How to choose scraps for paste?

How to choose scraps for paste?

Surprisingly, but with the preparation of pasta not everything is so simple: high-quality pasta are needed, a saucepan of at least with a non-stick coating, and ideally to serve the finished dish on a special serving plate for pasta.

Such tableware is somewhat different from ordinary soups, as it is much deeper and has very wide fields.

In the article, we consider how to make the right choice of a plate for spaghetti so that it does not only serve it for a long time, but also did not contrast with the rest of the dishes, and is it possible to serve only the paste in such plates, or they are universal.


Many will immediately note that the appearance of the plate is unusual: the fields are wide, inside the deepening. But this is a secret – so pasta will be hot, and large fields give “space” for a fork to wind up spaghetti.

In Italian restaurants you can see how different sauces and spices are placed on.

The market contains plates with a very deep bottom – this is also of practical considerations, namely: more convenient wounding paste. A small portion is transferred just to this deepening, so that it is possible to twist freely there, without destroying the main dish in a plate. Many use recesses for sauces.


There are several varieties of pasta plates.


In height, most plates reaches 5 cm and 35 cm in diameter. Sizes are individual, therefore When buying, focus only on your own appetites and family members.

With a saucer

Round plate – not the only option that manufacturers can please. Many have to do with spaghetti saucer with a saucer, which is already built into the dishes. It is very convenient, because I don’t always want to immediately add all the sauce immediately.

Dimensions and shapes of dishes for pasta varies very much, so you can choose a model for every taste and wallet.

With two branches

They resemble mensmen, are different only on the principle of use, but also have two compartments – for spaghetti themselves and for a side disk. Many even prepare different dishes, and in one department can pour soup, and in the second – paste or, for example, spaghetti and dessert – no limit combined!

It is worth noting that the paste plate is not an addition to another dishes, but a completely independent element, and you need to put it immediately to the surface where you will eat, and not for trays or stands. This is one of the basic rules serving such dishes, and it looks very impressive.

How to “enter” in the interior?

Many owners are tormented by the question of how to find a plate, which will not be strongly allocated by its child in contrast with the interior of the kitchen or the existing service. First walk on the dishes shop and look at the universal models and dishes of that manufacturer who have already purchased earlier for the house – most often you can find a plate in the same color scheme and style that you have, as many brands produce a series of dishes in one Style.

If among the subjects of your manufacturer, nothing like that is not, then just stop the choice on white – it is universal and will be combined with absolutely with all the elements of the dishes. Hat plates will look great on the table in a white and black gamzer or in pastel colors.

Just try to avoid prints and drawings, especially if at home you already have dishes with some definite decor. If you still saw a beautiful plate with a pattern, and definitely want to buy it, Ask a consultant for compatibility of paint ornament of dishes with a microwave – Some paints are not allowed to put into the microwave oven, as they will spoke, and the drawing is deformed.


“Hats” produce from several materials: faience, ceramic and porcelain. Of course, there are cheap – from plastic, but there are disputes about the dangers of plastic dishes on the body. Yes, and a plastic product for a paste looks as cheap, as it costs, and has a somewhat children’s toy look, so for serious celebrations it is definitely not suitable. But porcelain is very light and durable, but it is not recommended for warming up in a microwave oven.

The most rational choice will be a plate of glass. It is resistant to temperature effects, durable and easily clean.

New models for spaghetti plates began to produce from glass ceramics. They are easily combined with the most distinct dishes and do not contrast with the home interior, as almost always produced in black and white gamma.

Best models

We give models of plates to pay attention to. Unconditional favorites of many experienced culinary and enthusiastic owners are several brands.

  • Bormioli Rocco. Their porcelain plates for macaroni go in universal design. Height 5 cm, diameter 25 cm. They can be exposed to the radiation of the microwave and put in the dishwasher.
  • Revol – French manufacturer. His “hats” is also quite universal, with wide flat sides, diameter 27 cm, height 4.5 cm. Many people like exactly the appearance of plates – porcelain, with a contrast of gloss and matte surfaces.
  • Diamante. Release wonderful paste-plates from glass ceramics. The only moment – they are decorated, and you need to watch whether the dishes will be combined with already existing elements in your kitchen.
  • Rosenthal Does29-centimeter square plates for pasta. If the form suits you, then the quality will definitely fail.

    Do not stop your search Only on the above-described models, look at the set of other plates that are presented in the dishes. The main thing is that this is indeed a useful acquisition for the hostess, because you can not be limited to the serving only macaroni. In such plates, both second dishes can be served, and soups, and cakes and other desserts are especially elegantly! Such dishes will never be superfluous in the kitchen!

    In the next video, you will be able to watch one more type of plates for the paste of the company Glister, made of stone ceramics.

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