Stands for knives: varieties and rules of choice

Stands for knives: varieties and rules of choice

Kitchen knives should not be stored as hit, especially those who love and know how to cook, enjoys various types of this tool – for meat, cheese, cutting rolls, etc. If a person has a constant use of several different types of knives, then it is assumed that they should be sharpened. Therefore, their storage in such as sharpened and unsafe for hand should be carried out according to the rules.

Especially dangerously folding the “subcoming” knives from ceramics, as it will not work out to be sharpened, in most cases it will only be left to throw. How best to keep knives so that they remain always sharp, consider in more detail.


The main reasons for organizing the storage location of knives several.

  • The need to find within the reach of knives in the process of cooking. Whatever dish you are preparing, without a knife can not do. And if you need to constantly slide somewhere to get a knife, in a box or locker, it creates a lot of inconvenience to someone who prepares.
  • Security considerations. The cooking process is often messed, simultaneously on two or three burners, the products are roasted, boiled, enough one awkward movement to cut down or turn the knife to. The task of the coaming for knives is to streamline them so that neither the one who cooks nor the casual person in the kitchen is a child or an adult – could not get injured. If there are children in the family, do not keep knives within their reach, in the box, so that no one accidentally grabbed the blade.
  • Ability to extend the service life of knives. Steel knives can be fused, and ceramic – get microcracks and imperceptible chips, if they lie like.

If each knife has its own place, the probability of reducing its operational qualities is minimal.


For those who can’t decide what type of knife stand for the knife is necessary, it will be a great way out Universal Stand Holder. In such a block, several types of knives from different materials can be stored. In such supports there are special sheaths for metal blades, for the so-called “stringed” knives for cutting cheese. Sometimes there are compartments for blades from ceramics. Often the compartment for steel knives is supplemented with a magnetic string on one side of the stand, the peers knives are “stick”, corkscrew.

Wooden stands – Classic option, meet on two kitchens of three. Ergonomic material, environmentally friendly, compact, fit into any type of interior. In such supports, there will be a small number of knives – up to six pieces. It is convenient to store the most “running” in them, the working knives that are used most often, so they will be at hand. As a rule, the design of them is such that the plane is located at an angle, it makes it possible to pull them with convenience and put them back.

But the tree has a significant drawback – to swell under the action of water droplets. Accordingly, it damages and blade. Another minus such stand is the lack of opportunity to carefully clean the holes in the stands due to their narrowness. It is for this reason that bacteria can occur there. And also in such sets is not visible, where which instance is located, as they all have the same handles.

Magnetic hanging stands More modern, fashionable and original. They are metal strips containing powerful magnets that are able to keep the weight of the most heavy knives. It is very convenient to use them, as in order for the knife to hold, just to attach it to the blade to the magnetic surface, the fixation will occur automatically.

Such a stand really saves a place in the kitchen, because it can be fixed on the wall above the stove, and the working surface will remain unemployed.

Each copy is perfectly visible, so you can immediately take the right. Since the blades are completely excluded on the magnetic wall holder, they are not deformed. On such an original horizontal stand, you can even store collection copies, especially since the design of them is very modern, and maybe even be part of the kitchen decor. The only drawback of this stand is that it cannot be used to store cutting items with ceramics blades.

In a plastic or polypropylene stand Typically stored knives of ceramics. That their fragile blades are injured, they should not be stored along with steel, as well as other devices. Requires a separate stand, from plastic – best. In such models, silicone separators are most often used, as they do not harm ceramic blades.

As for the stands with fillers, These are the newest products in the market. Now they are rapidly gaining leading positions among organizer for storing cutting cutlery. This is an unusual device, so it deserves more detailed consideration. Most often, the black filler is a combination of graphite and rubber. Its device is such: a brush is installed in a plastic or wooden container. Polymer material is used to create it. It is very convenient to use it, but it looks very original.

Such a stand has the following advantages:

  • It is compact, it takes an extremely small number of space on the working surface+
  • It is universal – you can install any types of knives in it, other cutting items – kitchen scissors, for example+
  • She looks fashionable and stylish, she has a modern design, perfectly fit into any interior+
  • It is convenient to use, you do not need to look for a place for each item, you can simply install it in any selected “brush”+
  • It is easy to care, periodically “brush” can be reached and washed using conventional household chemicals.

Original design options

Stands for cutting kitchen appliances often become objects of interest of designers, because you can embody any idea – both funny, and stylish. In addition, the design is constantly moving not only on the way of decoration, but also improving the consumer properties of the subject. For example, wood racks are now manufactured not only with deaf, but also with through holes. Often such a design is combined with the appreciation of the original form – for example, the target for darts. Through holes are more hygienic. And the racks began to produce not wood, but from steel or plastics. Thus, it is possible to disassemble the design and wash it manually or using a dishwasher.

Plastic stands are interesting to what can be completely transparent. From a short distance it may seem that the knives depended in the air, although they are reliably held. The original design in the form of a person or superhero head, as well as a magnetic holder in the form of a photo frame, no one no one will be surprised, as such sold in any major center of dishes.

As for individual designer decisions, the cost of such art objects can be quite high.

Subtleties of choice

Choosing a stand for storing cutting objects, you need to proceed from considerations of expediency, paying attention and decorative properties. An important factor is how the subject will fit into the overall decor of the kitchen. And, of course, It is necessary to proceed from what you have knives: for ceramic need one, and for metal – Other. Designs with filler are differently called Brash Stands. The porous structure of the “sponge” -pillizer provides blades excellent ventilation, and the filler itself does not deteriorate from moisture. You can store in them as stainless steel items and blades made from high carbon. If you have a tank made of wood or from plywood, you can make a stand alone. It is not used as a filler that is not a sponge and not a brush, but a skewers of a tree.

Choosing a stand in which the knives will be stored, it is also necessary to take into account its size and presence of additional fixtures. If it is used as a desktop unit or a wall holder, you should pay attention to those specimens in which various fasteners are provided – for example, the possibility of storing folding aggregates.

Of course, it is necessary to correlate the value of the collection of knives available in the house with the cost of the stand for them. In other words, under cheap knives should not be ordered by organizer at the famous designer, and vice versa. And the stand must “fit” and in the overall kitchen decor – both in color and style. To demonstrate knives from the collection (for example, hunting), you can buy a support from plexiglas. There are models for demonstrating one copy and platform for three or four knives.

Plexiglas are suitable for storing kitchen knives and to demonstrate collectible, hunting.

About how to make a stand for knives with your own hands, look in the following video.

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