Plates with a lid: Features of rolls and bathers, tips on their choice

Plates with a lid: Features of rolls and bathers, tips on their choice

The holiday is an integral part of each house and family. During cooking for the celebration of any celebration, be it a birthday or new year, each mistress seeks to perfectly in all. It is very important that the table is covered correctly, according to all rules of serving, the food was tasty and warm at the time of filing.

The flow of dishes on the table is carried out using various dishes – plates, trays and other tanks. To date, the use of special plates with lids has become very popular. In this article, let’s talk about Cloes (Branches), special covers, how to choose them correctly and when and for which dishes can be used.

The concept of a ram or closet

This is a plate cover used during table setting. She reminds the hemisphere in their appearance. Very often you can observe how the restaurants serve dishes under such a clutch, but today this attribute is not uncommon and at home kitchen. Its main purpose of application is a beautiful snacks on the table, while keeping the temperature of the dish and prevent the temptation. Also, the ramchik gives you the opportunity to save the dish in primeval form for a long time. The dish is simply covered with a lid and at the right moment it is removed.

There are kits for sale that make up the plate and closet. Also, the lids can be purchased separately or on a wooden stand. They can be the most diverse and in shape, and by manufacturing material.

Attribute selection criteria

Choosing a ramchik (CLOSH), you need to take into account various factors that are fundamental and exclude the possibility of an error assumption when purchasing. Let’s get acquainted in more detail with the criteria of choice. When buying certain parameters should be taken into account.

  • The diameter and the form of the product is worth choosing, given the purpose of the ram. It can be used to feed a common hot meal and feed to each guest plates with food separately. Connoisseurs for serving the table argue that in the first case it is necessary to take a closer of at least 24 centimeters, and in the second enough diameter 9-22 cm. Separately, you need to pay attention and the form of the ram. It can be round and oval. The form of the product depends on the appearance of the snacks that are served on the table. Under the round rod, it is well presenting vegetable and meat dishes, but an oval rammer is suitable for fish and birds. For the portion of the finishing of finished dishes, the round shape cloch is most often used.
  • Baranchik height. This is another sufficiently significant criterion, from which the amount of condensate depends, which can accumulate under the lid. The higher the product, the greater the likelihood that the condensate droplets will not fall on the dish. High Cloch can be used for hot dishes
  • Availability of handle. There must be a handle on the barantos, with which you can cover the dish. It is made of thermal insulation materials, such as heat-resistant plastic or metal alloy. It is a guarantee that the handle will not be heated. The most preferred option is a metal handle, it is more comfortable and durable, often they still make decorative.
  • Material from which CLOS is made. In most cases, the lids are made of metal, but other materials can be used.

So, on sale there are beaches of stainless steel, polished or matte. Baranchik stainless steel has a number of advantages:

  • Resistant to temperature drops+
  • does not need special care+
  • Durable+
  • lasting+
  • Easy and practical+
  • Resistant to various influences – chemical and mechanical.

There are no special flaws in such a metal cover. The only thing that is worth noting is: after washing, it is necessary to wipe it thoroughly dry dry with a rag so that there are no divorces and spots on the surface.

Bronze Baranchik Most often goes on sale complete with a plate, has a view of a hemispherical cap. Silver Cloch – this is quite expensive. In most cases, the outer surface of the silver lid is decorated with stones, relief, black.

Porcelain – heavy and massive lid, which has the property to keep heat over long time. Baranchik from high-quality porcelain – very reliable and durable. When choosing such a product, you need to pay attention to the smoothness and integrity of the surface.

Polycarbonate – inexpensive material, so products from it can be purchased at a budget price for everyday use at home. The main advantage of plastic is the ability to use it in a microwave oven.

Glass Cloch Great for desserts. Transparent walls make it possible to look at the dish. For the manufacture of this type of cap can be used tempered glass, which is characterized by strength and resistance to high temperature.

Submission of dishes

Clicks are used during serving and serving the second dish and cold snacks. Most often, under the battery, you can see:

  • Meat and poultry+
  • whole carcass chicken, partridge or duck+
  • shashlik+
  • vegetables+
  • Casserole+
  • Bay Pie+
  • souffle.

In addition to the above dishes, you can apply almost everything that can be put on a flat plate and cover top. For cake and cookies you can use high rams. There are small, which are easily placed even in the refrigerator.

The feed on the table dishes covered with a cluster looks beautiful and presentable, and the main bonus: the food under it is fresh, not matured and, if required, hot.

In the next video, you will be waiting for an overview of a sympathetic lemongrass plate with a lid.

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