How to sharpen knives with a knife sharpener?

How to sharpen knives with a knife sharpener?

Even people who are rarely engaged in cooking, there is a knife. This is perhaps the most important tool in the kitchen of any housewife. Over time, the properties of the blade are lost: when cutting in vegetables and other products, steel is deformed, the blade is stupid, and cooking becomes a real torment. Sharpening helps to restore the outline and properties of the deformed blade.

Materials for the production of knives

A large role in the sharpness and deadlines of the knife plays the type of steel or materials from which it is made. It is worth paying attention to this when choosing a method that the blade will be sharpened. Most often steel for knives is made from iron and carbon alloy. Such alloys add various metals impurities. It may be chrome, nickel, molybdenum. Acuity, term of use, formation of plaque and rust – for all this meets the quality of steel.

For example, the alloy with the addition of chromium or nickel with time can lead to the oxidation of the blade. Metal flavor will be present in food. But such products remain sharp for a long time. Steel with carbon and molybdenum will help to avoid such trouble. Knives made from such alloys, are less susceptible to corrosion.

Some hosts are popular in ceramics. The blade remains sharp quite a long time. But the temps itself and the knife handle will quickly break due to their fragility, which makes ceramic knives impractical to use in the kitchen.

It is worth mentioning Damascus Steel. Quality and sharpness of the blade at a high level. Such knives can maintain their property and appointment for years and do not require sharpening. But in everyday life almost no one uses Knives from Damask Steel. Most often it is intended for the manufacture of cold weapons. The cost of such blades is very high.

Choosing Sharpener

First you should figure out how to correctly sharpen the blades with a sharpener, and how to put an angle for comfortable and safe work. You should know that the only accurate value of the angle to put the tires, no. Its value depends on the material from which the knife is made, as well as the instrument assignment. Universal and most optimal angle, depending on the purpose of the blade:

  • An ordinary kitchen knife used in domestic purposes – 30-35 °+
  • Fish knife – 25 °+
  • Cutting knife – 25-30 °+
  • For cutting and shredding of vegetables – 35 °+
  • Table knife – 55-60 °.

Nowadays, there are a lot of sharpening ways. These are grinding stones, and bars, and round rods made of steel with a handle, and even machines with abrasive circles. More popular among housewives roller sharpening. Use them very convenient. A small device consists of special cereals (rollers), which are covered with abrasive or diamond spraying.

As a rule, such rollers initially arranged at an angle of 45 ° to the blade, and set the sharpening angle itself can no longer. Since the sharpening angle is 40-50 ° to the cutting edge, it is impossible to sharpen scissors, cutlery knives or other cutting tools. And also there are grinding systems for knives. They allow you to adjust the sharpening angle. With their help, you can get a very good result.

Such a sharpening system consists of a set of bars. Except for bars (3-5 pcs.), the set includes abrasive pastes. The main advantage of the flood sharpening systems is the ability to process any cutting products and devices, even ceramic. Systems are durable and safe, make it possible to set an accurate angle. Replacing the grinding stone, you can get the perfect sharpness of the blade. Grinding systems are quite expensive, and they are used more in production than in everyday life.

A more modern and simple method is to use Chinese round sharpener who will become an indispensable assistant at home. It’s pretty easy to use it. It is only necessary to insert a knife between two abrasive rollers. This universal device will suit those who want to quickly cope with the procedure.

Quality and fast results can be obtained by Electric device. Electric coil in a few minutes you can return the knives to the former sharpness, as well as polish them. A special automated system itself chooses sharpening angle, which makes it even more convenient to use.

Compact products

Pocket sharpeners, they are also called manual, differ in small sizes; they can be worn with them. Most often on them is the ring, which makes them more like a key chain. Sharpeners of small dimensions are several types:

  • grinding bar or stones+
  • Mini Castet+
  • Screw tools.

The grinding stones are able to give the sharpness not only by the blades of various knives, but also scissors, and other products. Stones sharpening are divided into several species. There are so-called Japanese water stones. They are produced with different graininess of the abrasive surface, which helps in a short time quickly put the knife or any other tool. In addition, such products have budget value, and the service life is very high.

Abrasives of this type before work should be soaked for 20 minutes in water. From the stone should come out. If the stone is used dry, the abrasive will quickly break dust and steel particles, the stone will become smooth and will lose its properties.

Sharpener Castete is the cheapest device from all existing. This fiscal model is a good option for temporary use. Such a sharpening is suitable for use in the country or during the rest in nature. The knob of fixtures is put on hand, like a crack. The second hand holds a knife and leads the viewing zone. Usually sharpener-cooling has 2 zones: ruling and polishing. This sharpening has a minus: when you turn around the knife can slip and injure your hand.

Programs will also become an indispensable assistants if there is no special sharpener. It may be Ordinary cobblestone, second knife, leather belt or glass. In all cases should be careful. Cool the blade can also be about the protruding ring at the bottom of the ceramic plate. The main thing is that the surface is a bit rough.


Triple cochers for knives are gaining popularity. They are easy to care and work. The device consists of a handle, at the end of which there is an abrasive material, divided into 3 alab (connector): with diamond crumb, from tungsten steel, ceramics. Diamond spraying helps damaged blades to restore the form. The connector made from tungsten steel gives the V-shaped blades, and ceramics completes the process with high-quality polishing.

About how to get sick knives correctly, look in the following video.

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