Plates for a microwave: What happens and how to choose?

Plates for a microwave: What happens and how to choose?

Plates for the microwave furnace are characterized not only by different sizes, but also a distinguished surface relief. The microwave stoves of different brands differ also by the type of dish connection node with the center itself.


Modern household kitchen appliances make it easier for labor. Microwave, for example, allows you to quickly warm up ready meal, cook a new dish, and some models allow you to bake a piece. The main feature of the microwave is the possibility of daily use, harmless effects on the products.

Glass spinning dish for supplying products can be put on the table, while saving time on shifting and washing plates. The dimensions of this dish are compact, but different microwaves differ.

Distinctive features of the pallets are closely related to microwave dimensions. These household appliances are conditionally divided into:

  • Small-sized (up to 20 liters)+
  • Mediterranean (up to 27 liters)+
  • Large (from 28 to 42 liters).

Average 30-liter stoves are considered popular, as suitable for a classic family of 3-4 people. Advanced models other than the main pallet include a set of additional devices.

For example, There are multifunctional stoves, they are supplied with a pallet with a lid, and a grill grill. Instead of lattice, some models have a special disk that is suitable for meat frying. Another disc is simultaneously a steaming. Additional details are often important for modern microwave.

For example, the grill is quickly heated, it is easy to clean, provides a beautiful crust. If the fan is installed inside the stove, it provides more favorable conditions for cooking. Additional to such a function dish with a lid will allow experimenting with various recipes. The same additional part is useful for the auto-surround functional.

High-quality technique will undoubtedly become a reliable assistant and extends quite a long time that you can spend for classes with children or your own vacation.

When choosing a device, it is worth considering that the microwave dish, pallet, a grill or a plate of each other will not replace. The use of objects is not for the purpose will lead to a breakdown of the mechanism. And the stove will not work without a rotating table.

The rotation of the part occurs synchronously with the mechanism providing radiation of electromagnetic waves. Thanks to the on / off mode and ensures uniform food heating. There are universal trays in the market, which, according to the manufacturers, are suitable for different models. But if your stove is old, modern universal devices can not come to her. Another important nuance is how universally offered on sale device. The main determining parameters are the dimensions of the pallet. Materials of the manufacture of almost all plates for microwave – tempered glass.


Popular diameters of microwave pallets – 245, 288, 305, 345 mm. Manufacturers offer consumer products sometimes with the same dimensions, but characterized by dimensions. This is due to the fact that measurements are at the maximum or minimum diameter of the plate itself, as well as the maximum or minimum diameter of the circle in which the stand can fit.

For example, For the size of the circle, the diameter of the rotating circle is taken for which a specific pallet is suitable. Navigate the sizes will help the cross, on which the plate lay, if the latter is not available. Using a ruler, you can determine the length from its center to one of the wheels. Cross sizes are usually standard and there are three types: 17.5, 18.5, 22 cm, in fact, are an internal pallet radius. The diameter of the turning table is the actual size of the product. To find out the correct parameter, specialists advise to measure the depth of the stove from the far wall of the space inside to the extreme or side part of it.

To identify the desired parameter in millimeters, the resulting result in centimeters must be multiplied by 10. Experts also take into account the minimum supported microwave depth, that is, internal dimensions.

If a universal pallet is selected, you need to consider the minimum circle parameter: the rotation for which the right pallet can be selected. Some manufacturers take into account the bottom diameter only before the convex side, it is it called internal.

Due to the sets of measurement variations arise difficulties with the choice. In addition to differences in dimensions, there is a difference in the distance between the fasteners of the microwave meals. Usually the more the dish itself, the more significant the parameter between the central deepening. To facilitate selection, manufacturers apply the following terms:

  • D – Outer diameter (MAX)+
  • D1 – diameter to the inner groove under the roller base+
  • D2 – diameter to the outer groove under the roller mechanism+
  • R – Radius to the Cross, the item is not on all models+
  • T – Type and sizes of the connection node with a coupling (Coupler).

How to choose a plate?

Microwave LG, Samsung, Supra – the necessary technique that today is almost in every home. If the glass plate, which is a mandatory element, crashed or lost when moving, the question of its proper choice becomes relevant.

Inattentive averages, this task may seem simple: all rounds round, glass. However, unique differences, despite the external similarity, these parts have. A very wrong solution will be the choice of the pallet on low cost in the online store. Buying without knowledge of important parameters will be unreasonable money.

