Spoon for ice cream: features and rules of use

Spoon for ice cream: features and rules of use

To date, there are many devices that greatly facilitate life not only women, but also men in the kitchen. However, the existence of some of them, people do not even guess. Among such devices, it is worth noting a spoon for ice cream, which is considered to be “queen” among dessert devices.


Device, with which you can significantly simplify the dosage of portions for any dessert made from this gentle product, is called a spoon for ice cream. Previously, such devices did not meet in restaurants or cafes. Cooks such establishments could be very beautifully laying ice cream in the creams or plates for desserts. Today’s day Such spoons can be found on many home kitchens.

With the help of spoons, you can create truly real masterpieces from ice cream.

It looks like a fixture in different ways. A spoon can be round and in the form of a blade.

But the most popular is the first, since desserts created from the balls are obtained more beautiful and the same in size. From the second you can even make petals or leaves for colors.

Besides, A spoon for ice cream is considered an indispensable device in the kitchen, especially for those who most like various types of ice cream. This is a cream-brulee, and popsicle, and cream. From the balls you can create incredibly beautiful desserts. All of them are perfect forms. And they are often decorated with small pieces of fruit. The only thing to remember is – a spoon before use should be made in hot water. In addition, ice cream should not be too solid, with ice cream.


There are several varieties of spoons for ice cream. Some of them can be plastic, that is, disposable. Such models are most often used at home. After all, the number of prepared desserts is not too big. Those of them that are used in cafes or restaurants are called professional. They can be made from different materials, such as aluminum or stainless steel. They are used for quite a long time, and practically not wear out. In addition, all desserts are preparing easily and quickly, which is very important for such institutions.

Also, the model of spoons for ice cream differ from each other and the shape of the scoop, and the design itself, as well as the length of the handle. There are models that can be switched to the wall, so they will always be able to be under hand. They are a special ring for which they are suspended.

It is also worth noting such an interesting design as a spoon with an ejector. With the help of such a mechanical spoon, you can create not only desserts from ice cream, but also to do perfectly smooth balls. You can prepare them from the flesh of fruit, any cream, not too thick dough, vegetable or even meat puree. The table decorated with such beauty will strike almost every person. The built-in mechanism is easily allowed to push the beads of ice cream from “Clap”.

Another pretty interesting model – a spoon for heated ice cream. Such models are most used in restaurants. Heating gives ice cream the possibility of not adhere to the walls of the spoon itself, so it turns out to make desserts faster, which is very important for a big business.

Last option – mold spoons. They are completely different. With their help you can make from ice cream or other products of unusual animals or just funny face. However, if a spoon is plastic, then not all dishes can be prepared with the familiar ease. After all, this material is quite fragile. Such spoons are most often used to create desserts for children’s holidays.

How to choose?

The choice of spoons for ice cream is very large and varied. Therefore, choose for yourself a spoon, which would be able to serve for many years, it will be difficult. It is best to consider accessories from representatives of different firms. You can buy spoons for ice cream in the markets, and on specialized sites in Russia, where the choice is very big. Spoons from Italian or German manufacturers are most popular. Their quality always remains at height, which means such accessories will be able to last long. In addition, many representatives give a guarantee for several years on stainless steel ice cream spoons.

High-quality products are different manufacturers Tescoma. Products are made of high quality material – stainless steel. The mechanism that is responsible for the shading of the ball is located very convenient. In addition, with the help of such a spoon, you can accurately measure dosages for different stages. Also, such a device is used to decorate cakes.

Not worst quality features accessories from Tupperware. They are made of quality materials. All company items are quite heavy, and their value ranges from 1400-1800 rubles. Before use, you must definitely lower the spoon in boiled water. After several practical classes, the balls are beautiful and large. Enough just three to be able to saturate an adult. With the help of products you can make a beautiful festive dessert.

No less qualitative to spoons from manufacturers of such a company as Gipfel.

Pliops can be washed even in a dishwasher using special means.

They are made of stainless steel, in Germany. In addition, they have an ergonomic handle that allows you to hold the device hard. A spoon has a spring mechanism, thanks to which you can make beautiful balls not only for desserts from ice cream, but also for fruit masterpieces.

Spoons made in Fackelmann, can be plastic and stainless steel. The first of them do not enjoy great popularity. Many are unhappy with their quality, as the products break too quickly. But those that are made of stainless steel, serve their owners for a long time. They are quite practical, and several times better plastic.

How to use?

If at restaurants and cafes, specialists already know how to use such accessories, then at home, not every person can form balls for dessert from the first time. Therefore, it is best to get acquainted with some rules for using a spoon for ice cream. Outing ice cream is a rather difficult task. And so that it happens beautifully, it is necessary to start straining, and only then make desserts for guests.

Use for desserts can be ice cream in special trays, as well as in cellophane packages. To begin with, it must be obtained from the freezer or freezer. Then he needs to give a little bit, for this will be enough 10-15 minutes. In addition, it is necessary to know that it is possible to get smooth balls only if the container with ice cream is wide, not less than 18-20 centimeters in length.

When ice cream fell enough, you can proceed to the formation of the dessert.

A spoon for ice cream need to be a little quicted with boiled water or simply hold in hot liquid.

It will not only help disinfect it, but also will provide easier pushing the balls out.

Next, you need to take a spoon in the right hand and holding it under a very sharp corner, to spend it on the left side to the right. At the same time, it is necessary to constantly prescribe in one direction. So that the balls are beautiful and smooth, ice cream do not need to dig, it should be just slightly slipping like a chips. After all Thanks to a special form of such a spoon, the chips will be able to wrap in a neat ball.

After that, you need to click a bit on the spoon handle and very carefully remove the finished ball from it. If the device is well moocked in boiling water, ice cream can easily fall out. Finished balls need to post on a dish or in the cream. If necessary, they can be decorated with various fruits or candied fruit, crushed walnuts or hazelnuts. In addition, everything can be sprinkled with grated chocolate or coconut chip, as well as pour condensed milk.

Summing up, we can say that A spoon for ice cream – a fairly useful accessory that will be useful in any house, Where do desserts made from such a product love. Such spoons will become excellent assistants in many restaurants. Real chefs will be able to make beautiful desserts from the balls that will be masterpieces on the tables. If you only have to familiarize yourself with all the amenities of this accessory, believe me, it is not worth it. After all, your guests, which are most likely eating ice cream balls only in the summer, on the embankment or in a cafe, will be very surprised when this opportunity will be introduced to them at home.

In a small video, there are advice on the manufacture of ice cream balls with a spoon.

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