Product Storage Containers

Product Storage Containers

Storage of products in the containers is necessary to order products on the shelves, as well as to preserve some products in dryness (Grech, Hercules and other cereals). Plastic models that have low cost and good practicality are especially popular. Along with the analogs, plastic has many drawbacks, so choosing it as the main way of storing products – it is impractical.

How to choose products for products?

Glass tanks

Glass – Beautiful, aesthetic material. Of course, it does not have to talk about practicality and perseverance: even the thickest glass is subject to danger, if you casually handle it. Therefore, when using glass containers, you need to remember that these containers are fragile.

Besides, The lack of glass containers can be attributed to the gravity of the design – Even the easiest options weigh 100-150 grams. And the last minus can be the price of glass containers – it is relatively higher than plastic options.

The plus of the glass will be that it is possible to warm up it in the microwave oven, besides, any glass is a safe material, so nothing will be absorbed in food, which could harm the human body.

In addition to bulk croup, glass containers will be well combined with the stored greenery in it (parsley, dill).

Consider the option.

Bank for storage Bodum “Presso” for 1 liter is a transparent glass container. It has a comfortable silicone in places of contact with hands, convenient shape, that is, everything you need the hostess for storing products in a hermetic container from Bodum. The product is intended for bulk croup: Grech, Hercules, oatmeal. The bank has nothing superfluous, and silicone inserts are pleasant to design. Borosilicate glass makes a lung model, but at the same time a shockproof thing.

Ceramic containers

Ceramic models were not popular among housewives, as they have a number of shortcomings. The main disadvantages of ceramics are in its opacity, fragility and high weight. Manufacturers try to decorate ceramic containers with different color solutions, as well as labeled them for greater use (for cereals, bread, and so on).

Ceramics choose hostesses that appreciate not only convenience, but also the appearance of such accessories. Ceramics is easy to wash, it does not absorb unpleasant odors from food. In addition, ceramics products can boast the most original forms: containers in the form of cats, poodles and various animals, colorfully made from burned at high clay temperatures.

Option: Clancy Cat from Pavone Company by 2.6 liters.

The entire line of ceramic tanks from the brand Pavone is decorated in the style of animals.

In the model “Cat Clancy” a large capacity, What will allow not only to put a funny accessory on a table or shelf, but also to store in it a large amount of bulk food or spices. The container will especially like those housewives who love to decorate life with decorative accessories not without benefit.

Plastic containers

Plastic Capacity – the most budgetary and popular option for storing a variety of products: croup, eggs, bread, greenery. Plastic allows you to create a variety of options for tanks: oblong, short, narrow, wide, low or high containers.

Another advantage can be selected for plastic tightness: The cover tightly closes the container, creating an internal atmosphere of hermetic. For storage of eggs, precisely plastic containers are designed best – convenient excavations help place a dozen eggs without danger of random damage.

In the store you can see both separate models and sets of plastic containers, so the choice remains for the buyer. A significant disadvantage of this method of storage of products is the composition of plastic. Some models may have an appropriate smell that can be transferred to stored inside products.

As well as plastic containers are most susceptible to the external environment: they can crack or deform from long-term use, which cannot be said about glass containers.

It should not be forgotten that it is plastic in a compound with foam, it allows you to create isothermal containers with a plurality of trays for storing a large amount of heat conservation products. Other of them are also called refrigerator containers, as they work in the opposite mode – cold leaves cold in warm climate.

Consider this option: Set from the brand Winner, containing 3 containers of 1.6 liters each.

By purchasing plastic container, you can safely take sets – in the farm will be useful. In this case, each of the three containers is equipped with a window to determine what is stored inside, as well as a dense lid to protect against an external environment. Rectangular shape and minimalistic models design says that they will fit into any atmosphere, be it a kitchen table or shelf in a kitchen cabinet.

Metal containers

Iron accessories should be immediately sorted immediately, and buy only those that are provided with stainless properties. Otherwise, after a month of using the wall cover corrosion, and storage of food is extremely recommended in such conditions. Metal tight plastic and lighter ceramics and glasses, but often has a metal smell in the first few weeks of use. Enameled metal is also safe only until the enamel is damaged, but if this happens, use the accessory is dangerous to health.

The metal is not intended for a microwave, but it will be useful for cooking in the oven: it can withstand high temperatures and is not exposed to strain, so the hostess can be baked in such capacitives.

Metal packaging option: Brabantia, in a set of 3 metal containers for 1.4 liters each. A set of three steel tanks offers to store sugar, coffee and tea separately. Each container has an appropriate inscription, but it is precisely these products that no one obliges anyone inside. In any of them you can put on the storage of grass or bar.

The perfect volume of 1.4 liters (not meager, but not very big) allows you to position all 3 containers even in a small kitchen. The cover is tightly adjacent to the base, so you can count on prolonged storage of products with fresh.

Wood containers

Wood products attract their beauty. Thread can decorate a container for products with various patterns. However, the beauty is hidden for beauty – without weekly treatment with special solutions, the tree begins to absorb everything, with which it comes into contact: the smell of stored cereals and moisture, which the environment allocates.

Besides, The covers in wooden containers do not seal the space inside, so the safety of the products will have to take care separately. For these reasons, wood products should not be used as containers for storing bulk croup or finished food.

Find on sale Wooden container difficult. It is determined by the fact that an extremely small number of people enjoy this way of storing products, because it does not have practicality.

In case of extreme desire to use wooden containers, you can order in the nearest company, which makes wood accessories to order. They will take into account the individual wishes of the buyer and make a container, but it will cost, most likely, quite expensive, since handmade requires good payment.

How to choose a good storage container products, look in the video below.

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