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Stands for cutlery

When the whole kitchen inventory, including cutlery, is and lies in its places, it makes it much easier for life. To make a similar order in your kitchen, it is important to take care of such an indispensable accessory as a stand for cutlery. In the modern market of products for the house there are many similar products, which makes many doubt what option is the best.

Before buying such a storage for kitchen accessories, it is worth knowing exactly what kind of utensils will be to place in it, what material will be the best for your kitchen or dining room and for what purpose you need a standing table. Answers to all these questions will be described in detail in this article.


The first defining criterion in the classification of stands for cutlery is the goal with which they are used by the owners. Two types are distinguished.

  • For storing knives, forks and spoons, as well as their packaging. Such a device involves constant placement of utensils in special compartments combined into a common form.
  • For drying cutlery. Unlike the previous one, this accessory involves the temporary placement of kitchenware in it so that they are completely dried after cleaning.

The second defining feature in the stand classification is their type of location and the number of compartments.

Horizontal stands are usually placed in a kitchen headset specially intended for them. These accessories can be divided into several types.

  • Classic bunk tray, which has two sets of compartments. The first tier is designed to store the main cutlery, which are used in the process of eating food. The second tier is needed to accommodate larger utensils, for example: for cooks, snipers and other dishes used in the cooking process.

  • Folded Options Stand more compact because its individual parts can be located above the main container with compartments, thereby significantly saving space. This option is especially in demand for kitchen facilities of a small area. In the bottom there are instruments for cooking, and in the upper – spoons and forks.

  • Modular Stand for Kitchen Box – real innovation, allowing to make compartments, ideally suitable for the size of any kitchen utensils. Partitions of its compartments can be moved in such a way that enough space remains for each table. In contrast to those supports, which are made according to the standard dimensions of the main appliances, this option allows you by independent simulation to locate in it not only the main elements, but also unusual devices, such as spoons with elongated handles.

  • Horizontal trayWith perforation Used mainly in order to dry the devices before placing the place of constant storage. Thanks to the holes on the bottom of such a stand excess water flow, after which the tray is cleaned into the box.

  • Some organizers for storing cutlery are made specifically For wide boxes and allow you to store both large and small utensils on one tier. It saves a substantial place, because it is not convenient to place both kitchenware, and cutlery accessories in two different boxes. Wide compartment for large devices avoids such inconvenience.

  • Indispensable in the cooking process is horizontal spoon stand. In size it is a little more standard tablespoon and repeats her form. The purpose of this accessory is to put a hot spoon there during cooking, which is periodically stirred by food. This accessory will help you not damage and do not swap a countertop.

If we consider vertical products, it can be noted that most of them are used for drying kitchen accessories, and not for their constant storage, but sometimes the stands of such a form are used for the second goal. You can select several varieties of vertical devices.

  • Option with pallet Ideal for those who do not like to wipe the dishes, but prefers it to dried naturally. Forks, spoons and other devices put into the vertical compartment, at the bottom of which are small holes, and flowing fluid through them right into the pallet, after which it can be drained, and clean the dishes to the place of permanent placement. The housing of such a stand can be open with sides or closed. Also included with such a stand can be enabled a removable separator on compartments, allowing to paint the devices immediately after washing.
  • Vertical stand No knives are used as a device for drying. It is usually a small device at the top of which there are compartments for knives of various shapes and sizes. To correctly put knives into it, remember that blades should be located in these compartments, and the handles are above them for ease of use. Blades compartment can also be transparent.
  • If dry plugs and spoons you want to store vertically, the original solution will be the acquisition Stands with compartments made like baskets. Her woven walls will be quite unusual to look at the kitchen and perfectly fit into some interior styles.


Note that such products like cutlery stands, Can be manufactured from various materials depending on their purpose, as well as product class.

  • Ceramic stand – The most common option for hot spoon. Such a product is perfectly withstanding high temperatures, while it can be performed in various design and color execution. It makes it not only comfortable, but also combined with the interior style.

  • Plastic dryer or tray For cutlery is characterized by its democratic price, a variety of colors, resistance to moisture and ease of cleaning. However, the minuses of such a product will be its low level of wear resistance and fragility. It should also be monitored so that such a stand is made only from food plastic and did not have an unpleasant smell.

  • Wooden stands found mainly among the products such as a table stand for knives. They can be made of both natural wood and a layered plywood type. Despite the rather aesthetic appearance of such devices for utensils, their operating time, especially in a humid environment, is rather low, since the stands can be deformed due to frequent water contacts.

  • Metal stands stainless steel are made and it is not suiced, but their exploitation is significantly longer than the rest of the varieties. It is such products that are preferable to use as a desk dryer for spoons and forks, because they are well withstanding contact with moisture. Plus such supports are also their conciseness – they are suitable for many interior styles.

  • There are also products for storing utensils of a luxury, which are most often sold along with expensive sets of cutlery. These features are distinguished as the use of valuable wood species as a material, also silk or velvet upholstery and decorative painting.

Despite a very presentable appearance, the life of their operation at a frequent contact with water will not be very long.

How to choose correctly?

It is important that some nuances be taken into account in the process of choosing a future stand for cutlery. It will help you avoid mistakes and acquisition of poor quality products.

  • If you want to buy a horizontal tray for a drawer headset, then definitely measure the parameters of the box. These include such indicators as the length, depth and width.
  • Consider the number and all varieties of devices that you use constantly. The number of compartments in the future stand must coincide with these data. Also think in advance about the required number of tiers.
  • Be sure to take into account such a fact as a combination with the interior. It defines not only the forms of the future stand, but also the material from which it will be made. For some interior styles, wooden devices are suitable, while plastic will be combined with others.

Also consider that by choosing vertical stands for knives, you need to remember that they are combined with the design of knives holders.

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