How to make a stand under Kazan do it yourself?

How to make a stand under Kazan do it yourself?

Kazan – cast boiler. The distinctive feature is a semicircular bottom, which does not allow you to install it on the hearth without a special support device – tripods. If there is some list of tools and materials, it can be made with your own hands.

Varieties and destination

Homemade coats for boilers are several species:

  • Three-legged+
  • four-legged+
  • improvised.

The legs of the three-legged stand are installed as a cone. Between them is preserved equal distance, which is an important factor determining the degree of stability of the structure. As a vertex of the cone, the hoop is installed, the diameter of which corresponds to the outer diameter of the middle part of the cauldron.

This hoop performs the function of the holder in which the boiler is lowered.

This method of deduction is most effective, since with an increase in the mass of the contents of the cauldron increases its pressure on the inner side of the hoop, as a result of which the boiler is stronger sits on the stand.

To enhance the strength of the design, the support legs are fastened using additional jumpers located below the hoop that does not give them torn under the pressure of the boiler filled with content.

Trenogs of this type are designed for installation on open fire. Bonfire is divorced under them, the flame of which evenly heats the semicircular bottom. To ensure space under a cauldron sufficient to accommodate the lamps, the height of tripods must be adjusted depending on the distance between the Earth and the bottom of the container.

The design of the four-way stand is similar to the tripod design. The only difference from each other is the presence of a quarter support. Taking into account this factor, the location of the support legs of this stand is determined removing them from each other at an equal distance.

In the finished form, the lower points of the support – “soles” – form the vertices of the square or rectangle (depending on the design and angle, under which the legs are arranged relative to the holding hoop).

In order for the four-light stand to be installed on the BRAIN, its design is complemented by connecting jumpers connecting the lower points of the support legs. Jumpers are not only a fastening element, but also play the role of skis providing a stable position of the stand on the mangale.

When installing cauldron on a brazier using a four-way support, it is important to take care of stability and the entire design. The degree of sustainability of the mangala to the loads must correspond to the size and weight parameters of the cauldron filled with content.

Improvised Casual stands are made of appropriate girlfriend. In their quality can act: stock automotive discs, barrel-shaped containers and others.

These materials are being finalized and installed in such a way that they can be put on them to put the fire under them, while the distance between the land and the bottom of the tank should be sufficient for the fire of the corresponding value.

The construction of the support of any type can provide its use of both inpatient form and in the collapsible.


A set of tools required for the manufacture of a homemade stand for the Caucasan may consist of a list of names caused by the type of concrete design and materials from which it is manufactured.

The composition of the instrumental set:

  • Welding inverter+
  • Bulgarian+
  • a hammer+
  • Metallic pile brush+
  • Grinding nozzle on Bulgarian+
  • Measuring instruments (roulette or ruler)+
  • Other concomitant tools.

The presence of a welding machine must. Since the product will be used under the influence of high temperatures, welds are the most reliable connection.


For the manufacture of a stand, you must prepare a sufficient amount of the following materials:

  • Armature+
  • iron rod (replaces the reinforcement)+
  • Round pipe+
  • hoop (if available).

The diameter of the reinforcement must be at least 12 mm. Lower values ​​of this parameter do not ensure the reliability and stability of the design to deformation loads.

The diameter of the reinforcement rod should not be too large, since its increase entails an increase in the mass of the product, which is not a positive factor.

In the absence of sufficient amount of reinforcement, you can use a metal rod round, square or hex section. The dimensional parameters of the selected rod must meet the same requirements as the reinforcement material.

The cuts of the circular tube are used to arrange nodes of the connection of individual parts of the structure, which is relevant for collapsible modifications. The diameter of tubular elements must exceed the diameter of the reinforcement or iron bar by 1-2 mm. This will allow the fastening of the components with a puzzle.

Holding hoop is selected taking into account the diameter of the middle part of Kazan. In the absence of a ready-made element, it can be made by the reinforcement rod.

