Steamer – Blender: What it is, brands and choice

Steamer - Blender: What it is, brands and choice

Small kitchen appliances today essentially saves time and money hoses, which is especially relevant for women who have recently become young mothers. Now, using a simple steamer-blender, you can quickly and independently prepare any kind of children’s and diet food at home. This kitchen unit does not take up much space, but allows you to create real culinary masterpieces. This is what is a steamer-blender, how to properly use it and what manufacturers produce such a device, we will tell in this article.

Description and principle of work

The barrair-blender was originally created specifically for the preparation of baby food, especially in the first year of the child’s life and at the time of the introduction of dust. Such a kitchen device allows not only at home to prepare a useful puree of various types for children, but in the future it is to prepare vegetables in it for a couple that are much more useful for those that are welded in water. Some units can be used for cooking various sauces for the whole family. As already understandable from the title, it is a small and compact kitchen device allows not only to prepare a variety of products for a couple, but immediately after cooking can turn them into a puree of various consistency. You can also use the function of the device and separately.

Steamer – Blender operates in two stages. At the first stage, the vegetables are simply boiled for a couple, and after the end of the mode of operation, they are crushed by a nozzle and masculine state.

Depending on the specific model of the device, both mode can be turned on automatically in successively, and they can be activated only by human intervention. The most modern models of steamer-blenders allow you to choose the intensity of grinding or install yourself automatically the time of operation of the blender. Initially, these kitchen helpers were designed for cooking exclusively fresh or frozen vegetables for a couple and their further grinding. Today, some models allow cooking and fruit, meat and fish dishes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other kind of kitchen utensils, this one has its undoubted pros and cons. Therefore, before going to the store for a steamer-blender, it is necessary to carefully examine its properties and, then make a decision on the need for such an acquisition. The close advantages of using such equipment include the following.

  • Compact dimensions. This means that a steamer-blender will easily fit even on the smallest kitchen and will not interfere with the fulfillment of ordinary casual affairs.
  • Easy to operate. This unit has only two functions and multiple control buttons. In addition, a detailed instruction manual is attached to each model.
  • Easy to maintain. Everything that needs to be done after using the device is rinsed in warm running water its bowl and knives.
  • Steamer – Blender With ease replaces a whole set of different kitchen utensils – a meat grinder, a separate blender and a double boiler. This means that you do not have to acquire all these devices individually and overpay for them.
  • Compact dimensions in combination with light weight allow you to easily take a device with you almost everywhere and translate it with comfort, which is very important for those who often have to travel.
  • Woman’s time savings. It is this resource, as you know, always lacks, especially those who recently become a parent.
  • The possibility of cooking diverse, useful and delicious food.

This device has its drawbacks.

  • Small volume of bowls. The size of the average finished portion of products is 200-300 g. For the family of this little, and for one child is enough.
  • The bowl is not filling more than the specified volume.
  • It is impossible to prepare and frozen products in the Blender.

Some other explicit deficiencies have no deficiencies. But the advantages are much more than minuses. Therefore, it is not surprising that an increasing number of young mothers tries to purchase a Blender steamer for her family.

Today, many manufacturers of kitchen appliances such as little-known and worldwide names are offered to buyers this unit of its production. We have compiled a special rating of the best brands of steamer-blenders and their models. Therefore, before making a purchase, we advise you to familiarize yourself with it to choose a standing model.


This manufacturer has been on the market for more than 100 years and during this time he has established itself exclusively as a manufacturer of high quality and modern household appliances, including intended for the kitchen. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is the bararks-blenders of its production among the first to be on sale.

  • Philips AVENT SCF875 – This is a valid unique device “2 in 1”. Unlike the basic aggregates of production of other firms, this is equipped with an additional defrost function. Simple and stylish design, ease of control and simplicity of care – the quality due to which consumers are most often choosing this particular steamer-blender. The device has a capacity of 1 l bowl, time setting timer, the entire device can be washed both by hand and in a dishwasher. The big plus is that there is an additional equipment in the form of a hermetic container for storing the finished dishes, as well as a special book of tips and recipes.

  • Avent Philips SCF870 – Another more advanced model of this kitchen appliance. It has the function of automatic shutdown with full evaporation of water. Simple mechanical control, there is a sound notification. Useful bowl volume is about 500 ml, cord length just less than 75 cm. As an additional configuration, a spoon, a measuring glass and detailed instructions for use.

  • Philips Avent “4 in 1” – This is one of the most advanced species of modern steamer-blenders. Such a device allows not only to prepare foods for a couple and turn them into a puree, but it is possible to warm up in it, and in special containers to store her day in the refrigerator. The manufacturer offers buyers at once two replaceable bowls with knives, and the container from a set can also be used in a microwave oven.

Of course, the more improved the model of the unit and the richer its additional equipment, the higher it will be its value.

Chicco Easy Meal

Another popular model, Which came to our review at once for several reasons:

  • Large volume of bowls+
  • Easy to use and care+
  • Bright and stylish design+
  • Multifunctionality.

Thanks to the special knives in the lid, the blear of the blender can be immediately and crushed products, and they themselves will independently fall into the bowl for further preparation. Time and simplicity of cooking children’s dishes are simplified even more – after all, even the knife is now not required by the hostess. You can easily grind products using the lid of the aggregate itself. It is important that such an appliance has a low price.

