Scrubs for knives: types and subtleties of choice

Scrubs for knives: types and subtleties of choice

In the usual bag, the knives would settle, without damaging it, only in separate sheaths for each of them. Wear arsenal knives at the belt – not the best solution. Here and need twists – flat bags for knives, stitching in a roll.


Purpose of twist – not only convenient carrying of cook knives, but also giving a complete type, exclusion of the tool loss. When a cook is an outdoor face, such a worker will not lose his knives in everyday turmoil. Yes, and cooks working in the same restaurant, it is important to keep them always at hand. Not any cook, sharpening knives before work, trusts them with his neighbor colleague, regularly forgetting to check their sharpness.

Twist for a set of knives and several auxiliary tools – style, modernity and convenience.

Main material

The best material is real leather, for example, pressed cow, from which expensive, branded cycling sidel. The leather twist for knives, even in conditions where small droplets of oils and fats are spilled in all parties, will serve ten years without problems, and with a particularly careful attitude – and all thirty. If you decide to make a gift to a friend or a friend working (chef) a cook in a restaurant, a cafe, a product hypermarket or an advertised narrow-profile clinic, or this is your girl or a wife, which is a passionate culinary, then Cover for knives (sometimes together with a new set of knives) – one of the best signs of attention to a person, the cook case for which is both professional activities and the method of self-expression. Do not save – it is better to give a high-quality twist for knives that will serve this person for many years.

Alternatively – leatherette, but its quality should be at the level. Bad leathesis for a month-three active use “stands”, numerous pulls will spoil its appearance – and even after restoration (impregnation, repainting), it will not last long. Choose a knife twist from the most wear-resistant leatherette, which is not terrible any fat droplets (on the contrary, with a small lubrication of the surface, the material will last longer, will not seek and not cracking), nor increased by 10-20 degrees temperature.

You often encounter twists made from Canvas. They are also tastefully decorated, look stylish and elegant, superbly will suit the cook-woman. Men chefs basically prefer leather or leatherette twists more stringent and small shades, mainly matte texture.

The presence of a magnet

Magnetic twist does not allow knives to fall and confused. In each “landing” place a knife is built-in a flat neodymium or soft magnet (such as those used in the gasket of the refrigerator door). Like a magnet for clashes on jackets or covers for smartphones, such a magnet attracts the steel blade of the knife for the end or middle of the tip, it is reliably sewn into the twist. The magnet is quite powerful and allows you to even keep a heavy knife tessel (if there is a place for it).

Zipper, zipper or loop

If the knife is inserted into one, intended for it, the place is not in the handle, but the whole, for it there is a clasp or loop that does not give it falling during transportation. Such a twist is less common, and get the knives from it much more difficult. When, When the sheaths for knives are completed with zippers, extract them for the upcoming work is already much easier.

Closing belts

Along with the sheath, fixing the wrapping clasp (with a button or clip) – a mandatory element of a twist. Without him, the latter would have been working out, perhaps you would have lost the knife when transferred. The button or clip must be reliably to hold the twist from a random unwinding, otherwise we would have to use the laces.

In the cheaper models of knife twists, laces of rubberized fabric consisting of rubber fibers are used – such as those that are used in socks or shorts.

Pen for carrying

Standard mini-handle – like a portfolio or case. Normal – twist, designed for large and long knives, is equipped with a handle that makes a twist similar to the instrumental suitcase or shopping bag. Extended – Thanks to her, the twist resembles the lady’s handbag. An option is possible when the twist is made in a flat form factor and because of the long “blurred” handle is remotely similar to the bag for mini laptop.

Metal components

Cheap twists of the middle price range are equipped with brass or aluminum-alloy parts (zipper, buttons, rivets, framing rings inserts for cord tightening). In expensive models apply stainless steel parts (or with a spraying of it).

Examples of ready-made models

Even the most famous brands are not bent produce products completely made of synthetic fiber.

  • Spanish case on 4 knives 46×27.5 cm, Arcos Varios-6902 – Polyester, made in the form of a miniature sports bag. In addition to knives, it is convenient to carry a corkscrew, tongs for nuts, pizzeria knitting knitting for bottles and “Davka” for garlic.

  • Scruptor Victorinox 7.4011.47 – Roll length in twisted form is 47 cm. For a set of 8 knives, made of polyamide, knives are closed with velcro. Made in Switzerland.

  • Knife to Meet YOU 5 is designed for 5 folding knives. Allows you to transfer folding knives with an extended handle. Made of cotton and skin, has a stylish design. Production – St. Petersburg.

  • Berghoff Eclipse (V27430) – Ready set of knives with a bag, designed for 9 kitchen knives (mostly compact). Produced in Belgium. The bag is made of high quality polyester.

The best and most durable products – from high-quality skin. Find exactly the leather-cotton clench does not even succeed in large cities. Alternative – their independent manufacture.

A twist with your own hands

Caprochy thread will need, with its absence – a thin fishing line. Needles must be average – small is unlikely to try 2-3 layers of skin. The skin itself is bought in specialized sewing stores or in proven private manufacturers. Their customers are mostly leather-shoe business masters resting the old, fashionable ever shoes, suitcases, jackets, coats, purses and other products, as well as manufacturing all this products to order. In each more or less large city there is a time-tested supplier of genuine leather. The drawing of a twist or scabbard is made independently either takes apart by someone made earlier.

On how to make a twist for knives, see the next video.

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