Magnetic knife holders: how to choose and attach?

Magnetic knife holders: how to choose and attach?

Magnetic knife holders are an excellent alternative to desktop holders and standings. They fit perfectly into the kitchen environment without disturbing the interior composition as a whole.

Features, pros and cons

The magnetic holder is a horizontal bar with two magnetic stripes. It is placed on a vertical plane, which can serve as Wall panel or kitchen furniture housing.

The advantages of using magnetic holders in the kitchen are the following points.

  • Hygienic. Knives are in open space, which eliminates the formation and development of the bacterial medium due to the accumulation of moisture. This design is considered much more hygienic than others.
  • Saving space. The holder takes up little space, becoming almost one with a vertical surface. Knives, placed on the magnet, are also compactly line up in a row.
  • Knives do not touch each other. Many vertical and horizontal stands for cutlery do not provide individual space for knife. As a result, the knives will rub each other and blunt.
  • Devices are all the time in a prominent place in the nearest accessibility area. In order to take a knife, you will need a few seconds. It does not need to open a box or cabinet door.
  • Wide price range. The price of magnetic holders is very democratic. Even the cheapest options look very decent. If desired, the holder can be made with their own hands using a wooden basis and magnets.
  • Easy to care. Wall holders usually have a smooth invoice and do not need special care. To maintain purity, it is enough to just wipe the surface with a damp cloth, and if necessary, use a little cleaner for the kitchen.
  • Easy fastening. Attach the magnet on the wall is very easy. This is usually done using self-samples or bilateral scotch.
  • Universality. If necessary, other kitchen appliances made of metal are attached to the holder (shimmer, halves, blades).
  • Safety. Magnet perfectly holds devices of various sizes and is at sufficient height from children.
  • Practicality. The combination of all the above advantages of magnetic holders makes it possible to talk about its practicality and convenience in use.

Minuses of magnetic holders can be considered such nuances.

  • Probability of damage to metal knife blade holders. This applies to those models, the facial part of which is made of metal or has metal fragments.
  • The holder cannot attach knives from other materials, for example, ceramic. Ceramics by definition does not have the properties to attract to the magnets, so it is not possible to place such knives for them.



Environmentally friendly versions of wood look stylish and attractive. They are perfectly harmonized with kitchen furniture made of natural wood or imitation. It should be borne in mind that the force of attraction of such holders is slightly lower than products from other materials, and very heavy items such an option may not hold.

Holders made of wood are made not only in the form of bars of the right form. Stylish options are performed in the form of a wide board or tree branch. If desired, such models can be made independently.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel products are considered eternal and very high quality. The force of attraction of holders for stainless steel knives is much more powerful than the models from other materials. Even metallic kitchen solid is perfectly attached to such a strip.


Plastic knives holders – this is one of the most economical options in order to place knives on the wall like on velcro. With proper care, plastic will serve you not one year. However, its wear resistance is still not comparable to metal products. Color range of plastic options is the biggest. White, beige and black holders are popular.


Magnetic Holder for Ringing Knife – This is a relatively new device in the kitchen. Raleighs are Metal barbell, on which kitchen utensils suspended, including knife holders.

How to choose?

Determining with the choice of a magnetic holder for knives, be sure to pay attention to the main quality indicators of the product. Ideal if the manufacturer provides quality guarantee for its products. Usually do expensive brands.

If there is no warranty, then when evaluating the quality of the magnetic holder, you must pay attention to the following characteristics.

  • Blade material of your knives. Magnetic holders are suitable only for knives with a metal blade. Ceramic knives attract to the magnet will not.
  • Being a full-fledged member of the kitchen design, the holder must perfectly fit into the interior in appearance and maintain the stylistics of the room. The body of the product may be different: from simple plastic to mahogany. Under the wooden headset installed in the kitchen, usually pick up the same wooden holder.
  • The length of the holder Pick depending on the number of knives placed. Consider that knives should not be attached close to each other. Aesthetically and hygienic will be, if a small distance remains between them. In some cases, there may be a combination of several slats. This design looks professionally and allows you to place a large number of devices.
  • By width Holders can also be different. Choosing a wide holder, consider the length of the blades of your knives, because the handle, hitting the plate, will not allow the device to fix it.
  • Famous manufacturers Choose for holders more eco-friendly materials that do not have a poisonous smell of plastics. If you purchase a cheap version of the magnet, pay attention to how it smells, since a sharp unpleasant smell suggests that the product is made of harmful materials.
  • The force of attraction of the magnet depends on its thickness. Therefore, if you can, be sure to rate this indicator. The optimal is the thickness of the magnets in 3-5 mm. Thin thin plates are not able to fully hold sweaty knives.

Tips for use

  • For safe use, holders should hang in place inaccessible to children. As a rule, the magnet is installed above one of the cutting tables at the height of the shoulders.
  • It is also important to reliably fix the magnet on the surface, since the fallen design may be injured by a number of people. The danger lies in the fact that not only the holder falls, but also knives with it.
  • It is not recommended to install a magnet on the door, because when opening the cabinet, knives may fall. The movable surface, which at first glance can be used as a platform for a magnet, becomes quite dangerous when placing acute items on it.
  • The holder itself should be installed reliably, using at least two mounts. When choosing a type of fasteners, the severity of the instruments placed. For example, knives with metal handles are much harder than with plastic, and the mount may not withstand such a massive design.

Magnetic holder is convenient because it is not necessary to put knives in it, just notice the blades. It is worth noting that it is not recommended to do it sharply because the knife can slip. Always need to make sure that the device was reliably fixed on a magnet.

How exactly attach to the wall?

In order to correctly hang the magnetic holder for the knives on the wall, you need to smoothly and gently make the preliminary labels. To do this, you can use the usual or laser level, which will outline the placement horizontal. The distance between the fasteners on the magnet is measured, and the corresponding value is transferred to the wall.

The number of fixtures depends on the type and size of the holder. The most common design has Two fasteners. They can be looped on top of the plank, and hidden.

Very often hanging the magnet for knives falls on the tile, since it is the tile that is used to finish the working wall in the kitchen. Fastening produce With the help of bilateral tape or using a dowel-nail. Usually, the holders include a dowel and self-tapping screws.

When using bilateral scotch, it is necessary to deflect the surface. The sticky film is removed on one side of the tape and stick it on the wall. Then the film is removed on the other side and the holder is applied from above, which is tightly pressed against the wall and continue to hold for a while in such a position.

To preemptive and without destruction to attach a magnet to the tile of a dowel-nail, should be accurate in the work. For this, drilling is produced in two stages. At the first stage it is better to use a drill or screwdriver with a pen for ceramics of the desired diameter to drill tile. At the second stage, the perforator is used to make a hole in the wall itself. A dowel is inserted into the finished hole, which is screwed or clogged with a nail.

How to fix the magnetic holder for knives, look in the following video.

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