It is allowed to arrange a design, which allows you to change the hoop with different values ​​of the diameter, which makes it possible to use a stand in a bundle with boilers of various sizes.


Before proceeding to the manufacture of a homemade stand for the cauldron, it is necessary to determine the type of its design, targeted purpose and compile detailed drawings.

The optimal model of the boiler holder is the one that allows it to be installed not only to the ground, but also on the Bar. If the manufacture of this model is assumed, the drawings should indicate the dimensional parameters corresponding to the characteristics of the available boiler and mangala.

The diameter of the main hoop is noted. Fits the distance between the extreme points of the support – “soles” of the legs. The magnitude of this distance is calculated taking into account the temperature expansion of the metal and should allow to freely put the stand in the Bar.

Assembling support legs

The legs of the collapsible stand are manufactured according to the identical principle. First, the assembly is made by one of them, then copying the rest with the sample.

With the help of the grinder, the segment of the valve, the length of which is sufficient for the manufacture of the support leg from it. To ensure the opportunity to put the leg for saving space when stored, Cut is collected in the middle.

To the edge of one of the parts of the segment is welded a tube length of at least 10 cm. It is important to use a thick-walled tube of round. Square or rectangular section will not allow to ensure the reliability of the connection and contributes to the appearance of the backup. The diameter of this tube should allow to freely insert the remaining part of the segment of the reinforcement. Thanks to the automatic tubular element, the leg becomes collapsible and can be folded twice.

The remaining three legs are performed by a similar scheme. In the process of their production, it is important to strive for ensuring accuracy of compliance with dimensional parameters, which will avoid disruption of the geometric balance of the entire design.

Production of connective jumpers

To ensure the fastening of the support legs, it is necessary to make connecting jumpers. For a four-year stand will be enough two.

They are made from the same material as legs. This reduces production costs and simplify the assembly process. The length of each jumper should exceed the distance between the lower support points of the legs by 5-10 cm. It is necessary to ensure the staticness of the design on the mangale.

To equip nodes of the connection of the legs and jumpers, the latter are welded tubular segments, the parameters of which are identical to the fact that they were welded to the legs. The angle of inclination of these segments relative to the plane of the jumper depends on the corner under which the legs will stand. The magnitude of this angle is arbitrary and does not require compliance with any constructive standards.

After connecting two legs with a support jumper by means of tubular compounds, the figure should be a figure, similar to the outlines with a trapezing without a vertex, square or a rectangle without top rib. As the missing element, the plane of the holding hoop is.

Production of hoop

    In the absence of a ready-made hoop, you can make it from the reinforcement. Its segment whose length is equal to the length of the outer circumference of the middle part of the boiler, heated to high temperatures. In the preheated state of the rod, the rods are applied to the outer surface of the middle part of the inverted boiler and bends in accordance with its diameter.

    Suitable tools are used to hold and flexing the rods: Blacksmith, pliers or gas keys. Wherein no need to comply with high accuracy. After making the hoop itself, the optimal position in relation to the cauldron. To facilitate the flexing process, you can use the reinforcement of a smaller diameter.

    To ensure the possibility of replacing the hoop on the ring of different diameters, it is necessary to fight the cuts to it with a length of up to 5 cm, the number of which is equal to the number of supporting legs, which will allow you to disconnect it from the main design. These tubular parts are arranged in such a way that the legs mounted on the connecting jumpers can be freely inserted into them. In this case, the hoop must lie on these tubes to overlapping their upper part, preventing the end-to-end passage of the legs through them.

    Using a brush with a metal pile and grinding nozzle to handle welded joints to proper condition.

    At the final stage of designing a homemade stand for the cauldron, it must be painted paint, resistant to high temperatures. To perform this operation, you can use the paint can be used, since the coating by spraying provides the optimal thickness of the layer. After drying, the stand is ready for use.

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