Siphon selection for tea and coffee

Siphon selection for tea and coffee

The range of dishes intended for the preparation of fragrant coffee and tea can not but please their variety. In many types of tea ceremonies, it is customary to use beautiful teapots, flasks and other vessels. But there is another device convenient for use, which is not known from each connoisseur of tea and coffee. This is a siphon. Today we will get closer to him and wonder how it needs to choose.


Tea siphon is a very convenient device in which you can brew very tasty and fragrant tea, as well as many other favorite drinks. It must be borne in mind that such a product is quite complicated, so you need to handle it carefully and for all the rules. Otherwise, it is possible to bring it out of order and disappoint guests who visited you. That is why it is so important to familiarize yourself with all the rules of safe use of tea siphon.

The first references to the device are dated XIX century. The exact date of the invention of this product cannot be called, however, for the first time a patent for him was issued in 1830 in Germany. Later, tea siphon was upgraded by the French engineer l. Gabetom. It was his last name that convenient coffee siphones were called, which were terribly popular at the time. However, gradually the interest in the siphons went to no, and they did them out of glass, and this is not the most reliable material. It is believed that it is the decline in interest in the gabet and led to the popularization of soluble coffee.

Closer to 1970, a very small number of companies did not stop producing vacuum siphons. Now such devices bought only true of their fans and lovers. Only in 2000, the gabets began to return to themselves former demand and popularity. So, today, many American and European coffee shops are preparing a wonderful coffee in the siphon.

Initially, the siphons were used only for brewing coffee. But over time, they began to use and for making tea. It happened after these devices hit Taiwan (tea country) from Japan. Currently, many stores have the opportunity to find good devices, featuring functionality and reliability.

The main feature of such devices is that When working with them, it is important to comply with all the necessary safety rules. For example, the flask of the siphon is the subject to which in no case do not need to be touched by bare hands. We must use good woven gloves or a special napkin. There is still a lot of rules, without complying with such a device, it is better not to start using.

Today, using a similar siphon, you can cook not only coffee, but also almost any kind of tea. This can not but please the connoisseurs of this drink. It should be borne in mind that with the use of this device, some grades of tea are obtained particularly saturated and fragrant. These include red hour, Puer, as well as weathered ooluns. Moreover, with a siphon, it is possible to prepare whole tea cocktails with mixing of different components.


To quickly understand how such a useful and functional device works, you need to get acquainted with its design. I must say that it is not the most difficult. Of course, over time, it was seriously upgraded, but its main “nodes” still remained the same. It consists of a siphon for tea and coffee from such elements.

  • At the bottom of the glass flask. This vessel is usually carried out rounded or drop-shaped. Make it from a reliable heat-resistant material that is not terrible high fluid temperatures.
  • Metal tripod. The lower vessel is attached to it so that it was free to find the heating element.
  • Top flask. This component is usually made of glass. Most often it has a cylindrical shape, a little less often – a spherical. At the bottom of the specified container is complemented by a long enough tube. As soon as the device is collected, it will have to get to the bottom of the lower heat-resistant capacity.
  • Also in the device there is Loop.
  • Seal of rubber, Between the flasks.
  • Filter with small cells. It is usually located on the top tank. Make it either from metal or from the fabric.
  • Source heating. Mostly this feature performs a simple alcohol burner. But modern experienced Barista more often use specialized models with gas burner. Often they are an integral component of a set of some models of modern siphons. The main advantage of such devices is that with them there is an opportunity to more accurately adjust the heating in conditions of different methods of cooking.

Principle of operation

From the above information, it can be concluded that the gabet device is quite simple and understandable. Knowing it, you can easier to figure out what the principle of operation of the device. Consider more, how such a device works on the example of a tea siphon.

First of all, before the start of this device, it is always required to check the reliability of its design. The filter must be pretty attached to the upper capacity using spring. The latter in the tension state is fixed with a special hook, which follows from the edge of the connecting tube.

A similar device operates on the principle of gas expansion under heating conditions. In one of the tanks it is necessary to pour hot water. As for the second, which connects to the first special tube of glass – it is necessary to pour in it in it. The liquid in the capacitance located at the bottom is heated and boilitis, gradually climbing the container located on top. Drilling (not to be confused with boiling) gives the fluid to achieve sufficient oxygen saturation, which has a beneficial effect on taste and aroma of the drink. Everything usually goes about 30 seconds or 1 minute. Changing the power of the burner, the ability to regulate the strength of the drilling.

