Kitchen Table: Types and selection

Kitchen Table: Types and selection

Someone will say that the purchase of the oilcloth on the table is the last century, and will not be right. How can it be out of the subject, simultaneously performing practical and aesthetic functions? Especially since the range of these products is only expanding, the design becomes more and more modern, more interesting forms appear. In this article, consider all the features of the killenka on the kitchen table.

Advantages and disadvantages

High-quality oilcloth on the table has the following advantages.

  • This is a high-strength product that has durability and resistance to various mechanical impacts. There are options, the quality of which does not suffer even when cutting a knife or when using hot dishes on its surface.

  • A high-quality copy is resistant to cracking, deformation and peeling the coating due to an additional lacquer layer.

  • Good oilcloth on sticks to the table surface and does not damage its coating, it has elasticity.

  • All offered modern products are distinguished by moisture resistance.

  • Home Function of any oilcloth – Table surface protection. Even low-quality product usually copes with its task.

  • Stores offer a wide range of oil design, among which each hostess will be able to pick up the most suitable option for a particular kitchen interior.

Before you go beyond the kitchen, learn the disadvantages of this product.

  • If this is a cheap tablecloth of low quality, she will last long. First, damage is quickly formed on it, which are not able to protect the table coating, and secondly, the paints will soon fade, so such oilcloths require frequent updates.

  • There are low-grade copies, which themselves quickly deteriorate, and are able to damage the surface of the table. For example, the oilcloth can stick to the coating, and when it is eliminated on the tabletop, the spots will remain.

Materials varieties

Kleenka can be bought as a daily table cover or as a tablecloth only for solemn cases. Products made from the following materials are popular.

  • Cotton. Attractive colorful products with bright drawings are most often purchased for use during a festive dinner. Due to such a oilcloth, the table looks luxurious, moreover, the material is easily dispersed and strokes. Minus them is rapid wear. If you take a modern instance with a polyester or viscose, then with such a tablecloth it will be easier to remove flax of fat or wine.

  • Teflon. Due to the additional Teflon layer, these samples are distinguished by high quality and water repellent properties, have a long service life.

  • Silicone. Optimal option for daily use. In stores, such copies are presented both in a transparent form and with an interesting design. Kleenka is made on a dense stand-based basis and is characterized by wear resistance.

  • Oil. High-quality product obtained by cooking Oliffs and subsequent manufacture of kaolin and colorful soils. The base is covered by a multilayer soil and is treated with varnish.

  • Polyvinyl chloride. Made of emulsion and suspension polyvinyl chloride, which provides products to wear resistance and strength. Suitable for any table, even glass.


When choosing the oilcloth, it is important to pay attention to its form.

It should be noted that there is no need to buy a coating according to the table form, that is, for a round table, it is not necessary to buy a round linen.

Sometimes the difference in forms, on the contrary, looks very original and is specifically used to maintain a certain styles of the kitchen interior. In general, designers give their recommendations on the selection of forms of the oil.

  • For the oval table, the oilcloth is quite suitable, but try to add interesting sets that emphasize the shape of the general image. It turns out a very spectacular appearance.

  • Even if the oilcloth is already there, do not pass by oval and rectangular napkins, which will be aesthetic to look on the surface of the tablecloth.

  • Round or oval oilcloths are suitable for any shapes. For example, you can place a round tablecloth on the worktop, and in its center there is a square fabric napkin. This option of serving looks modern and original.

  • Square product can be seized in the form of a rhombus, but it is important to observe symmetry.

  • For a solemn case, the tracks are suitable for the table.


Cleanna parameters are determined by the size of the table top. Therefore, before buying it is important to measure the length and width of the table. Another important factor – the length of hanging edges.

That is, if the hostess is required to the tablecloth, which will not just cover the tabletop, but also drops below the edge of the table, then it is important to add 10-50 cm on each side of the oil.

Typically, such a bulk option is selected for festive dinners, and a silicone pad is suitable for daily use, which must be perfectly coincided with the size and configuration with the table.

In general, the size of the tablecloths are offered in accordance with the standard kitchen table parameters, but if the table is made to order individually and it is not possible to choose the perfect lining, you can buy a product a little more in a midway and at home cut off the extra edge. For everyday use, many prefer to buy PVC oilcloths in rolls, which allows you to absound so much material as a tabletop requires.


As a rule, the design of the tablecloth is selected taking into account the overall stylistics of the kitchen room. These can be modern patchwork ornaments and prints. Beautiful fit into the kitchen interior Summer motifs with a picture of vegetables and fruits, such a design is a symbol of wealth in the family. He is especially appropriate in the style of Rustic.

If the hostess prefers with modest inexpensive oilcloths from simple materials, it is recommended to buy products with holographic volumetric prints.

Such a design will fill the kitchen by the mythical atmosphere and distract the attention of guests from the simplicity of the tissue surface.

For the winter you can purchase a tablecloth with summer ornaments, they will create a pleasant, warm, home furnishings and warm up their comfort in the winter evening. In the summer, on the contrary, the room needs freshness and lightness, and then the coatings with air frosty patterns are suitable. To give luxury Buy glued on a soft basis with elegant embossed and colorful landscape.

How to choose?

Buying a oilcloth on the dining table, first of all, take into account the style of the room. It is better not to buy contrasting products in color and do not make the oilcloth with an accent, the color scheme should fit into the general topic of registration. So, if the interior is created in cool snow-white or blue colors, then the tablecloth should be transparent. For the room made in warm brown or yellow, the instance is more suitable in warming shades.

You do not need to save on the tablecloth. The more expensive the product, the higher its quality and the longer it will be used in the kitchen. Kitchen conditions do not differ simplicity, here is a constant humidity, the oilcloth is regularly exposed to thermal and mechanical effects, and therefore its quality is very important to consider when buying. In addition, cheap low-quality options can be made from chemical components, inappropriate in the kitchen, and have an unpleasant smell.

For example, samples of polystyrene have such disadvantageous properties.

The most durable option is the tissue basecloth or on a nonwoven canvas. The top coating of polyvinyl chloride protects the surface from cuts, deformation, water absorption. For a solemn feast, it is better to give preference to elegant openwork loaves, for daily use this option is not recommended, as it is problematic to miss it. Check the oilcloth on elasticity. The higher this indicator, the higher the high performance properties has a product.

Care and operation

Even if the oilbox is made of high quality materials, it needs careful leaving. With competent operation, the product will last in the kitchen as long as possible, its integrity will continue, and the paints do not hang out in time. Basic Kitchen Cleanna Care Rules.

  • After buying, rinse the loop with soap solution and wipe out well. Also act with severe pollution during use.

  • Do not wash the oilcloth with abrasives, do not use aggressive chemistry and means, as part of which have acids and alkali. Under their influence, the upper layer will quickly lose the integrity, besides, it is harmful to people who will have behind this table.

  • Put hot dishes on special stands. Can be replaced by their usual tacks or even heat-resistant cutting boards.

Overview of the PVC oilcloth on a non-notable basis, see the video below.

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