How to make a wooden spoon?

How to make a wooden spoon?

The manufacture of wooden spoons is a process that can not be called boring, unnecessary, outdated. In fact, any work with natural material, as a result of which the utilitarian or decorative thing is obtained, brings it to the performer’s pleasure from the creation of the creation. Make a wooden spoon on the lathe, process or paint the existing workpiece, even just cover the lacquer (renovated) old – all this is an interesting process even for a beginner.

What is better to do?

The novice master is worried not the scale of the production of wooden dishes, and the material that is better suited for this purpose. In order for the process initially was not failed, you will need billets from solid, but not rolling wood – aspen, maple, ash, cherries, birch, walnut. If you have not previously tried working with a tree, take the lip. This is a soft and lightweed wood, puffy even in the most skillful hands. In addition, Lipa does not distinguish between tanning substances, the products from it are not prone to.

What exactly should not handle, so it’s pine. Coniferous trees are in principle not suitable for the production of dishes: the cause is strong resinity and sharp smell. And if you remove the smell of paint from a spoon can, then the coniferous smell is stable. How billets for food or decorative spoon Use a plank. You can also split a deck-ridge on small halves.

It is more convenient to work with skimming, but with hasles – more familiar (this is a more traditional way). Orientation of wood fibers will be based on the symmetry pattern of the spoon bowl pattern.

Tools for work

To cut a spoon, you will need not one tool. Ideally, you must have:

  • knife – The optimal version will be a Bogorodsky, there is a convenient narrow nose and a double-sided sharpening+
  • luggage – This is a cooling chisel, which is needed to embrace wood in recesses, instead of lifting, you can take a wide clop+
  • Straight chisel – It is used for smooth cutting of an array of wood with blanks+
  • clamp – tool for fixation+
  • file – Chernovaya processing+
  • Schichel – Thin steel cutter, thanks to which you can make a thread on the handle.

As you can see, this method is designed for manufacture with your own hands spoons at home. If you do not have a lathe, but there are the tools described above, you can gradually cut a spoon.

Stroke work

    Using the template, transfer the drawing of two types (upper and side) onto a wooden billet. Watch out for the orientation of wood fibers – it must be longitudinal. Blank fix clamps, start roughly forming a bowl. Further step-by-step action.

    1. Choose the wood in the direction of fibers. Having deepening a bowl, do not forget that you should leave the thickness allowance for subsequent grinding and trimming.
    2. After the formation of the deepening, proceed to a cut of an excess array in a vertical and horizontal plane, focusing on the upper and lateral outline. For this purpose, the jigsik or a ribbon saw, but the work can be performed by a chisel or hacksaw.
    3. Next, take the Bogorodsky knife, with the help of which the convex part of the spoon is rejected. Thanks to a wide chisel, a cup can be given perfect flatness. The shape of the handle is working as a knife and chisel.
    4. Using a luggage, pure trimming is performed, aligning its edges.
    5. Grinding, as the final stage, is produced in 2-3 approaches (do not forget to reduce abrasive graininess every time).

    Spoon ready! But it is impossible to use it yet. So that it is suitable for food, the spoon is impregnated with special compositions, dried.

    Turning machine

      The process of the same type begins – Drawing two spoon profiles by template. Then on the belt saw is carried out with a dipper, T. E. Rough billet spoon. On the ribbon machine you can immediately cut the teeth for the handle, they are utilitars – they can be gained by the edge of the dishes.

      After this, rough work ends, it begins fine. Now the stationery knife is taken and with its help, the product acquires smoothed forms. Bor-machine with rashpil mills helps rounded bends and edges. Part of the surface is easily smoothed on the grinding machine (if you, of course, know how to work with it).

      To sample bowls you still need an ordinary chisel or, as an option, a cynical. They first cut down a rough contour, then it is adjusted by small semicircular chisels. Bottom leveled with rasp borcis.

      The grinding remains: First, there is a coarse sandpaper, then a small sandpaper. Completes the processing of spoon with a protective composition. And, of course, Decoration – The spoon can be elegantly painted, decorate with a decor of polymer clay, make a family charm from her and t. D.

      Protective composition

      Vintage ways to make water-repellent properties with wood – impregnation with wax or oil. Try to choose natural ingredients for this purpose without different chemical supplies. And even more so do not need a varnish if you will use a spoon as dishes. What impregnations can be taken:

      • Tung butter – Slowly drying oil with deep impregnation of wood, on protective properties is close to lacquer+
      • Linen oil – slowly dries, affordable and relatively cheap+
      • Mineral Vaseline Oil – low-drying, from the surface is washed quickly, but quickly and processed again+
      • Bee or carnauba wax – Not the best option, but permissible.

      This can be completed on this: the further use of the spoon at the discretion of the manufacturer.

      The painting process

      The most common version of the decorative treatment of a spoon – painting. Another young children in the garden are taught how to paint the paper spoon pattern, or give cut paper blank to imitate threads. If the spoon is purely decorative, and contact with moisture does not threaten it, you can use a temperature or color gouache for painting. Such paints are easy to use, pre-primer surfaces they do not require.

      But if you intend to organize painting with spoons with oil paints, the primer is necessary: ​​it is done in 2-3 reception. The primer is easy to do: one part gelatin (instead you can take dry carbon black), 5 parts of the dental powder. Tea spoon composition on a glass of water – and the primer is ready.

      The painting is made in small brushes, no higher than 6, the optimal version is the Belich. The drawing should not be imprompt if you are not a master. Draw a sketch in advance, transfer it to a spoon. Paint in one app! Patterns can be simple, but can make more elegant fine work. But for this sketch in color you must first perform on the paper: the hand is trained, and already on the spoon itself you can make a complex pattern without errors.

      Decorative composition of spoons

      Make from convenient material lampshade. It can be plastic or metal blank, which is made in braid or lace. In the form of a lamp, it will be convenient for suspension. On the perimeter of the lampshar on the beautiful ropes or fishing line with a stripped beads will hang paint spoons. And they can compile painted wooden forks.

      Spoons and plugs decorate in one color – for example, red. For registration, use a pretty point painting. Cover the product with varnish and, waiting for its drying, secure on the line / braid. For fastening in spoons and forks, holes should be done in the handle.

      You will get a beautiful, unusual composition. Sharzhaur sweat over the twine or durable yarn (anything, if only it looked aesthetically and stylistically convincingly). Such a charm composition can hang anywhere: above the dining table, in the hallway, the working area of ​​the kitchen.

      Wooden spoon, self-made and painted – this is a great gift for some kind of ambitious occasion, but from the soul, do it yourself and with the preservation of traditions.

      About how to make a wooden spoon, look in the following video.

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