TEN for thermal strength: how to check and connect it?

TEN for thermal strength: how to check and connect it?

TEN – the most responsible part of the thermopotam, like any heater. Periodically, every 2-3 years, he fails. From the article you will learn how to check the TEN for thermal stream, how to connect a new 750W clamp heating element and other heaters.

Review of species

Convenient if hot water is always at hand. To do this, a thermopot is created – a device resembling a kettle and a thermos at the same time. He has 2 tasks:

  • boil water+

  • Maintain a temperature around 75-95 ° C.

So that the water is convenient to pour, the pump is built into the device. Click on the button – and you have a full cup of hot tea or coffee.

Such instruments manufacture well-known firms:

  • Zojirushi – Dear elite models+

  • “Delta” – Simple and affordable offers+

  • “Hotter” – Medium-level devices.

And many others. But these devices have almost the same.

The internal volume of the case differs – from 2.5 to 8 liters. The most popular – models for 5 liters.

Different materials are used:

  • Heat resistant plastic+

  • glass+

  • metal+

  • ceramics.

Ceramic models most compact and trouble-free. And eco-friendly. They heat the water in 5-10 seconds. Of course, it depends on the power.

The power of such devices is 600-1000 watts. The more, the more people are enough for a longer number of person. But buying the device for the sake of episodic use – too much money will go to electricity.

But the thermopot is more convenient than the electric kettle, because it has a mass of additional functions:

  • LCD display with modes display+

  • timer+

  • Sound notifications+

  • Deferred start (come from work, and water is already hot)+

  • Filling glasses – fully or half+

  • All sorts of protection and the mass of other useful functions.

Of course, only expensive models boasted with such options.

And to pour water more comfortable, thermal powers are equipped with pumps. Dear – electric, with a working voltage 12 V. Budget – manual pump.

Another plus of expensive devices – a dual heating element. One part (powerful) boils water, the other (weak) only supports the specified temperature.

And the principal differences in the design of the heater is not. Ten for thermopotypes is a tubular electric heater, inside which nichrome wire is placed inside. Between the wire and the tube are laid a layer of insulation (usually from mica), thanks to which the device does not be fed to the current.

As you can see, the design is simple, so everyone can check it independently.

How to check the heating element?

Before disassembled thermal, make sure that the TEN is defective. If the heater heats up for a long time or turns off too early, check the scaffolding. And it is possible to identify the heater breakdown by characteristic features.

  • Thermopota does not boil water, heating light burns.

  • Water heats up for too long. Maybe broken tan boiling, and only heating works.

  • The device is often included in boiling mode. Fortified TEN heated.

If such problems have appeared, it’s time to repair. To get to the heater, disassemble the device.

Important! Remove the process to the camera so that it was easier to gather.

  1. Disconnect thermopotes from the network, and drain water.

  2. On the bottom several screws. Unscrew them.

  3. Part of fasteners hidden by plastic ring. Flat screwdriver remove the ring and unscrew the fasteners.

  4. Remove the bottom pallet.

  5. Disconnect the hoses from the pump and dismantle it. Caution, water can water. Don’t let her get into electronics.

  6. Turn the device upside down – so more convenient. Move the printed board. Work carefully not to break the loops and wires.

  7. Under the board there is a cover that hides the TEN. Usually 8 screws hold it. Unscrew them and remove the lid.

  8. Remove the heater.

Do not remove the TEN immediately. Check if the wires are well connected to it. Sometimes solve the problem easier than it seems.

This instruction is suitable for most models. And if difficulties arose, do not risk, and consult professionals.

Now you can proceed to check. But first a little calculations.

The main purpose of verification is a multimeter to measure the resistance of the Tan. Previously, it can be calculated using well-known formulas.

Suppose, Passport Power Thermal – 900W. Operating voltage in the network – 220V. Then the current will be:

900W / 220V = 4.1 amp.

Now calculate resistance:

220V / 4,1A = 53.7 Ohm.

For Tan with a power of 2 kW, resistance must be 24 Ohm.

According to such formulas, any heater is calculated – and the clamp, and the belt, and others.

To check is complete, pay attention to the low power diode, through which the weak part of the heater. He doubles it reduces the working voltage. Clean it tester. The current must only go in one direction, and in the other – endless resistance.

To ring any heater, act in such a sequence.

  • Put the multimeter to measure the minimum resistance. Then tap one terminal of the housing multimeter, and the other – in turn of each of the conclusions. Resistance must be infinite.

  • Further increase the measurement limit, and perform the operation re-. The result should be the same. If the resistance is infinity, it means that there is no closure on the case, and the device can be checked further.

Gradually increase the measurement range is needed so that with a possible closure, the multimeter is not burned. If you are confident in the device, put the measurement limit on IOM immediately.

Further measure resistance between Tan’s contacts. It should roughly coincide with the calculated data.

Important! Make sure that the contact between the multimeter leads and the tanning conclusions is good, otherwise the measurement results will be inaccurate. Before measurements, it is desirable to wipe the conclusions with alcohol.

If the resistance is much less than the calculated, then this is a short circuit, and if it is infinite, then heating spiral burned. In such cases, you need repair.

Broken TEN can be “revive” if it is disassembled and mechanically connecting the spiral coils. But it is a subtle and difficult job, not every wizard will take. And it’s almost unreal independently, because electrical insulation inside the tube is very fragile. Therefore, the broken heater is easier to replace. Moreover, it is inexpensive – the most common 750W clamp cottage with a capacity of 750W is offered for 500-600 rubles.


The scheme of the assembly work is the same as when disassembling, only in reverse order. And in order not to have any problems, use the councils of specialists.

  • Khomovite TEN should fit tightly to the internal thermal reservoir.

  • Tan fixing screws, boards and the rest need to tighten evenly. If there are several of them, then twist the opposite screws on the diagonal.

  • Before turning on the device after repair, measure its resistance. For this multimeter probe, attach a fork to the conclusions. The resistance of thermal should be more than that of the Tan. It is advisable to make sure there is no closure on the body. If everything is fine, feel free to turn on the device into the outlet. So at least there will be no short circuit.

  • Immediately after replacing the thermal heater, it is advisable to connect through the wattmeter to measure the power consumed. Ideally, she must coincide with the stated.

  • When the water is boiling, open the lid and see how uniform warming. It can be noted on steam bubbles, they must appear evenly or ring.

  • Check the thermopotype modes.

And finally, do not allow the appearance of “unnecessary” parts.

The following videos are features of the test of the Tan.

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