove. For induction slabs produced Special line products with a ferromagnetic disc below.

What material to choose?

The right choice of Kazan begins with the definition of a suitable material. Today, dishes for the preparation of Plov and other Oriental dishes are produced in factory conditions, methods of casting or stamping methods. The second method is used primarily when creating a budgetary or hiking utensils, for which low weight is an advantage. Cast aluminum and cast-iron cauldron thick-walled, durable, do not have connecting seams.

Casanes from cast iron

The most popular dishware for Plov – cast iron. This alloy is distinguished by the ability to hold heat for a long time, has a porous surface, as the dishes use drinking oil and undergoing additional hardening.

How to choose the cast iron cauldron? First of all, it should be massive and heavy – Metal weighs a lot, and the thicker the wall, the higher it will be the mass of the product.

Good cast iron cauldron has the form of a hemisphere and allows you to prepare dishes with a multi-layer composition, providing optimal heat treatment for all ingredients. Food does not burn in it, languishing long, gradually saturated with bright, saturated tastes and flavors. The thickness of the walls of good cauldron from the cast iron should be more than 0.5 cm, for electric and induction slabs it is better to purchase models with a flat bottom.

But do not forget that the durable metal turns out to be fragile with shock loads – dropping the capacity for the pilament, it can be split.

Kazan from aluminum

Aluminum-based alloys are also very popular in the manufacture of Casans. Alloy metal tanks have thick walls, differ in strength, weigh less than their cast iron analogs. Hiking aluminum Casans more resemble the bowlers and most often produced by stamping. For aluminum Casans, higher demands on the choice of temperature regime are characterized, in the absence of a special food coating can be burned.

Inside such a capacity as a special film is formed, preventing the oxidation process. But for a long time to store food in such a container should not. Aluminum Casanes are not suitable for use with induction plates.

Enhance their properties, reduce the risks of burning food helps the applied non-stick coating.

Casuals from the media

Classic Copper Kazan Credinal Countries today can be found in China and India. Its manufacture most often happens manually – on an industrial scale such dishes do not. Copper brazier has thinner walls, heats up faster. For Plov and other dishes this factor is not too good. But it is suitable for use as a container for making many meat dishes, birds.

Casuals from Steel

European manufacturers do not value the cast iron as material for the manufacture of dishes. Most often, the caulies here are produced from stainless steel, coated from enamel or special non-stick composition.

Premium-class products are covered with ceramic spraying. Casanes of this type are similar to cast-iron only in form – in fact, it is a saucepan or brazier used to extinguish in the oven. Often such a decision is used as a cheat.

How to choose under the plate?

For wood and coal oven with upstairs, classic cauldron or wok with a rounded bottom is still the most preferred option. Here, the intensity of heating can be adjusted by varying the amount of rollers. In addition, there are special adapters for the walls used on ordinary plates with open fire.

But most often, to properly prepare pilaf or other species of medium-sized kitchen, just enough to purchase a special version of Kazan. The most common option with a flat bottom will suit the gas and electric stove. But for induction cooking panels, we choose special models with a ferromagnetic alloy bottom.

Cast iron and steel options are suitable, and vokov adapted for such a method of heating are available.

Rating manufacturers

Russia has its own manufacturers producing high-quality and durable caulders. But all the same canonical products are considered to be products produced in Central Asia, where this type of dishes is traditionally popular. When choosing and buying it is worth paying attention to the name of the company – The most famous brands are increasingly formed. Production located in China is a good reason to abandon the acquisition of Kazan, high-quality and durable it is unlikely to be.

Among focus on attention, the following can be distinguished.

  • Kukmara. Russian nonsense from Tatarstan, producing voks and cauldron from cast iron or aluminum casting. Products are distinguished by a variety of sizes, medium volumes – from 4 to 12 liters, thick walls and excellent performance. The plant is well known in the CIS countries, product prices are medium in market. There are in assortment and modern models with non-stick coating.

  • Vari – Russian brand producing a Litta series: cast dishes with a non-stick coating, which is applied by spraying. The company has a modern line of equipment to create a reliable and secure protective layer.

Products have a lot of advantages, including a modern design, affordable price.

  • MAYER & BOCH – German manufacturer, producing caulders with a glass lid, as well as enameled models from cast iron. Available and modern series of aluminum Casans with a glass-ceramic coating. In the assortment of products of Kazan-Pans, Casual-crayon, versions with a pair of cooking lattice. The price range of products can be attributed to the budget category.

  • Forester – Upeco products from Russia. A distinctive feature of the brand is the corporate caulders with frying pan lid and cauldron. The models are adapted to use on electrical and gas stoves, open fire, durable, the price is slightly higher than the average.

  • “Kamskaya utensils”. Produces enterprise predominantly cast iron cauldrons with aluminum lids. The range presents the products of different capacities, with thick bottom and walls. Massive dishes looks thoroughly serves a long time, produced by casting. But such caulders require preliminary training to operate, it is not.

In addition, in the North Caucasus and in Tatarstan, you can find a lot of private industries, where cauldron oriented to the right cooking of Eastern dishes are being created. The price of them often turns out to be very low, but this factor does not affect the quality of the product.

For those who prefer cast-iron caulders, the options produced by the Russian manufacturer will be interested Balezino, Belarusian Polotsky Plant. Release of high-quality utensils for pilas has been established in Ukraine. The plant “Ecolt”, producing products with quality close to what demonstrate premium European brands.

If we talk about professional cooking, the leadership consistently hold the Kazan french firms Le Creuset, Staub.

Tips for choosing a cauldron Look in the video further.

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