Happy Baby Fusion

This model of low kitchen appliances different from all previous following characteristics.

  • Minimum functionality and equipment. The device can be used exclusively as a double frame and a regular blender. No additional functions in the form of heating or defrosting food, as well as additional configuration here.
  • Simple and stylish design – Light mechanical control. The device is ideal for those people who are familiar with modern household appliances.
  • Compact size of the whole device and a small useful amount of bowls allow you to prepare exactly so much food at once, how much will eat a child at once.

For young parents who have a steamer-blender is needed exclusively for cooking baby puree, this option of simple and budget equipment is suitable as it is impossible. And for the fame of the brand to overpay does not have to.

Beaba BabyCook

Under this brand today comes Immediately two different models of this device.

  • Standard Balaner Blender Beaba BabyCook. This is a typical device having a removable bowl and allows you to prepare food for a couple and immediately after cooking to grind them. It has a stylish and modern design, as well as simple and convenient control.

  • Beaba BabyCook Plus is already a contemporary and improved model. Here are two bowls, which are located on the sides. They can simultaneously cook products and grind them. The main advantage of such a device is that it is possible to prepare useful and delicious food in it not only for one kid, but for the whole family immediately.

  • Beaba Solo – another model of this kitchen electric utensils. It has a stylish and bright modern design. Included there is a bowl of coarse and protective grid. Mechanical control, there is a special protection function from overheating when water boiling. In such an appliance, you can not only cook for a couple and grind foods, but also to warm them up, and also defrost.

On the shelves of domestic stores, such types of the player – the blender are rare. Therefore, it will be easier, more reliable and cheaper to order an aggregate directly on the manufacturer’s website.


This is another popular and well-known manufacturer of low household appliances in the global market. He offers its buyers to the BH 7400 Blender. This device is simple, reliable and durable to use. Simple and mechanical control allows you to quickly understand its proper use. Cowacity of the bowl is 400 ml, which averages two portions of finished food for a child. Minimalistic design and affordable cost make such a device with a welcome purchase for many young mothers. And the existing defrost function is a pleasant additional bonus.


Another popular steamer-blender buyers with simple mechanical control. The weight of the device – 2 kg, cord lengths – 75 cm. Included, the manufacturer attaches a spatula for mixing products, as well as a special measuring glass for pouring water to the tank. The power of the device is 400 W and it is intended only for performing its direct functions – cooking for a couple and its further grinding. The hull is made of superproof plastic. And the legs have a rubberized coating, which makes the use of the device not only simple, but also as safe as possible.


In the assortment of this brand, several types of steamer-blenders are represented at once. But the buyers use the KBS-8131 model special popularity. Replaceable knife and bowl made of safe and reliable materials. The mode of operation of the device is one, and the control type is mechanical. The manufacturer equipped the unit indicating the inclusion and completion of the mode. There are no additional features at the model, and a special shoulder blade for mixing products is commercially. This is a simple and budget model that perfectly copes with its main function – preparation of products for a couple and their further grinding. Replaceable parts of the device can be washed in a dishwasher.

It is all the above-listed models of steamer-blenders are the most popular and bought not only on the domestic, but also overseas market. Therefore, making the decision to acquire such small kitchen appliances, first of all, attention should be paid to these models.

How to choose?

But going to the store for the new acquisition, It is worth relying not only on the reviews of the owners of such equipment, but also to other moments.

  • The power of the device and the class of its power consumption. The higher these indicators, the faster the food will prepare and the less electricity will be spent.
  • Useful Clamp Capacity. It is she who shows the actual amount of finished food. The older child or the more children in the family, the higher the one should be this indicator.
  • Type of knives and bowls, as well as the possibility of their washing in the dishwasher. These indicators are very important. It is better to choose models that these parts are removable and washable in a typewriter. So young mom will have even more free time.

Also before buying, you should carefully examine the barark-blender and make sure the integrity of the case and all parts. If there is even the slightest damage to the acquisition it is necessary to refuse. Such a device may not only be short-lived in use, but also unsafe. Choosing a Blender Blender for Home Use, best learn the range in manufacturer’s branded stores. Here and the choice is more and the price is lower, and there is also no risk to purchase a cheap fake.

User manual

Special instructions for the correct use of the device should be attached to each model of the player-blender. Some manufacturers in it are additionally published and recipes for dishes that can be prepared in this unit. Before use, it is important to carefully examine the manufacturer’s liner and clearly follow its recommendations. But there is a general principle of operation for all models:

  • Put grinding foods in a double boiler bowl+
  • Pour the required amount of water recommended by the manufacturer in the reservoir+
  • Close Cover Valve for Reliable Fixation Bowl+
  • Install the required time of work+
  • Enable steamer mode+
  • After the audio signal, switch the mode to the “Blender” function+
  • Re-wait for the end of the work mode+
  • Disable the device from the power supply+
  • Extract a bowl of the Blender Stearhouse Corps+
  • shift the finished puree into a separate container+
  • Remove knives and rinse them with a bowl.

Before removing the unit for storage, removable parts need not only thoroughly wash, but also dry well. A steamer-blender is a real kitchen assistant for all young mothers. The low cost and the multifunctionality of its use allows you to save time, and save money, and the child is always feeding fresh, natural, useful food.

About how to use the Blender Steamer, look in the following video.

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