When choosing a plate, it is important to take into account several parameters.

  • Mark microwave. Knowledge not only names, but also a series of models will help in choosing a suitable plates. Managers will prompt the required detail, even if you do not know how it looks like.
  • Diameter. In size, it is important not to be mistaken, since too small or exorbitantly large detail makes it difficult to work microwave. The ideal coincidence of dimensions can be achieved with accurate measurements of the oven itself.
  • Relief DNA. For example, panasonic or samsung plates are characterized by peculiar protrusions. There are recesses on the dishes that the legs play on the reverse side.

Other popular varieties:

  • smooth without protrusions and recesses+
  • with one deepening in the center+
  • with speakers on the sides and in the center.

These details, though very small, but important, as in some microwaves, the pallet is installed on the obligor, in others – to install the pallet there is a special cross. Those plates that have protrusions are usually designed for the buyer. Plates with a smooth surface are suitable under the cross, which is also called a roller.

If the diameter and form of fastening of the dishes are unknown, you can find the desired plate by the name of the manufacturer. If this detail is unknown, you can choose suitable items from various materials.

  • Heat resistant glass. The dishes should have refractory qualities, to be with rather thick walls.
  • Porcelain dishes without gilding. If the utensils are based on this material, it is subject to use in the microwave, perfect option – pure-white dishes and cups.
  • Ceramic coated with glazes. Such dishes are suitable for cooking in the microwave, while they show excellent results.
  • Glass-ceramic dishes. These types of dishes are very common in use, as they show resistance to temperatures and a good fortress. Food in such a dishes can be warm up and cooking.
  • Paper disposable dishes perfectly suitable for use in the microwave, but only as a temporary solution. For example, before buying a suitable dish. To the same category include ordinary napkins. They can be wrapped in baking, warm up, while the product does not lose the characteristic flavor of fresh baking.
  • In the plastic container you can warm up the lunch. Plastic is not deformed under the influence of temperature, food will not become more harmful. Capacities coming on sale are usually perfect for microwaves.

The heat-resistant silicone is suitable as a temporary microwave solution. The material also does not lose its qualities, not deformed by heating.

Tips for care

Microwave, especially if used is often used, accumulates various contaminants. Cleaning running household appliances turns into a problem. Wrong action during cleaning can cause a breakdown of the stove, and dishes. Recommended by manufacturers Periods for care, subject to everyday operation – twice a week.

When cleaning, it is unacceptable to enter water inside. Several compositions are recommended for cleaning tray and surfaces.

  • In 100 ml of water to dissolve as many table vinegar. Misk with solution It is recommended to install in microwave and turn on the device for about 3 minutes. Power must be the maximum possible. With the end of time, you can open the door and see: no fat stains softened. If necessary, you can run another three-minute cycle.
  • Water in the amount of 100 ml can be mixed with a tablespoon of food soda. With this solution, the microwave must be launched for 10 minutes. After time, it will only be left to wipe the inner surface with a soft rag. From soda solution microwave, as a new.

Another recipe involves the use of the economic soap. It needs to be touched on the grater, mix with water, having achieved foam. The resulting means can be handled the stove inside and outside, leaving it for about half an hour. After time expire, the solution can be removed with a soft cloth.

Carefully rub the stove can be lemon juice squeezed from one half of the fruit. At the same time, the second half can be put inward and turn on the microwave for heating about five minutes. Microwave will only wipe with sponge.

Grilled grill can be cleaned with a mixture of coffee grounds and ordinary salts. Proportions can be taken in equal parts, the solution remaining on the surface is then simply cleaned by the rag.

All actions are recommended immediately after cooking, cope with dried fat is very difficult. Especially if you do not clear the grille or spit for the grill in a timely manner.

Very difficult to weathelate various odors left after defrosting or cooking especially fragrant dishes. For cleansing, a mixture of lemon zest and toothpaste will be required. The proportions must be approximately equal, and all inside the microwave is processed by the resulting solution. It needs to just leave it for a while, and then wipe everything with a wet napkin. In rid of smells inside the microwave will help lemon and vanilla. Ingredients need to be mixed with water, and heated the resulting solution for five minutes.

How to pick up a plate for a microwave oven, look in the following video.

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