How to disassemble the thermos lid?

How to disassemble the thermos lid?

Most modern thermoses are equipped with a special cork on which the button is located. It is designed to pour fluid. The principle of operation is quite simple: The button is pressed by a small hole for leakage fluid, and if it is closed, then the lumen will be blocked again. Because of the frequent use, the button may break. But should not be desirable because this mechanism can be repaired independently.

Step-by-step instruction

The easiest option is to analyze the corks of the classic design with the subsequent cleaning of parts. The process consists of several stages.

  1. In the direction counterclockwise, you must carefully unscrew the clamping ring. It is better to do without a plumbing tool, but you have to make some efforts. If you disassemble the first time it did not work, you can dug the plug for 5-10 minutes in hot water.

  2. When to promote the item after all, it was necessary to get the valve from the case. To continue the repair, you need to push the valve mechanism.

  3. To get to the spring, you need to push the valve stem. Here you need to show maximum caution, because there is a risk of damageing the lock ring.

If you carefully consider all the details received after disassembly, it can break it or a spring, or a locking ring. They can be replaced with new ones (pick up from other similar mechanisms or purchase in a household store).

Now it is enough to clean each item, and collect the plug in the reverse order.

Possible difficulties

Some difficulties may arise with more advanced mechanisms. So, if there are 2 buttons on the cover, then in the disassembly process, the lid must be carefully picked up something thin and sharp, for example, a knife. In such a device, as a rule, there are hidden latches that can be accidentally damaged.

In order to avoid difficulties in the process of assembly after cleaning, you can take a picture of the initial state of the button plug. After disassembling the details also need to be cleaned. If there are broken, then they are recommended to replace them.

Useful advice

In the repair process you need to exercise caution so as not to spoil the mechanism. So that the repair has passed successfully, and the plug has become functions as a new one, it is necessary to comply with some recommendations.

  1. In order for the fallout laundered as soon as possible, it is recommended All parts to soak in hot water with the addition of food soda.
  2. Before collecting a traffic jam back, It is very important to thoroughly wipe all the details with a paper towel, or how to dry. Since metal spring, it can be subject to corrosion. From this button will only work worse.
  3. To be easier to remember the location of the details, You can pre-photograph the entire scheme.
  4. It is also recommended to designate details of the numbers and decompose them on paper with the appropriate name. It is necessary to lay out in chronological order, so that then you can raise in the reverse order.
  5. If on the lid by negligence it turned out to damage the hidden latches, then this lid can be glued. The only drawback – from constant moisture the design will not be so reliable.

If you follow the recommendations, you can independently disassemble, and then collect the plug of any design. The main thing is to clean all the available parts, and if necessary, replace them with new. If there are some cardinal damage on the traffic jam, for example, large cracks, in this case you should think about the purchase of a new plug, since the repair of the old may not be completely rational. And in order for cork as soon as possible, it is important to clean the thermos thoroughly and dry well after each use.

Further watching video with tips on how to disassemble and repair the thermos lid.

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