Spring: review of species, popular models and selection criteria

Spring: review of species, popular models and selection criteria

Satcher – dishes that are not in every kitchen. Not everyone considers it necessary to use this capacity, considering it by the remnant of the past and excess. But those who prefer to pour the fragrant first dish in a tantice and take her on a shared table, assure – such a feed has many advantages.


Under the word “soup” today is understood two things: the first is a spacious dish, where to pour soup or broth in large quantities (for all diners), the second is a portion dishes for soup. And then, and another definition will be true.

But the portion of the dishes are sometimes called the word “broth”, which, in principle, is also true.

More often than the tablet, the total capacity supplied to the table instead of the pan, in which the first dish was boiled. Of course, the saucepan on the table looks inappropriate, violates the harmony of serving and in general crosses the aesthetics of food intake. But it’s not just the beauty of the feed: the first dish insisters and does not cool.

In the past, the soup used to know, and since it was decent from the kitchen to the dining room, wearing a soup in plates and uncomfortable, and impractical. He tritely cooled. Today, the dishes for filing first dishes remains a satellite of elegant serving. Yes, and soup himself looks more appetizing in beautiful dishes.

General soup feed rules.

  • Transparent Broths and Vegetable Light Soups Served in a cup with one or two handles, less often – in a soup plate. Eat them with a dessert spoon, a cup turn the handle forward. Served in a soup, such types of first courses less often, soups puree are fed by the same scheme. Sometimes a “pocket” fell to the cup – a place for croutping.

  • Filling soups (soup, borschy, as well as a brideller, saltwater, thick vegetable soup) eaten from deep soup table with a tablespoon. These dishes are more often served in a common beautiful soup. For an individual soup, a stand is needed.

  • National Soups More often drive in ceramic / clay pots. The pot also needs to be taken out on a coach plate or on a wooden stand.

  • Family dinners – the best way to suck. On etiquette it should stand on the table, which is located next to the dining table. But rarely adhere to such a rule now, because the szz is more often put in the center of the table.

A special recess can be in the table, thanks to which there will be a special spoon for the portion spill in the container.


Capacities for feeding the first dishes may look different, have characteristic features. Standard soup is not just a deep plate with two handles, but a spacious beautiful capacitance with a lid. In terms of the volume of the dishes, it also differs from 2 to 5 liters and more. If you plan to use the dishes for ordinary family meals, and your family is small, then a modest soup at 2.5 liters will be enough.

If dinners with feeding first dishes are planned more crowded, you need to take the dishes more – from 3.5 l.

If we talk about the soup, they can be:

  • reminiscent of portion pots+
  • trapezoidal, with handles expanding up+
  • cylindrical+
  • In the form of a circuit+
  • Designer.

Last years there has been a special popularity conquered a mug. Partly this is due to a decrease in portions: people have become more followed by food, reduce the diet. Circles-soup, unlike deep plates, did not give the opportunity to satisfy “to the limit”, regulate the amount of product consumed. Yes, and for feeding, such dishes in many cases is suitable more, as it looks pretty and modern.

But the filing of the soup on the stand gradually lost the relevance: all the less frequent hostesses use coaching plates and their substitutes. And the classic volumetric sucks with a lid was replacement – in many families, their electrical analogues “took place”. But in them, as in one-time dishes, there is no charm of classical serving, unhurried lunches in the company.

At least, culinary critics note that humanity begins to miss such a measured trapes, and fast lunches and dinners “TV” will soon become a movieton.


In the form of “General” soup similar to each other, roundness has variations, but not so significant. But the materials of the manufacture of such dishes are different.

  • Clay. Traditional “root” material, warm and very home. Clay sucks with covers are usually small, they can replace the roar, as suitable for cooking in the oven.

  • Ceramics. The option is no less worthy than the above described above. Long retains heat, looks modern, and vintage (there are different models), inexpensive at the price. Almost the most popular spathes became a spray in the form of a pumpkin or dishes, on the lid of which “attached” the hare, duck, chicken. Such dishes are suitable for filing first dishes, and for hot, for example.

Some ceramic containers can be put in the microwave (but not those that have a metal stroke).

  • Porcelain. May be as part of a set of dining rooms, sold and separately. There are luxurious models, expensive, elegant, in the spirit of the royal table. But you can find and models of porcelain soup, performed in minimalism. Porcelain is easier and tenderly ceramics, but it is durable. Such dishes are resistant to temperature differences, not afraid of acid and alkaline influence. But Porcelain Porcelain Return: Soft view has a creamy shade, solid is characterized by white and the greatest strength, and bone – something cross between these two options.

  • Faience. At first glance, dishes from the faience are difficult to distinguish from the porcelain, but even sound materials in different ways. Fayans deaf and low, and he is heavier, the walls are thicker. Temperature Contrast The material is afraid and can just crack.

  • Glass. Those items look somewhat simpler, more modest, but are convenient because they can be heated in the microwave. Make such tanks from heat-resistant glass, for convenience to them “attach” ears. Good glass soup in the fact that their contents appetizingly breaks out due to the walls. For example, it looks picturesque in transparent dishes a bright pink chill or a thick okroshka.

