How to get squeezed knives at home?

How to get squeezed knives at home?

Many hostess complain that knives remain stupid even after they were sank. This is due to the fact that the process is incorrect.

Types of eddy treatment

If we talk about knives, then this is a fairly ancient object that did not change its main form over the past centuries. They consist of a very comfortable handle, as well as from the blade, which should be sharp. Their edge is made from different types of alloys, for the manufacture of which various ways are used.

  • Carbon steel knives are available for any person, since their price is low. They are made of iron alloy with carbon themselves. They remain sharp for a long time, and after they are blocked, quite easily succumb. But in such knives there are some drawbacks. With the slightest contact with any acidic medium they begin to be covered with rust. Accordingly, food that was cut by such a knife also gives a metal flavor.
  • Stainless Low Carbon Steel Knives. For the manufacture of such an edge, methods of smelting iron with carbon, as well as with the addition of elements such as molybdenum, chromium, and nickel. Such knives require very frequent sharpening, however, non-corrosion.
  • Knives that are made of stainless high carbon steel do not require too frequent sharpening. In addition, they are absolutely not exposed to corrosion. Their alloy includes a lot of carbon, as well as vanadium and cobalt.
  • The edge of the knives that are made from damask steel is most often used to create cold weapons. But in household conditions they are quite rare. For their manufacture use all the high quality alloys. If we talk about disadvantages, then it is only their high price.
  • Knives having ceramic blades are distinguished by sharpness that persists quite a long time. They can not sharpen a couple of years. The only drawback is big fragility.

What knives should not be at home?

Start learning to sharpen knives, experimented with your favorite knives, not worth. After all, several incorrect movements and the tool can be spoiled. Ceramic knives are sharpened only with the help of a diamond bar. If there is no it in the house, then it is best to turn to a specialist who can make it professionally.

Besides, You should not sharpen knives made from damask steel. After all, it is quite difficult and long. Therefore, not every person can cope with such a task.

Those knives that have a wave-like blade are also not necessary at home. Besides, you should not bear them and to the master. After all, it is practically impossible to return the old species.

Sharpening tools

Knives are quite quickly stupid, if they are in contact with a very solid surface. In addition, those who use them daily to cut meat are also forced to regularly bring the blade in order. Many tools are available for this process. It can be the usual sandpaper, and a grinding stone, as well as any technicraft.

Electrical Caller

Such a tool is good because with it, you can quickly make knives. Besides this is done automatically. However, it takes too much steel, which will lead to the fact that the blade will quickly erase. Therefore, there should always be a cold liquid at hand so that you can quickly cool the heated blade. In addition, it is practically impossible to sharpen the same knife on both sides.


With this tool, it is impossible to be molded too stupid knife, because it is used more for editing, and not for sharpening. In addition, literally after a few days, the knife will again be blunt.

Roller cutlery

The best option for women is precisely such an option. Enough to spend several times a knife on the rollers, and it will be sharp. To buy such an eraser can anyone, as it costs it’s very cheap.


Many belong to such a method of sharpening very skeptical. However, those who have already tried such a tool, made sure that this is a completely acceptable option. Of course, it is not too convenient, but if necessary, it will help to put the knife.

Ceramic bar bar

This is one of the cheapest tools that you can buy home to keep the knives with sharp without any problems. The only thing you need to choose him correctly. It is best to buy two brus at once. One of them will have a coarsest surface and used for basic sharpening, as well as the cornering of the blade angle. The second most often grind the surface.

Length of the bar must be no less than the length of the knife itself. In addition, the wider it will be the surface, the more convenient it will be. Such a sharpening requires a lot of patience from a person, because it will be difficult to cope too quickly with this process.

Diamond mugs or bars

The price of such tools is high, however, the result is worth. In addition, working with it is more comfortable. The basis of such tools is made of plastic or aluminum. Metal plates with diamond spraying are fixed on it. Such sharpeners do not steal for a long time, and even in a few years they will look like.

In addition, such tools have many advantages:

  • do not break, even when they are simply damaged to the floor+
  • do not clog when sharpening+
  • Quickly cope with the task.

The disadvantages should include their high price.

Japanese aqueous stones

These are the same bars that need not in a dry condition, but wetting in water. But the price of them is too high, but they wear out quickly. Therefore, for sharpening kitchen knives, they are better not to use.


Such a tool is more suitable for masters than for beginners. With it, you can literally for a few seconds to make a knife blade sharp.

Selection and installation of the corner

Whatever tool is chosen, technology for sharpening will always be about one. First you need to practice at the simplest and cheaper bar, and then you can buy tools a little more expensive.

However, in any sharpening process, it is necessary to correctly install the sharpening angle. If we talk about kitchen knives, then it should be from 20 to 40 degrees. In addition, it is necessary to know that the smaller the sharpening angle will be, the thinner there will be a knife blade. But he will be short, it will not be short, in addition, when touched with any rigid surface, the blade will lose its form.

