How to sharpen a meat grinder knife?

How to sharpen a meat grinder knife?

The meat grinder is one of those objects that are present at each kitchen, each mistress has. For cooking your favorite dishes, it is simply indispensable. Whether it is an electrical device or mechanical, sharpening knives are needed to the same degree and in that, in other cases.

Principle of action of a knife

As already mentioned, there are manual and electric meat grinders. But regardless of the drive, the principle of action is absolutely the same. The electric center is distinguished by the fact that it works from electricity, and in the mechanical model, the handle will have to be twisted independently.

Despite the process of improving meat grinders, any of the models is equipped with a flat fixed knife with a multitude of through holes (in the instruction manual, it is also called a mesh or grid) and a knife, in shape resembling a screw that has four blades.

The process of grinding meat or other products in both the electromatics, and in the mechanical model, is made due to the rotation of the cross-shaped knife, which leads to a special auger. From the main volume of the product, part is separated and under pressure is pushed through the holes. Depending on the diameter of the minced holes, it turns out to be different fractions.

An important factor here is very dense adjoining knives to each other over the entire surface.

There should be no distance between cutting blades of cruciform and mesh knives.

The quality of the product being issued from it directly. As a rule, both of these elements are stupid at the same time, but still a four-blade knife is dominated in the cutting of meat, and it is necessary to monitor its sharpness to a greater extent.

When you need shard?

As a rule, an understanding that it is required, arises in the fastest of the use of the device. Grinding products is becoming heavier, especially if it is a manual meat grinder (handle to rotate is rather difficult).

The meat can be turned frightened, more juice is squeezed out of it, the cores are wound on the auger, and the minced member turns out like Cashitz. In addition, if knives have been fucked by the electrical model, then it starts to spend more electricity on the grinding process. But the worst thing is that the engine is overheated in this mode, – your meat grinder can completely fail.

If the listed cases have a place to be, then it’s time for sharpening. But it is not worth upset about this, throwing cooking lunch and run to the store for new knives. It is quite expensive, and no need.

    With sharpening it is quite possible to cope with your own hands, even a woman who does not have such experience, and not waste time and money for the purchase, the work of the master.

    Despite the fact that manufacturers of this unit argue that the service life of knives is endless and they self-sharpening by friction in each other in the process of twisting the products, in fact everything happens differently. To begin with, it is necessary to figure out why knives are stupid. There are several reasons.

    • Steel, from which they are made, completely ordinary, even in expensive electrical appliances, it can rust over time and oxidized, which leads to them.
    • Meat products that have a soft structure are most often twisted in the meat grinders that have a soft structure, but nevertheless in them are periodically small, crushed bones, cartilage and tendons. They contribute to the gradual bunge of the knives.


    There is always a choice, which way to eliminate this problem:

    • give a specialist+
    • sharpen+
    • Buy new.

    Expedient, faster and cheaper to cope with this at home.

    Consider how to put the knives manually.

    With the help of abrasive stone

    Surely you have a grinding stone at home, if not, then you should buy. by the way, With some modern models of meat grinders, it comes in a set, but there is both free!. The stone should be new for better effect or not used before sharpening ordinary knives and other items, otherwise its surface may be damaged by chips and scratches, which will negatively affect the knives from the meat grinder.

    His graininess should not exceed forty – sixty microns, then it will not leave jar and scratches on the surface. Put the stone on a flat surface, it is better to raise the tight material for it so that the stone does not slide. Sprinkle with a spray with a spray with a sprayer or soak for two or three minutes in a container with liquid. It is necessary to constantly follow the moisture from the grinding stone not evaporated.

    The best way is to do it in the sink under the jet of water. Thus, it will not be necessary to be constantly distracted and check whether the wet stone is enough to cool the metal.

    Now take a knife, put on a stone, press tightly and rotate the movements to the left and in a circle to the state until the cutting blades get a flat, smooth, mirror surface. For better pressing, use the wooden bar. Carefully inspect after, check if there is no scratch. It is important that the sharpening was uniform in all four knives surfaces. If they still saw scratches on the cutting part, then stick with shallow emery paper.

    If there was a film of oxidation, then with rotational motions, periodically check that it believes too uniformly. It is extremely important, as it affects the further work of the knife. After that, do the same sharpening algorithm with a mesh knife.

    When you finish work, do not forget to attach a quadruple knife to the mesh and check for the presence of a gap. It should not be.

    Now you need to rinse well both elements under the jet of water to wash the small metal sawdust, collect a meat grinder and scrolling a piece of meat. You will immediately feel the difference and understand whether it coped well with sharpening. If not, repeat the entire procedure again.

    With a sharpening machine

    Perhaps this is the fastest way of sharpening knives, only coming far from all. It requires the skill of working with this device, and if you do not have it, it is better to use a special stone, bar or grinding paper. To use the machine, it is necessary to apply a special paste of gay to the smooth surface of the grinding stone (number four) with a small abrasive and give it to dry. Only after that you can start work.

    We launch the device and carefully press the blade knife to the rotating circle. The angle of inclination of petals should be about seventy – eighty degrees, important here is the preservation of corners. You must constantly follow the stacked surface and give the metal in time to cool so as not to overcome it. With a grill to do the same procedure, but in order to avoid damage to the skin of your fingers, use the same wooden block for press.

    It is worth it to repeat that this procedure for sharpening knives is suitable exclusively for a specialist who has experience in this case – a newcomer will most likely spoil the item, which will still have to buy.

    With sandpaper

    The easiest and most financially available way, since the sandpaper often can be found in the box with tools in any house. But even if not, it will not buy it in any nearby building materials store. The abrasive part of the sandwich should be shallow, so as not to damage the surface, otherwise additional grinding will be required. The algorithm of action is very simple and similar to the previous.

    Securely secure paper on a flat surface, it is best to glue her to organic glass or another subject. Moisten the water knife, scroll counterclockwise until a smooth surface appears. Make the same knife with the second knife.

    If cutting parts rusty strongly, drill can be used to save forces and simplify the process. Fix the knife through the hole in the center using a suitable screw and gently on low revolutions in reverse reverse mode, make rust to clean from the surface to uniform shine.

    Subsequent processing of the detail to finish the manual method. Do not forget to take both knives to each other to check the tight fit. To do this, press one knife to another and brighten, looking at the clearance so that there is no distance between them. It is allowed 0.05 millimeters clearance. This is an exemplary thickness of a human hair. If the gap is more, it doesn’t matter how sharply the knives are made – they will not work very well. Therefore, it costs to repeat the grinding.

    Councils of experts

    • Specialists advise to better process the cutting part of the knives immediately before sharpening to lubricate them with any edible oil and give to stand five minutes. Suitable and machine, but then rinse a thoroughly well and rub with alcohol.
    • For uniform sharpening periodically twist the knife around its axis.
    • Push when sharding should be done directly to the central part. So you will avoid risk of running the metal on one side more than on the other.
    • For a long service life, the details of the meat grinder must be cleaned well after use and be sure to dry on a towel or paper to avoid corrosion.
    • Inspection of the meat grinder must be carried out once a month to make sharpening on time.

    Here are such simple ways to return our kitchen assistant to “Combat Stroy”. Observing expert advice, you will extend the service life of meat grinders for many years.

    About how to sharpen the knives of the meat grinder, look in the following video.

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