  • Silver. Such dishes are akin to family values: luxurious, aristocratic, increasing lunch status or dinner. They always have to glisten and look perfect, otherwise the feed itself is meaningless.

  • Food plastic. In this case, we are talking about the portion plastic suits: if the dishes are reusable, you can take it to work or on a picnic.

Interestingly, alternative use is also found. In this dish, you can store the remains of the first and second dishes, It is convenient to serve pasta and dumplings. It is convenient to store in soup and baked cakes (they will remain warm) longer).

And even for supplying salads, similar containers are suitable.

Overview of the best models

For those who understand the dishes, knows famous brands and fashionable views of the dishes today, the selection of a soup turns into a search for an actual version. I want to guess with a trend, get an interesting model in your collection.

Such demanding buyers will be useful to this review:

  • “Gzhel” (LEANDER). Czech dishes offers many interesting options that are actively acquired by the connoisseurs of porcelain in different countries. Round sputter from porcelain “Under Gzhel” accommodates 2.5 l. Elegant, not cumbersome, recognizable cookware perfectly fit in your kitchen, if you are close to aesthetics Gzhel or even if you just love the combination of white and blue.

  • Tomato (Bordallo Pinheiro). Another recognizable model that will look good in a bright interior, perhaps in the interior with rural motives. For dacha lunch and dinners, this option is simply ideal. Fit in a pitch of 4.5 liters of first dish. It is heavy, but brightness and interesting design overlaps this conditional minus.

  • BLUE SKY (Tunisie Porcelaine). Elegant contemporary spacing 3.2 liter is made of porcelain. Its design is classic, because it is easy to “make friends” with another dishes from your collection.

  • Food Warmers Line. And this is the famous heated spyage made of heat-resistant glass. It is equipped with a steel stand. It is heating that allows the contents of the soup for a long time not to cool. The kit includes a stainless steel ladle.

  • Set of pitch luminarc. This is a portion soup with handles, complete their 4 pieces. It is permissible to use dishes in the microwave oven, as well as in the dishwasher. Products of tender-milk and laconic shape will be an excellent addition to serve classic lovers. Also this company offers black dishes.

  • Set of suits Loraine. These are ceramic portion soup that are made on the stand. In a set of 5 items. Production Material – Ceramics. The original design allows you to use soup and daily, and in preparing for a festive table.

    Optional to look for brand dishes: In a modest shop or in the department of ceramics and clay dishes, you can find very interesting options. Some hostesses prefer to have two soup – one use every day, the other is used for solemn cases.

    The second option may be more expensive.

    How to choose?

    Spring remains the main dishes for filing first dishes. If you honor tradition and do not want to give up this beautiful ritual, it should occupy an honorable place in a buffet or dining room closet.

    1. The size. Think what size will be optimal for your family. There are miniature models in 2-2.5 liters. They look compact, suitable for feeding at a small kitchen table, unlikely to stay in such a dishes. If you expect that the table on weekends or holidays will be crowded, it is wiser to take a spacious model from 3.5 liters. Then the first will be enough for everyone and the soup will be easy to overflow without a barehouse residue.
    2. Form. Classic adherents buy rounded soup with handles (possibly twit), lid with a hole for a half. If your interior is minimalistic, you appreciate the geometry and simplicity of forms, it will be better to look at the soup, in shape close to the square. Glass sucks are often triangular and suitable for the supply of glass.
    3. Decor. Today in fashion various branches of country style, rural motifs, imperious interior items – if it is old, then inexpensive, not exquisite vintage, and the cute heart retro. In such an interior, it will be great to look for clay soup with floral ornament or pattern. The colors of the Earth prevail – beige-brown gamma, terracotta and other. Some craftswomen themselves paint such dishes using flowers, twigs, birds, butterflies as decor.

    If you follow the interior fashion, you probably know that today is actively developing the direction of the lag. This concept is a feature of a Swedish National Character. If you translate it literally, there will be something “just right, adequately”. In this word, prudence is laid, rationality. Today, under this word in the aspect of the interior and housekeeping implies restraint, modesty, no extra.

    It is believed that the concept enters the fight against the consequences of the era of consumption.

    And if this is a sharply direction close and you, then adhere to it in and the attitude of the dishes. Do not buy something only in favor of fashion, do not waste money on branded items that could be needed in the other, but take care what you have. Silver sprinkle looks very effectively, but not always appropriate such effect. Even a modest ceramic or clay tune that you got from the older relatives can serve you for a long time.

    Put it in order, Start up to the brilliance, and one day I give to the family dinner – a new life for the old dishes may be the best solution.

    By the way, to serve guests soup – tradition, which is slowly forgotten. But for dinner or dinner, this beginning is quite appropriate. If the soup is satisfying, thick, the second dish can be easy (and on the contrary). Thanks to one by the introduction of the soup in the familiar set of dining rooms in your environment, a pleasant tradition may appear to gather on the occasion of “corporate borsch with pampushki” or “Mamina Solunka”.

    Supper Overview See in the video below.

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