Mixer Hanks: Types and Characteristics

Mixer Hanks: Types and Characteristics

Modern household appliances greatly simplify the cooking process. Therefore, a rare hostess costs without such devices as a mixer and blender.

If you intend to make a near person a gift, but we fear to make an incorrect choice, then you can prefer to give these devices with a set of reliable nozzles to them. It is the nozzles that are the main working elements in them.

Nozzles for Mixer

The whisk for a mixer is the most important tool. It whips and mixes various ingredients, which are later used to cook dishes. Only a high-quality whine will serve for a long time and will ensure the trouble-free operation of the kitchen household.

The nozzle must meet the following requirements:

  • convenience+
  • Strength+
  • Have a profitable design.

From the appearance (design) of the device depends on its ability to achieve a special pomp with whipping products.

Strength provides material from which blades are made. A good tool will cope not only with soft creams and sauces, but also with a more viscous test. Hangs with plastic blades are very attractive, but their “counterparts” of a special stainless steel saves efficiency significantly longer.

Plastic over time is grieving, and the metal is practically not changed. In addition, the bunker must reliably connect to the device itself and quickly retrieved at the end of work.

What a mixer, such a whisk

Different modifications of mixers various and types of whites. Some low-power devices are designed for whipping liquids and light creams. They are able to mix eggs with milk for making an omelet, but they are not able to process something viscous. More powerful models have several speeds and replaceable nozzles for use with different types of ingredients.

Mixers for kitchen use are single and twisen.

The latter are distinguished by large abilities. They quickly and more thoroughly mix the components due to the simultaneous execution of double work.

Instruments with one rotating element are quite common. Handmade household appliance with one wedge is easier than with two. It is convenient for them:

  • kneading liquid dough+
  • whipped out+
  • coat+
  • Prepare Drinks.

Steam nozzles on dimensions are somewhat less than solitary.

Special attention should be paid to unusual grinding. In addition to the actions mentioned, such a model is used to work with vegetables and fruits. Thanks to the tool sharpness, it shrugs not only soft berries, but also solid fruits, for example, apples or pears.

When choosing a mixer, you should give preference to those models where there are various spare nozzles.

Do not forget about the wrenches for planetary mixers. Stainless metal from which the crowns make such electrical appliances provide them with high reliability. The nozzle rotates at high speeds, in seconds, whipping creams or cream, kneading the dough or preparative cocktails.

Unforeseen situation

But also durable whiskers sometimes fail. Most often it happens not in the process of work, but as a result of mechanical damage. Plastic tools break when blows and excessive loads. Metal is amenable to deformation when using the tool is not intended, with random or deliberate destruction.

If your whisk for some reason broke, does not mean that the mixer itself is not suitable for kitchen use. Do not rush to refuse an electrical appliance and move to a less effective mechanical analog. Lost item can well be replaced with a new.

Where to find a replacement?

Spare parts for household power tools are sold in specialized stores at the place of residence, and you can also order online. To the old models released by the domestic industry in the last century, find a spare part hardly succeed. For modern devices such a problem does not exist.

Popular brands, for example, Bosch, Moulinex or Braun care about buyers, so provide them with the possibility of replacing elements failed.

Behind a broken wedge, contact the service center servicing appropriate techniques. Even if the desired part does not turn out to be available, make an order. It will be completed in a few days.

Purchase in the store

Going to the store, specify the model of your mixer. It is important to know the accurate modification of the device with letters and numbers specified after the brand name. Some brands have the possibility of interchangeability, others have no. And so that the purchase is successful, do not be lazy to grab the product passport with you. Then the seller will know exactly what you need and suggest the desired product.

Tips for buyers

Modern trading offers a lot of options for household appliances. Questions about which of them are better, longer serve and how not to make an increasing step answer themselves in their reviews. Judging by what the happy buyers say, go to first place Bosch Mixers (Bosch). Reliability of the whines of this brand are celebrated both ordinary owners and professional cookies.

Unjust assess that Mulinex (Moulinex) or Brown (Braun) have nozzles less high-quality. If these brands slightly lagging behind the national rating, then not reliability, but according to the price / quality ratio. Any technique of these brands is worthy of attention. Having bought a mixer of one of these brands, you definitely do not lose.

In this video you will learn how to insert and remove and remove the whites from the mixer.

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