Therefore, to choose the direction of the angle of sharpening, depending on what needs to be cut. So, professional knives must be sharpened at an angle of from 20 to 30 degrees, but the household knives – from 25 to 35 degrees. For Japanese kitchen knives, the sharpening angle should be from 15 to 20 degrees.

Step-by-step instruction

In order to learn how to choose the kitchen knives properly, you need to get acquainted with step-by-step instructions. In addition, at home to make it easy and fast. However, it is necessary to know that we exist edit and sharpening. For the first you can use Musat, sandpaper or ceramic plates. For the second, such tools are suitable as a grinding machine, bar, diamond or electric coax.

Manual sharpening with a regular bar

  • First you need to put a bar so that it is convenient to sharpen knives. In addition, it is necessary to put on a bar of any kitchen towel so that it does not slide on the surface. The bar must lie, do not keep it in his hands, because in this case it will be impossible to control the sharpening angle.
  • Next, you need a knife to put a bar across the bar and make moves away from yourself. It is necessary to do this as if an ordinary pencil turns. In addition, you do not need to put much on the bar. After all, this not only will not speed up the process itself, but, on the contrary, can deform the blade.
  • Led on the stone it is necessary approximately 40-50 times. It needs to withstand the right angle. With the appearance of roughness, which otherwise is called sowing, you need to turn the knife and make another side. If the sowing will go here, then you need to sharpen the previous side again.
  • Before the state of the razor, you can bring the knife with grinding. It is necessary to use the smallest pebble. It will be enough to spend a stone knife only 15-20 times.
  • If I want the knife to be sharp enough for a long time, then you need a knife blade to grasp gloss with a leather belt, lubricated paste ga. Movements should go up.

With Musati

Using such a sharpening tool, you need to follow the following rules. All actions are performed manually.

  • The knife tip must be superfluous to any surface. Best if it is wooden.
  • Further, the knife must be pressed to the Musat’s rod under an acute angle, at his handle itself.
  • After that, it is high enough to stretch the blade knife from the beginning of the handle to the span. Such a movement should be repeated several times in a row, moreover, changing the side of the blade. If the knife was completely blunt, then the use of such a sharpening technology will not fix the situation, but it can be a little to fix the edge in such a way.

Using a mechanical sharpener

With the help of such an uncomplicated device, you can achieve good results. In addition, it will not be so difficult. To begin with, the sharpener must be fixed on the table. Make it can be one hand. The second one must take a knife and spend it a couple of times in the slots.

With the help of Eatak

It is best to use a small-grained circle here. To begin with, the tool must be included on the minimum speed. Then you need to spend one side of the knife over the side surface of the circle on the sandpaper. At this time, it is necessary to remember the correct coal of sharpening, because if it is not followed, you can simply spoil the knife.

Such a sharpening technique is most often coarse and requires additional finishes. For this, the usual sandpaper will suit. In addition, Japanese knives on such a tool are best not to sharpen, as you can just spoil them.

Often this situation happens when the knife must be improved, and there are no tools for this on hand. In this case, you can use those tools that will be at hand.

  • The usual stone, which must be washed to start, and then start sharpening. The scheme of action here is the same as when using BROs. It is also necessary to comply with the correct sharpening angle.
  • Ceramic plate. Such material is much firm metal, so it can be used for such purposes. The same technique is used as when sharpening on Broke. The only thing that will be needed is a little longer.
  • Sandpaper. To be too stupid knife to make such a material is impossible, however, it will still fix it a little. To do this, just need to take the knife blade by this material for a few minutes in different directions. It will make the blade a little sharper.

In fact, all these sharpening methods are equally simple. The choice depends only on the needs and budget of the person.

Verification of the sharpness of the blade

It is possible to estimate the degree of acute knife With such actions.

  • Enough to take a regular piece of paper and holding it on weight, spend on it with a knife. If the blade is acute, the paper will be cut into two halves with smooth edges. When the knife is not sharpened enough, the paper will be slightly torn or it will simply be changed after such a procedure.
  • You can take a very ripe tomato and put it on a cutting board. A well-fulfilled knife will easily enter it and will cut without much effort.
  • An ordinary thread is a sharp knife for one second, but stupid – simply leads it to one of the parties.
  • If a sharp knife is a little turn into the light, then it should not go flare. They can only be when rays on the surface of stupid knives.

Summing up, we can say that the knife at home can be even an inexperienced person. The only thing that will be needed is to familiarize yourself with the rules of any of the processes, as well as stock patience and time. After all, not always sharpening gets too fast. However, as a result, a perfectly sharp knife.

Next you can watch the video with tips on the choice of appliances for sharpening knives.

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