Stands under the spoon: types and description

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Stands under the spoon: types and description

Thanks to modern kitchen accessories, each modern hostess can easily facilitate the cooking process. In addition, some items help keep cleaning in the kitchen. Such an accessory as a stand under a spoon is a real salvation for each mistress.


In modern stores, you can often find all sorts of gadgets and kitchen accessories. Seeing a special stand under a spoon, many wonder how much this accessory is relevant and necessary.

In fact, such a substrate or a holder for a spoon – This is a very convenient and necessary object for the kitchen. During the preparation of a dish, the spoon is usually put on the table, which is why drops and flax spots appear. In order not to pack the table, many hostesses use a plate or napkin. But it is also not quite convenient.

Special supports under the spoon – the best solution to this problem.

To date In any economic store you can find a similar subject. There are compact options for a tablespoon or large stands on which even a half can fit. And there are even more practical options – this is a special rack for a spoon where there is a separate holder under the lid.

In addition, such an accessory, in addition to its direct destination, It can serve as a very original and stylish item for decorating a kitchen interior. After all, it is quite realistic to choose an unusual stand. For example, it can be a painted or carved stand. Such a product can be kept on the table or suspend next to the rest of the accessories.

In modern shopping stores, you can easily choose the product of the right color, so that the accessory will be perfectly harmonized with other objects of the dishes.


Stand under the spoon can be made of a variety of materials. There is a ceramic, wooden, plastic, metal, and even silicone stand. In order for you to make it easier to make the right choice, let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options.

The most affordable option is the option – this Plastic Stand. There is such an accessory inexpensive, and you can choose from any color. Such a product is very easy to wash. Unfortunately, the model can not be called durable. With inaccurate use, it can crack and break.

Hardware – Another practical and quite affordable option. As a rule, such products are made of stainless steel. This option is perfect for your kitchen in the event that all other kitchen accessories are also made of stainless steel.

Most popular use options performed from such a modern material like silicone. Such supports can also be the most different color, so you can choose the desired shade. This is a very practical and durable option, since the silicone stand will not break, and it is easy to wash it.

Many prefer to choose objects made exclusively From natural materials. Therefore, wooden products are in great demand. Wooden stand is a classic option that is suitable for any modern kitchen. It can be a stand in the form of a large spoon, and maybe an original carved product. Breed of wood from which such accessories make, it happens different. For example, it is birch, linden or aspen. In addition, such material is often used as bamboo. These stands are completely safe for health, and it is easy to care for them.

Enjoy even very popular Ceramic products. Such accessories can be simply white, and there are solutions and color, with a beautiful painting. You can choose the classic option – red in peas. Or give preference to the product with a beautiful painting in the style of Provence, Khokhloma or Gzhel. Such a modern accessory may well become an original subject to decorate your kitchen interior.

Choice rules

Choosing a similar kitchen accessory, be sure to pay attention to the material of the manufacture and on its quality. If you choose a version of plastic, then the product must be made exclusively of high quality edible plastic. The product cannot highlight the smell, the surface must be smooth and glossy, and the color is smooth, without divorce.

It is worth remembering that such products are very fragile, and can very quickly break with inaccier use.

Choosing a metal option, prefer the products that are made of high-quality stainless steel. Buy accessories with chrome plated, thanks to which they will serve you for a long time, and will not be covered with rust.

Ceramic spoon-stand, usually covered with icing. Choosing this option, it is worth remembering that with improper operation, the surface of the product can be covered with small cracks. You can not wash a similar stand in too hot water, otherwise the glaze will begin to crack.

Purchasing a silicone version, pay attention to the quality of the material. If the color of the product is uneven, with divorces, there is a strange thing, then it is better to give up from such a purchase. The product from high quality material will serve you long. Such supports are not afraid of temperature drop, and they are very easy to wash them.

Tree product is better to choose the most common. Remember that the carved option, of course, looks beautiful and original, but clean it will be quite difficult. Choose a product from bamboo, as it will not turn painting and absorb odors.

About how to make a stand for spoons with your own hands, you can see in the following video.

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