Silver spoons for children: when and why give them?

Silver spoons for children: when and why give them?

Silver spoon for baby – this is a fairly famous gift, which is often given precisely on the christening of the child or in honor of the appearance of the first tooth. Such a spoon is not only a stylish cutlery, but also symbolizes the manifestation of concern about the crumb. Such an appliance is to feed the baby, because silver has antimicrobial properties. Today is a wide range of silver spoons. Consider in more detail when you need to give such a gift, which pluses and cons has silverware, as well as how to choose the accessory.

Features of traditions

Today, many adhere to church traditions, especially when it comes to the kid. To date, the christenings are becoming increasingly popular, and the shafts take an active part in the education of the child. Gentle parents take an obligation before God – take an active role in raising a child. Of course, this can be realized in reality when the kid will grow. But for the newborn, it’s important from the shafts completely different: love and care. Usually, baptism is made to give a silver spoon from the shaft parents.

Silver spoon, presented for birth or baptism, carries several basic functions. It is a symbol of manifestation of newborn care. And it is not figuratively, but in direct. Silver has ions that destroy pathogens such as intestinal and viral diseases. Many doctors note that silver is the most useful option from precious metals. In addition, it is proved that if the kid will grow surrounded by beautiful items, he will acquire an impeccable taste.

Do not forget that the spoon is usually the first thing necessary for the child during feeding. Therefore, they advise to give a decent spoon – silver, because the price for her is low. A great solution will be a spoon with a curved handle, because it will allow the baby to learn how to properly hold a spoon during feeding.

For children, you can buy a spoon of silver and in the event that 1 tooth appeared. This is a great gift “On the teeth”. Usually such items are made of silver sample 925, while the attribute is complemented by Orthodox symbolism. It can be an image of the guardian angel, cross or prayer. Don’t forget about nominal spoons. A great popularity uses models that have handles covered with color enamel. Engraving in the form of a baby name will also give a spoon of additional value and uniqueness. She will definitely become for the baby’s beloved.

Today it is worth considering a silver spoon on christening or on the first tooth, like a work of art. It can even be made by a family relic, which will continue to move from parents to children. Such a relic will allow descendants to remember their roots. It should be noted that silver cutlery have a positive effect on the kid’s body. Since antiquity, the beneficial properties of this metal are known. Huge popularity was very popular for baptism in Russia in the XVIII century.

From a long time, the saying has reached us: “Born with a silver spoon in the mouth”. Such an expression could be said about a person who has a friendly, respected and rich family. This belief appeared in the XV century, because it was at that time the godded that they lived in sufficient, gave a spoon of silver. Usually as a gift provided “Apostolic” spoons. They were so named because the cuttings of the instruments were decorated with images of a variety of apostles, cut or engraved.

When you need to give?

As already mentioned, a silver spoon is made to give a baby when baptized or when the first tooth appears. The appointment of a spoon is pretty simple – when the baby appears the tooth, during this period it is usually already moving to solid food, and simply can not do without a spoon. Many parents begin to feed their baby precisely from a silver spoon, because everyone knows the fact that silver has excellent antimicrobial properties.

Sometimes this present can be obtained on the anniversary of the baptism. It is very important to understand that children grow pretty quickly. If you want your gift to use, and not stored in the festive packaging, then you should choose the optimal size and shape. Often such a gift can be supplemented with important inscriptions: indicate the weight and growth of the baby, as well as the name he gets on baptism, so as not to forget. So, a similar spoon will become an excellent gift for life. It acquires a symbolic value for everyone.

According to custom, it is a gentleman who must give a garde to a spoon of silver. But today to present a beautiful accessory can brother or sister, family friends. Very often it is grandmother wants to give a similar gift.

Pros and cons of silver device

Since childhood, we get acquainted with different metals, while silver always occupies a special place. This metal is an impersonation of spiritual purity. It is he who is used to create salary icons. Such a spoon can be fed a baby, but not only due to antibacterial properties. This gift is primarily safe for the baby, because it will not pose a child. It has smooth lines, smooth surface and rounded edges. It is worth considering both the advantages and disadvantages of such a well-known gift for baptism.