Drink, such as tea, is able to carefully stir, using a tree wand. For this, it is enough just to remove the lid. As soon as tea is ready, the burner must be turned off and remove on your place. From the flasks, which is from above, remove the plastic cap. The drink at the same time descends accompanied by a characteristic picker sound.

After all the listed actions, it is permissible to switch to disassembling the device. Checks are required to shoot exclusively in gloves. Capacity from above are removed and carefully installed on a cripped lid.

Welding is not recommended. It is better to brew re. From the capacitance located below, tea will need to be pillars or pour into the intermediate teapot. In this way it turns out to cool the drink and allow him to stop well. Full cooking process rarely leaves more than 10 minutes.

Features of operation

Preparing tea or coffee in a siphon, it is worth keeping in mind some features of the operation of this device.

  • In high-quality and reliable siphon there is an opportunity to prepare any kind of tea and coffee. As mentioned above, with the help of such a device there is a great opportunity to make whole cocktails from the mentioned drinks. Such treatments are made from a combination of different ingredients.
  • The main advantage of making tea in the siphon before cooking coffee remains the constant entertainment of the process itself. Coffee itself is a thick enough, impenetrable drink. In the siphon, he does not attract attention. With tea, everything is different – it is actively burly, moving from one flask to another. This process is necessary. Stop it is not necessary.

It should be borne in mind that from the separation for welding after making tea, to remove it and dispose of it optionally. Better Make this welding one more portion of the fragrant drink.

  • When working with such a device, it is very important to comply with the safety regulations – this is one of the main features of the gabeta operation. Otherwise there may be very bad effects.
  • When cooking fragrant coffee, it is necessary to take into account that the smaller the grinding, the smaller the number of minutes it will be necessary for the extraction of treats. Because using the midfractional powder, the fire in the burner will need to drop a little, allowing coffee in the capacitance, which is on top, to pour another minute. In this case, the water is even better enough taste and aroma.

For brewing delicious drinks it is recommended to take hot water, but not boiling. Thus, coffee or tea is preparing a little faster. Although true gourmets still prefer to prepare such drinks using only cold liquid.

Safety regulations

As mentioned above, working with coffee or tea siphon is very important to follow all the necessary safety rules. Get acquainted with their list.

  • Do not touch the flask of the device with bare hands. Do it only in special gloves.
  • The flasks are made of high strength glass, but you can smash it. That is why it is so important to take care of such containers. If the vessel accidentally knocks out something, but you did not see noticeable defects, it’s better to test it. To this end, you need to brew tea in the full working cycle in full safety.
  • Be the most neat with the burner. To its refueling, it is permissible to start only under the condition of final cooling. Other heating devices and sources of fire should be as far as possible. Gas for lighters will not suit the refueling.
  • It is forbidden to allow constant and continuous heating of tea or coffee siphon for longer than 10 minutes. More than five cycles of cooking tea or coffee without pauses and interruptions should not be in no case. The flask located at the bottom may easily turn off and crack. The cooling of the siphon should be exclusively natural.

Do not forget to wash siphon from time to time. It should not accumulate pollution and deposits from welding.

Tips for choosing

Choose gabet needs correctly if you want to cook really delicious and helpful drinks. It should be proceeded from such important criteria when selecting this device.

  • Gas-burner. This item must be quite comfortable. Its adjustment should be fragile and easy. The presence of incomprehensible smells is unacceptable.
  • Glass from which the flasks are made. The material of the manufacture of siphon vessels should be high quality and heat-resistant. Glass of high temperature hardening – the best option.
  • Metal filter. This component will serve significantly longer and will be more reliable than textile.
  • Quality of rubber parts. In the design of the siphon there are small rubber gaskets. They act as a connecting flask parts. It should not be unnecessarily soft, otherwise it will not be sense.
  • Company manufacturer. It is recommended to look closely to high-quality and famous models from the Japanese brand Hario and Taiwanese manufacturer Yama Glass. short-lived, but also unsafe.

Do not purchase such devices in incomprehensible stores and street shops. Do not trust too low prices. Such products may not be only

About cooking tea and coffee in the siphon, see the next video.

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