How to make a furnace for cauldrons with your own hands?

How to make a furnace for cauldrons with your own hands?

Kazan – metal boiler having a semicircular form of the bottom part. The presence of this feature of the form determines the need to arrange a special oven. It differs from the usual wood-burning furnace with several structural moments. Depending on the need for location, A causing furnace can be built of refractory bricks or made of girlfriend: gas cylinder, automotive discs, metal pipe.

How to make oven from gas cylinders?

The focus for warming up the cauldron from a gas cylinder is a portable device that can be installed in any convenient place and even be used in hiking conditions. For its manufacture, the following materials will be needed:

  • Gas cylinder+
  • Armature+
  • Colonsets+
  • Door hinges+
  • Other concomitant materials.

In the process of assembly, the following consumables will be involved from the cylinder:

  • Cutting discs for the Bulgarian+
  • Grinding wheels for ushm+
  • sandpaper+
  • drill+
  • Welding electrodes.

Minimum set of necessary tools:

  • welding machine+
  • Bulgarian+
  • electric drill+
  • a hammer+
  • Measuring instruments (roulette or ruler)+
  • Other concomitant tools.

Gas cylinder is installed on its base. At a distance of 60-70 cm from its lower part, a marker is set, indicating the place of the cut. Through the mark the circular line. It is important that it has been battered strictly parallel to the surface on which the balloon is installed. Along this line, with the help of a grinder and cutting circle, a balloon wall is produced. The upper scaled part is removed.

Vertical triangular propuls are performed in the cutting edge of the balloon. Their number and depth are determined by the individual design of the future furnace. These cuts are needed to save stable thrust after installing the cauldron to the furnace. The absence of traction holes will result in a vacuum inside the furnace, as a result of which the flame will go out. A rectangle is placed on the side wall of the cylinder. Drop the contour of the rectangle is performed sawing. The resulting hole will serve as an entrance part of the future firebox, and a dug piece – the door of the stove.

The rectangular segment of the cylinder wall is welded to the previous place using hinge loops. On the opposite side of the flue hole from the inside, a piece of metal welded from the inside.

Its location should be such that he prevents the door to open the door inside the balloon and did not interfere with the firewood. For convenience to the surface of the door, a handle is welded, which can be made of reinforcement. To the door can be reliably close, on its edge, adjacent to the cylinder body, is equipped Movable valve.

Below the main opening is cut Hole for confused. Its width must correspond to the width of the erection, and the height should not exceed 10 cm. The metal rectangle obtained after the cut is used to arrange the door, which helps adjust the amount of oxygen incoming in the firebox.

To fit the door to function fullly, it is enough to use one hinge loop. No need to equip a valve.

Between the furnace door and confused Complete is installed – The grille that prevents the fuel material in the piplosporer. For the armature rods, the long of which will vary, long, the long-scale rear-on-line balloon furnace.

For armature grid, it is better to use fittings with a diameter of at least 20 mm. This is explained by the presence of high temperatures inside the furnace at the time of her heating. Armature with a smaller diameter can quickly fire.

At a distance of 15-20 cm from the top edge of the furnace, P-shaped handles are welded, with which this furnace can be transported. These handles are made of reinforcement with a diameter of 12 mm. To ensure the stability of the balloon furnace, you can weld to its lower part. Special struts. The number of struts is determined individually, depending on the operating conditions and the size of the Kazan, which will be installed on the focus.

The oven for the cauldron, made with its own hands from the cylinder, is a multifunctional device. It can be installed in the country, and with some modulations to use as a mangala, where you can fry meat. A balloon furnace can be used as a heating bourgear installed in the garage or any other utility room.

Homemade brick

A causated brick furnace is a device, the manufacture of which is associated with the greatest number of difficulties. Before the start of the assembly of this furnace, it is necessary to prepare a sufficient amount of materials and the corresponding list of tools. The material that makes up the basis of such a furnace is brick. It is recommended to use its refractory equivalent, Although the use of ordinary brick is also allowed.

The furnace for the Kazan made according to this type is stationary and cannot be moved to another place. In some cases, its chimney is equipped as part of the main domain chimney. In this case, the furnace can serve not only as an economic device, but also as an interior decoration. At the preparation stage, projection manipulations are made. Drawings are prepared, on which the sizes of all major parts of the structure are marked: the upper plane of the plate, fireboxes, pondered, smoking holes.