So, a spoon of silver attracts attention to several advantages.

  • Silver utensils have excellent antimicrobial properties. It is silver that allows to eliminate microbes and bacteria, which cause various diseases. In this case, it is necessary to celebrate intestinal infections. At the time of the Middle Ages with the help of silverware, including spoons, protected from polio and cholera, the outbreaks of which were quite frequent. As well as such a spoon will protect the baby from the possibility of stomatitis.
  • Cutlery from silver is inexpensive, so this gift can be presented not only by a family member. Available cost is an indisputable advantage.
  • Silver does not change the taste of food. Silver spoon does not oxidize food. She retains her natural taste without giving the taste.
  • And, of course, it is worth paying attention to the psychological moment. When the kid will grow up, it begins to understand that he has driven from a silver spoon, and not with the usual. His self-esteem increases, which contributes to further success.

Usually each thing has both pros and cons. But about silver spoons it is impossible to say something negative. Their opponents just try to dispel the arguments about her advantages. They argue that silver has a small activity, so its effect is insignificant. Today, sanitary standards are significantly better than previously, therefore the ability to infected with intestinal infections is reduced to zero, respectively, and a silver spoon does not perform its original function, so it is not necessary to use it.

And it is also emphasized that now manufacturers are covered with silver with a special protective layer, which minimizes the positive effect of this metal, and sometimes even can harm the baby. As a result, opponents of buying silver spoons show their uselessness, so they do not see the point of overpaying, because you can eat from ordinary or plastic devices.

How to choose?

Today, silver spoons for children are represented by a wide range. They may differ in design, price, manufacturer and so on. To choose an original, attractive silver spoon, worth paying attention to several nuances.

  • Silver cutlery can be divided into souvenir and household. Souvenir spoons are not intended for food, so they can even bring harm to the child if they do not use them by appointment. If you want to buy a spoon for food, then you must ask for a hygienic certificate. Such a document guarantees that the product can be used both for disinfection of water and for feeding the kid.
  • Each spoon should have a sample stamp. It is he says that the product is made precisely from precious metal. Only products from high quality material deserve attention. Sterling sample should be less than 925, which indicates that in one kilogram of the alloy used for the production of a spoon, there are 925 grams of silver. If the product is a lower sample, then such a material will darken with time. In addition, a large number of additional alloys lowers the positive effects of silver. Do not save, buy the best.
  • It is worth paying attention to the product design. Spiral screams will be in contact with the mouth of the baby, so it deserves increased attention. The scream should be done without spraying. So, souvenir spoons often additionally cover enamel to extend the safety of their attractive appearance. If the child will eat with them, it is worth buying a model with a silverplane scarlet, then it will be covered with a thin layer of silver. You can buy only those models for the dish that enamel exclusively on the handle of the product. It happens that for decorating the lacquer is applied, it should also be presented exclusively on the handle.
  • Silver spoon handle is the main decoration of the product. It can be represented as a clock, while it is quite realistic to indicate the exact time of the kid for an additional fee of engraving. You can add the design of uniqueness and using the inscription. Then the name and surname of the baby is indicated on the handle. If the handle is decorated with enamel of different colors, it looks pretty unusual and stylish. The child will accurately like a bright drawing of colored enamel. The handle can be decorated with fashionable prints, usually used angels, cars for boys or dolls for girls.
  • The location of the filigree elements also plays a major role. They can not be near the breadwinner, because the product should be safe for the child.
  • Spoon size matters. For kids it is better to buy tea spoons. For older children, dessert options will fit.
  • The weight of the product affects the cost of a spoon. Usually its weight varies from 10 to 20 grams. The average length of the product is approximately 12-13 centimeters.

You can get a silver spoon for individual order. For example, you can stay on a table appliance decorated with enamel, engraving or gilding, although there are other decorative elements used to decorate spoons. Production of the order will last from one to three weeks. Simple design products are the cheapest. Typically, the price is 2 thousand. rubles. If we consider the exquisite model, then its cost will be twice as much.

IMPORTANT: It is forbidden to buy silver spoons from hand or in unauthorized trading points, because the product must be a quality certificate.

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