First prepared the base of the furnace – the foundation. The stronger the base, the more stable there will be a future furnace, What will exclude its curvature under pressure of the cauldron, as well as under the influence of shrinkage processes. On the foundation, the outer walls of the furnace and its inner circular part are laid out at the same time.

The presence of circular masonry is mandatory, since in its absence the severity of the filled boiler will fall exclusively on the cast-iron surface of the slab, which can lead to its destruction.

The inner diameter of circular masonry must match the diameter of the hole in the stove. Due to this, the weight load will be distributed evenly, and its main part will fall on brickwork. In the process of laying bricks, it is necessary to follow all rules of this masonry. Mandatory is the presence of bandages of elements among themselves, the primary erection of angles (if any design is provided).

It is important to pay attention to the quality of seams between bricks. From this will depend on the deduction of heat inside the furnace, as well as the degree of their gradual exercise. The solution is laid uniformly with a reserve. Excessive part of it can be removed by subsequent manipulation.

It is recommended to use refractory mixtures as the main solution, as this will allow to extend the service life of the furnace. In the form of an alternative, you can apply a clay solution. However, it is necessary to choose the right clay to choose, the quality of which will comply with the provisions of the Pediatric. It should not be too fat or contain an excessive amount of sandy and other impurities. At the stage of laying the outer wall of the furnace, the following elements are laid:

  • Doors pissed+
  • Colonsets+
  • Fire door.

These elements are purchased in specialized stores. They must be made mainly from cast iron. Any other material is unsuitable for installation in the furnace. This is explained by the fact that elements made from other materials quickly go beyond, and the stationary ovens is very problematic to repair.

The furnace of this furnace must correspond to the sizes of the Kazan, which will be installed on the stove. Its internally space should be sufficient to load a certain amount of firewood, and the distance between them and the bottom of the boiler contribute to the effective combustion of fuel material.

Design options from car drives

Simple embodiment of the furnace for the Kazan is a model performed from several wheels. In this case, discs are used only from stock wheels, since the material from which they are produced, and their form are the most appropriate for these purposes.

Two disks are installed on each other. In this case, the front side of one disk must be drawn up, and the similar side of another down. Due to this location, free space is formed between the disks, sufficient to fill it with fuel material. In this position, the disks are welded. It is important that the line of their contact is well suited.

In the lateral part of this design, a flipper. Given the special design of the wheeled disks, there is no need to equip a wide hole. Its sufficient size will be the one that allows you to put in the furnace one full.

As add-ons, iron handles can be welded to the disk body that will help hold the furnace during transportation. If necessary, this stove is equipped with spacers that do not give it to tip in the process.

The cauldron furnace from the wheeled disks can be used in the country, in the courtyard of the house or on hiking conditions. Thanks to its versatility, other adaptations for cooking, such as disk harrow, can be installed on it,.

Metal pipe creation

Modification of a furnace made of metal pipes similar to design with a stove made from a balloon. In this case, additional refinement of some elements is required. The diameter of the pipe should be sufficient to install the boiler on it, and also allow it to secure it. The height of such an oven is determined by the individual needs of the one who will exploit it. This parameter determines the convenience and efficiency of the use of fixture.

Since the segment of the pipe does not have a bottom part, it is necessary to equip it yourself. To do this, use a flat circle, carved from sheet metal. The thickness of this part should be sufficient for resistance to the pressure of the mass of the combustion product – ash. Lack of bottom in this furnace is allowed. In this case, there is no need to improve the arrangement. It is enough to drill a few holes at an altitude of 10 cm from the lower edge of the case.

In the middle, the grinding grille on which firewood will be equipped. To ensure the best combustion of the fuel material, the fuel door is equipped, the principle of fastening which is similar to that the door of the furnace made from the balloon is attached. On the edge of the upper edge of the tubular body, air-feeding recesses needed to provide stable thrust. The presence of such cutouts is required.

This method of manufacturing a furnace for Kazan is one of the most problematic, as it requires a large amount of improvements. The problem is and searching for a suitable diameter pipe that is rarely found in free access. According to most users, The most practical and easy to manufacture is the furnace performed from the gas cylinder.

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